"Randolph said to check Viking routes, find any others?"
"There's some sites along the Volga river in Russia, some in Kiev, and weirdly, here."
"In Seville, Spain?"
"It's a long shot, but Vikings sacked Seville twice."
Grant Ward, Skye and Phil Coulson[src]

Seville is a city located in the southern region of Spain.


Asgardian Warrior

"We found promising locations with Viking relics, El Divino Niño. A church built on the ruins of an 8th century crypt built on Roman ruins from 206 B.C."
Melinda May[src]

A single warrior from the Asgardian Berserker Army decided to stay behind on Earth when the rest of the army returned to Asgard.

The warrior broke the weapon that gave the Berserkers their power, the so-called Berserker Staff, and traveled to Seville following Viking raid routes to hide one of the pieces in the catacombs under one of the churches that were raided, El Divino Niño.[1]

Berserker Staff

"When we first found the hammer in New Mexico, I consulted one of the world's leading experts on Norse mythology. Elliot Randolph, a professor at a university in Seville."
Phil Coulson to his team[src]

Elliot Randolph, a professor at the university of Seville and one of the world's leading experts in Norse mythology, lectured one of his students, Elena, that she must adapt to what recent events had demonstrated to intertwine history and mythology.

Randolph received a visit from S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson, who consulted him when Thor's hammer Mjølnir appeared in New Mexico, accompanied by Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons. Randolph greeted Coulson, who immediately let his collector vein take over, and recognized Randolph's pen, describing it with detail, and lamenting that his government salary wouldn't let him acquire such an expensive object.

Randolph assumed that Coulson's visit had to do something with an artifact found in London following the Battle of Greenwich, but Coulson revealed that it was an artifact retrieved inside a tree in Norway, and that they were not the ones who obtained it.

Coulson showed him a 3-D model of the artifact, and Randolph instantly recognized it as a piece of the Berserker Staff, and consulted one of his books to recount the story of the Berserker Army, and how they fought with the strength of twenty warriors thanks to the properties of the staff, that he qualified as magic properties, something that Simmons couldn't help to correct as a yet-undiscovered scientific attribute. In the story one of the warriors stayed behind as he was in love with life on Earth, and hid his staff, breaking it into three pieces, and giving clues to their locations with three different verses. Randolph advised Coulson to search locations that followed viking raid routes, but misleading him into centering his search in Canada.

Coulson informed S.H.I.E.L.D. of the discovery, and another team was dedicated to the search, but as they found no trace of Asgardian artifacts in the area, Skye and Melinda May were tasked to find other locations that could match the description, finding that one of them was precisely Seville, and the church of El Divino Niño was built on the ruins of an 8th Century crypt, that was built over Roman ruins from 206 B.C.

Grant Ward and Skye investigated the ruins of the crypt under El Divino Niño, while Coulson and Fitz acted as backup on the streets, discussing the Spanish tradition of a nap time in the afternoon. Coulson checked Ward and Skye's status, who revealed they didn't found anything yet, but Fitz informed them that he was receiving readings from something moving near Ward.

Ward came across Randolph, who had obtained the piece of the Berserker Staff, but Ward touched the piece and was overcome with rage and painful memories, losing consciousness. Skye found Ward, who revealed that Randolph was able to escape with the staff.

Jakob Nystrom, Petra Larsen and the rest of their Norse Paganist Hate Group came across Randolph in the streets, and watched how he was trying to escape with the second piece of the Staff. They attacked him before he could escape, and launched his car over the air, taking the piece and leaving Seville. Coulson ran to the location, and found an unharmed but repent Randolph, who confessed he screwed up before being taken into custody.

Ward began to show behavioural changes and an increase of his strength as a result of his contact with the Berserker Staff, a situation that Coulson used to successfully interrogate Randolph, discovering that he was the Asgardian Warrior from the legend, and managing to convince him to reveal the location of the third piece of the staff in Ireland.[1]


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