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"I can't tell just by looking. Can you?"
"Nobody can. It's chicken."
Lori Henson and Shane Henson[src]

Shane Henson was an Inhuman who lived in Afterlife and went into hiding until he and his wife, Lori Henson, were found and killed by Lash.


Leaving Afterlife

Shane Henson with his wife Lori

Shane Henson was an Inhuman who lived in Afterlife before the War Against the Inhumans began, becoming a friend of Alisha Whitley. When Gordon relocated the citizens of the hidden settlement during the War,[1] he and his wife Lori returned to their apartment in Los Angeles that they had for over eighteen months.[2] The couple saw a news report declaring Lincoln Campbell an alien fugitive;[3] they knew Campbell, but decided they could do little for him.[2]

Battle with Lash

The Hensons are killed by Lash

"Are you expecting someone?"
Lori Henson and Shane Henson[src]

One evening while enjoying time with Lori as he was hovering and making dinner, Alisha came to his apartment; she told the couple that an Inhuman Outbreak had begun, but older Inhumans from Afterlife needed to stick together. Lori asked Alisha about the e-mail they had received asking for Inhumans to assemble and if she had sent it; Alisha knew nothing about it. As she asked to view their computer, a monstrous man entered the apartment. Shane and Lori took defensive positions against the intruder, but he quickly killed them.[2]


Shane levitating

Shane is an Inhuman who achieved his genetic potential after undergoing Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman powers.

  • Levitation: Henson was able to levitate a few inches above the ground.