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"The war you're fighting... it's not here. It's in New York City."
―Shaft to Iron Fist and Colleen Wing[src]

Shaft was a member of the Chaste killed by Elektra during the Hand's quest to eliminate the organization.


Chaste's Defeat

Hunted by Elektra

"I've been thinking about the man who died in the sewer. He called you Iron Fist. He knew something. He wasn't just a victim."
Colleen Wing to Danny Rand[src]

In Cambodia, Shaft was attacked by Elektra of the Hand and the two had a duel underneath the city. Shaft was fighting for his life, but Elektra managed to defeat him. As she was about to kill him, Danny Rand and Colleen Wing showed up and stopped her. During their fight, Elektra used her wakizashi to stab Shaft and she vanished. Rand and Wing tried to help him but Shaft told them to run. Recognizing Rand as the Iron Fist, Shaft told them to return to New York City and fight the Hand there before he died from his wounds.[1]


"Well, he died fighting the Hand, right?"
Colleen Wing to Danny Rand[src]

As a member of the Chaste, Shaft was a loyal soldier to the Iron Fist and K'un-Lun. He used his dying breath to inform Rand and Wing that the Hand were located in New York City.


"Whoever he was, he was trained. And he was also willing to die."
Colleen Wing to Danny Rand[src]
  • Expert Martial Artist: Due to his training in the Chaste, Shaft is a skilled and experienced martial artist, sufficient to contend with Elektra, even after she was extensively trained by Alexandra Reid.
  • Sword Mastery: Shaft was skilled with his Tsukamoto sword, with it he managed to deflect several attacks of Elektra, the Black Sky.


"His weapon, the sword he fought with... it wasn't a standard katana. It was a Tsukamoto. There are maybe ten of these in the world."
Colleen Wing to Danny Rand[src]
  • Tsukamoto Sword: Shaft's weapon of choice was an extremely rare katana.





  • In the comics, Shaft is a member of the Chaste, known for using a bow and arrows in battle. He was killed alongside Stick in a last stand against the Hand in New York City, using a mystical technique to dissipate the life-force of both them and their enemies.



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