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"Ain't no way I'm splitting that shit three ways no how, man."
"Dante was crew, B. That's Dante!"
"Yo, I made a decision. I'm gonna be rich."
―Shameek Smith and Chico Diaz[src]

Shameek Smith was a young man who lived in Harlem and was friends with Chico Diaz and Dante Chapman. Together, they decided to rob a gun sale between Cottonmouth and Domingo Colon. However, he was soon found by Cottonmouth and beaten to death.


Haircut at Pop's

"I'm about sick and tired of-"
"What? You sick and tired of what?"
"About sick and tired of the Knicks losin' all the time, man!"
―Shameek Smith and Luke Cage[src]

Smith teases Luke Cage's appearance

One day, Smith went to Pop's Barber Shop to get a haircut by his friend, Chico Diaz. Together with Pop and Bobby Fish they discussed a basketball players, like New York Knicks. Later, Smith was confronted by Luke Cage who did not admitted his point of view. Smith got mad and almost snapped at Cage, however, intimidated by Cage's power, Smith calm down.[1]

Ambush at the Harlem Junkyard

"You wasn't supposed to kill nobody, man!"
"I had to make a move, Dante. Shit went left. My bad."
―Shameek Smith and Dante Chapman[src]

Smith shooting the Stokes' and Colon's men

Smith was informed by his friend Dante Chapman who worked at the Harlem's Paradise that Cottonmouth planned a weapons deal with Domingo Colon at the Harlem junkyard. Together with Diaz, they decided to rob them. When members of the Stokes' and Colon Crime Family arrived at the junkyard, Smith, Diaz and Chapman appeared and held the men at gunpoint and Smith shot one of them what started a gunfight. Together, they managed to kill all gangsters instead.

Chapman started to panic after realizing that Stokes would very likely figure out that he was part of the attack because Chapman called sick from his job that day. Smith, fearing that Chapman would rat them out, shot his friend in the chest and left him for dead. However, unknowingly to Smith and Diaz, Chapman managed to get his phone and inform Tone who the robbers were.[1]

Victory Celebration Interrupted

Smith is beaten by Cottonmouth

"Only thing worse than a thief is a damn liar. Where's my money?"
Cottonmouth to Shameek Smith[src]

While Smith had a celebration for his victory with a dancer named Passion, one of the strip club employees informed Tone where Smith was and said that Passion would keep Smith busy. Tone soon arrived to the strip club and bring Smith over to Harlem's Paradise. Tone brought Smith over to Stokes' room while Shades followed them as well. Stokes briefly interrogated Smith and asked him where Diaz was, Smith spat in Stokes face. As a reply, Stokes brutally beaten Smith to death and took his share of the money.

Stokes then ordered Tone to get rid of Smith's body. Later it was discovered by Misty Knight and Rafael Scarfe on a road, made to look like Shameek was hit by a car.[1]



  • Desert Eagle Mark XIX: Smith dual-wielded two of these handguns during an ambush at a junkyard together with Dante Chapman and Chico Diaz in order to hijack a weapons sale between Domingo Colon and Cornell Stokes, in order to seize the money. As one of the gangmembers tried to reach for his gun, Smith, Diaz and Chapman started to shoot at Stokes' and Colon's men, killing them all. However, out of fear that Chapman would reveal their involvement, Smith used his guns to execute him too.





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