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"Why would you come to me for help?"
"You're the only person I know in New York who doesn't want to kill me or put me in a mental hospital."
"Then I might want to rethink that."
Colleen Wing and Danny Rand

Shadow Hawk Takes Flight is the second episode of the first season of the television series Iron Fist.


Danny struggles with his new surroundings, Colleen dishes out a harsh lesson and Joy sends an unconventional message.



Danny Rand wakes up in the Birch Psychiatric Hospital. He sees another patient named Simon at his bedside table. Simon, disguised as a doctor, tells Rand to kill himself as a solution to get out. He is stopped by another doctor who pins him to the wall. A second doctor force feeds Rand some pills which cause him to black out. Meanwhile, Ward Meachum talks with Joy Meachum about the "Danny Rand wannabee." Joy admits he might be the real Rand, but Ward says that he needs help, and he's getting it.

While meditating, Danny Rand continues to have flashbacks of the plane crash. Upon opening his eyes, Rand finds Doctor Paul Edmonds sitting by his bedside. Rand explains to Edmonds that following the plane crash, he was saved by two monks and taken to K'un-Lun, another dimension that is connected to the Earth periodically. It was there that he trained in martial arts and gained the power of the Iron Fist, but Edmonds is not convinced. Edmonds calls him John Anderson, which confuses Rand. He explains that he found Rand's passport and it says his name is Anderson. He leaves as Rand remains confused.

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Colleen Wing walks in the street when she is ambushed by her students. After defeating them, she scolds them for their poor attempt at their test. Simon apologizes to Rand and walks him around the mental hospital. Rand gets mad at a group of patients that pushed him. He eventually gets restrained and put in a bed where he is force fed pills again. He goes to the community phone and calls Wing. He explains how he is being kept there against his will by the Meachum's and he isn't insane. Wing tells him she can't help and hangs up.


Harold Meachum, who had been watching Rand at the hospital, sends Ward to offer Wing money in exchange for her testimony against Rand. Meanwhile, Rand meditates again and gets a vision of himself in K'un-Lun and then one of the plane crash. When awaken, Rand explains to Edmonds that he is Rand and not Anderson, but Edmonds still doesn't believe him. Wing is approached by Ward and he asks if she knows Rand. She refuses Ward's offer because of what Rand had said to her. In Edmonds' office, he shows Rand a commercial for Rand Enterprises. The commercial contains a younger Rand. However, Rand remembers this day and describes it very specifically. He then lashes out at Edmonds, who calls him Anderson again. Harold watches this confrontation from his penthouse.

Edmonds packs up for the night, but decides to do further research. He calls Joy and asks questions about the day that Rand perfectly described. Joy describes a key detail very similarly to Rand's story. Edmonds then believes it is actually Rand. Later, Harold secretly visits Rand, who wakes up and is very surprised to see him. Harold asks what song he used to sing to him that he found annoying. Rand responds with Danny Boy. Rand reveals to Harold how he is the Iron Fist and is supposed to destroy the Hand.

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Joy talks to Megan about Rand. She sees a picture of a young her and Rand. She sends Rand a bag of M&M's. Meanwhile, Wing trains in her Dojo when she is approached by Ward again. He gives her a $50,000 if she signs the agreement form. Rand starts seperating the M&M's just like he did as a child when he is visited by Wing, who believes he is Rand. She then goes to Rand Enterprises Building and gives the package of M&M's to Joy. Joy breaks down in tears when seeing Rand had removed the brown M&M's, just like he did as a child. Wing doesn't sign the papers. Ward walks in and sees the M&M's, but still doesn't believe it.


Edmonds tells Rand he believes him, so Rand explains the Iron Fist. Edmonds, however, doesn't believe this side of the story and declares Rand with PTSD. Edmonds asks Rand to show him the fist, but Rand says he can't. Harold talks to his servant, Kyle and thinks of his next moves. He calls Ward saying it is Rand and they need him moved. Ward is relived that the problem will be over soon. Harold says they'll keep him safe in case they need him against the Hand. Later, Rand is attacked by men of Ward. However, Rand defeats the men and uses the Iron Fist to punch a whole in the door, effectively escaping.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Medication Time Trevor Morris
Circus Bribe Trevor Morris
Circus Was in Town Trevor Morris
  • Paul Edmonds calls Joy Meachum to confirm Danny Rand's story about going to the circus after shooting the 'We Are Rand' commercial which she does verify but he refuses to tell her information about Rand's case.
Danny Boy David Wenham
Gao DIY Trevor Morris
  • Harold Meachum commands Kyle to research the "Iron Fist", then sees a message on the outside of his window asking 'Where did you go?' (referencing his leaving of the penthouse earlier to see Rand).
M&M Delivery Trevor Morris
The Iron Fist Trevor Morris
  • Danny Rand is placed in a room inside of a straitjacket with three men hired by Ward Meachum to send him a message and no way to defend himself, and after taking a beating he begins to fight back, breaks out of the room and then out of the psychiatric hospital using the 'Iron Fist'.



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