"I swear I left him right here."
"Right here on the sidewalk, or right there where the building is being demolished?"
Loki and Thor[src]

Shady Acres Care Home was a retirement home located in New York City, that was eventually demolished.


Odin's Retirement

Loki & Thor - Observing Shady Acres' Destruction

Shady Acres is being demolished

During Loki's deceptive subversion of Asgard, he cast a spell on his father, Odin, to keep him in a perpetually dazed and bewildered state. Loki then exiled his father to Earth, admitting him to Shady Acres Care Home as if Odin were a regular human.

Shady Acres Care Home was later demolished. Thor and Loki learned from Doctor Strange that Odin had broken Loki's magic and left the home to go to Norway.[1]



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