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"I didn't ask you to get me out."
"I gave you the gift of freedom. You don't get to keep it unless you cure me."
"Well, you can't put me back in. My lawyer says I'm free and clear."
―Shane Ryback and Jeri Hogarth[src]

Shane Ryback was an inmate and an elaborate con-artist.


Life in Prison

"He's in jail, your healer friend."
"He's not a friend. I only met him once, almost 12 years ago."
"He's awaiting trial for assault with a deadly weapon."
Jeri Hogarth and Inez Green[src]

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Freedom at a Price


"I am the best lawyer you can't afford. I win. That's what I do. My clients don't sit around rotting in jail for a year."
"You can't get me out of here."
"I read your file, the charges. There's no way the DA is gonna want to go to trial with what they've got. Not against me. But you're gonna have to give me something in return."
Jeri Hogarth and Shane Ryback[src]
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Ryback had been visited by lawyer Jeri Hogarth. Upon introducing herself, he questioned why she sought an interest in his case, as he had already had a lawyer representing him despite never getting his name correct. Confessing that she would bargain his sentencing for him to heal her, Ryback cited that he did not perform healings but reluctantly agreed, holding his hand out to hers. Using his hands, he began to act out in hysterics, calling out to the guards to return him to his cell.[1]


"He was in here yesterday bragging about conning some fancy lawyer. You're not the first, if it's any consolation."
Frankie to Jeri Hogarth[src]

The day after performing his healing ritual on Jeri Hogarth, Ryback and Inez Green had collected a variety of her property within the apartment. They soon traveled throughout the pawn shops in the city and settled in a residence.[4]

Truth Revealed

"How much longer do you think that he's going to live like this with you? He's gonna skip out on you and any other woman he's played as quick as he can."
"I won't let him."
"He's gonna screw you over, Inez. Like he did me, maybe even worse."
Jeri Hogarth and Inez Green[src]

Returning to their residence, Ryback was confronted by Inez Green over his prior communications with other women while in prison. As their arguments grew heated, he was shot by Green.[5]


"He's a con artist. You were homeless, while he was using women to build his nest egg."
"No. It's not like that. He needs me."
"He needs someone damaged and desperate enough to manipulate. After all the shit you've been through at IGH and on the street... He used it to whore you out to me."
Jeri Hogarth and Inez Green[src]

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