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"I always knew you were weak. Just a scared girl pretending to be brave. Pretending to be police. Well, you've had your chance. It's my turn now."
Mayhem to Brigid O'Reilly

Shadow Selves is the third episode of the second season of the television series Cloak & Dagger.


After learning about a group of young girls who have gone missing, Tandy and Tyrone look to see if they can find out what has happened to them. As they get further into their investigation, they realize someone else is trying to rescue the girls too, but in her own vigilante justice type of way. Meanwhile, Mina may have discovered a side effect to the big Roxxon leak.



Mina Hess experiments on mice, but the power goes out. When it goes back on, she sees that the mouse has turned into two and one etas the other alive. 242 days ago, just after the Terror in New Orleans, Brigid O'Reilly's hand emerges from the lake and she crawls her way out of the water. At home, she goes to the sink to get water and realizes that her nails are now green. She grows impatient and drinks the water straight out of the faucet. She then angrily punches her refrigerator and throws it down the stairs. She looks at herself in the mirror and hears on the radio that she is currently in the hospital. Upon arriving, she sees herself unconscious in a bed. She realizes that she has split in two, releasing Mayhem. She decides to try to strangle her other self, but is forced to stop when she hears someone coming.

In present day, Cloak, Dagger, and O'Reilly stare at Mayhem in fear. They realize that Mayhem had killed all of the people in the club. Mayhem goes to shoot the trio, but they escape through Cloak's teleportation. At St. Theresa's Church, Bowen questions O'Reilly, who is as confused as them. They go to Hess' lab who informs them that O'Reilly had split due to the power surge during the Terror. One version is normal, and the other is filled with only chaos, anger, and mayhem. 236 days ago, Mayhem buys an apartment and goes to work on finding James Connors whom she remembers from before the split. O'Reilly takes the duo to an apartment complex that she thinks Mayhem might be. When entering her apartment, they find an entire wall covered in evidence to find both O'Reilly and Connors.

200 days ago, Francis Xavier Delgado cleans out his desk after quitting and is found by Mayhem. She asks where Johnson is, but Delgado informs her that he already gave his statement to the police. Mayhem says it isn't because he is a fugitive, but because she needs his help. Mayhem informs Delgado that Johnson didn't do it. Delgado says it doesn't matter.

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In Mayhem's apartment, the trio looks at the evidence board. O'Reilly uses a trick she learned from a reporter in New York, using cards to find where Mayhem is. In the city, Mayhem finds a very drunk Delgado who is giving a speech to the people of New Orleans, but nobody's listening. 122 days ago, Mayhem continues her evidence wall and also hacks into the police system using O'Reilly's password. 113 days ago, Mayhem approaches Bradford and attacks him. Bradford explains that he helped Connors hide the murder of Billy Johnson, but Connors didn't return the favor when Bradford was in trouble. When Mayhem walks away, Bradford says that he hopes she finds him. Mayhem gets mad saying that he can't play the victim after he helped the murder of a child. She then slices Bradford's throat.

102 days ago, Delgado stands outside a liquor store with his hands shaking, trying to break his addiction. Mayhem approaches him and talks to him about killing Bradford. Delgado talks about how she thinks God feels about the murders. She tells him she just wants to hurt people, Delgado tells her to start with the ones who deserve it. When walking away, she steps on a piece of paper for a missing person.


Bowen, Johnson, and O'Reilly enter a strip cub for clues. Bowen finds Mayhem attacking customers. Mayhem explains that she just needs their help. Bowen throws a Lightforce dagger at Mayhem who easily catches it. She then throws Bowen and runs to O'Reilly. The latter holds a gun towards Mayhem who baits her to pull the trigger. O'Reilly doesn't, so Mayhem walks away after mocking her. The trio run outside and find an injured man and a group of girls who were trafficked. They tells Bowen that Mayhem saved them. Bowen angrily talks to Johnson saying that maybe Mayhem is good for injuring the man who was trafficking. Johnson tries to explain that he still doesn't deserve to die. Bowen touches one of the victims and sees that she has no hope. Johnson tries and sees her getting trafficked away, just like Mikayla Bell. However, he sees a building of where they have been taken. 36 hours ago, a drunk O'Reilly pukes on the street and in the puddle sees Mayhem talking to her.


Cloak and Dagger arrive at the building. Johnson teleports inside and sees a few guards, when teleporting back he is out of breath. Dagger blasts the building with a lightforce sphere. Johnson teleports in and grabs a few girls and escapes back to O'Reilly at the previous crime scene. He continues until he saves all of them. Meanwhile, a guard sneaks up on Bowen with a gun, but she is saved when Mayhem runs over the guy with a truck. Mayhem then takes a gun and shoots up the place, Cloak saves a kid guard from the bullets, but sucks Mayhem into the Darkforce portal.

Mayhem arrives at the Roxxon Gas Station and finds Kenneth Fuchs in the refrigerator just like how he died. He then greets her.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
To Love Somebody Alexis Renee
Last Ones Left Stylo Beddoe
  • Mayhem assembles and studies her evidence board. Forty-eight hours earlier, she slaughters the drug dealers in the club.
Escape Ruelle
  • Tandy Bowen goes into the minds of one of the girls and sees her sitting alone in an empty, dark room, then asks Tyrone Johnson to try. Johnson's vision revisits the ambulance and he discovers its destination.
Oh No The Revivalists



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