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"Cell 305. Room with a view. Seven minutes, and that's it."
Roy Olsky to Frank Castle

Seven Minutes in Heaven is the ninth episode of the second season of the television series Daredevil.


Castle gets an offer he can't refuse. Foggy and Murdock question the future of their firm, but Karen won't give up so easily.


Months ago, after being sentenced, Wilson Fisk is processed at Ryker's Island. During visiting hours, Benjamin Donovan tells him that his appeal might take a long time. Fisk wants assurances that Vanessa Marianna will be protected and provided for, and Donovan assures him that she will be. Donovan warns Fisk to keep a low profile, as his chances of getting an appeal are higher that way. In his cell, Fisk is visited by Dutton who explains that he runs the prison. He warns Fisk that even though he made a name for himself on the outside, Dutton is the kingpin of the prison.

Wilson Fisk begins taking his power back

In the cafeteria, Stewart Finney approaches Fisk, and tells him that he is a white collar criminal, the same as Fisk. He suggests that they stick together. Fisk asks him about the two men he had been sitting with, and he is told they are the Miguel Valdez and his brother, who left a mother alone on the outside.

Fisk contacts Donovan to ask him to meet him. He tells Donovan to pay Finney's legal fees, as well as to pay the rent of Andrea Valdez. Donovan warns him that he will be spending more money than they planned, but Fisk orders him to do it.

In gratitude, Finney and the Valdez brothers work as Fisk's protection. Finney brings Fisk the newspapers which describe Frank Castle's trial. Finney explains that he had killed members of the Dogs of Hell, the Mexican Cartel, and the Kitchen Irish, in retaliation for his family's deaths. Fisk consults notes he had accumulated on Dutton and realizes that Dutton had dealings with the Dogs of Hell. Finney mentions that he also had a deal with the Irish that went wrong.

At a meeting with Donovan, Fisk asks him to pay off a guard and give him a message to deliver. Donovan is not concerned about the legality of this, but rather that Fisk's funds are running dangerously low. Fisk assures him that after this, he won't need any more funds.

In the prison yard, Castle enters, and Fisk tells him that he sees he got his message.

Matt Murdock tells Elektra to leave

In Matt Murdock's Apartment, Elektra tends to his wounds, and has a clean up crew come to dispose of the body of the young Hand ninja and clean up the blood. When Matt Murdock recovers, he asks what happened to the boy, and Elektra tells him that it's been taken care of.

Murdock is still disturbed by how easily Elektra had killed the boy, and points out that her adrenaline had spiked, the same way it had at Roscoe Sweeney's mansion ten years ago, suggesting that she enjoyed the violence. She tells him that she first killed at age 12, not because she was defending herself, but because she wanted to. He admits that he was once in love with her, and because of that, he didn't want to judge her. He asks her to leave, telling her that he will fight the Hand without her and she leaves.

In the prison, Fisk offers Castle the opportunity to kill Dutton, suggesting that Dutton had a hand in the massacre that killed Castle's family. At first Castle refuses, not wanting to help a criminal, but in the end he agrees. Finney provides him with a shiv and instructions.

Foggy Nelson arrives at Murdock's apartment and comments on the fact that Murdock is injured. He suggests closing the Nelson and Murdock offices, and Murdock agrees. Nelson once again protests about Murdock's vigilanteism, but Murdock tells him that he's done apologizing for who he is. Nelson leaves and returns to the office to pack his things.

Karen Page arrives late to the office, and is surprised to find Nelson packing up. She shows him photographs from the Central Park massacre which show, in one shot, a body on the ground, and in the next, the body missing. Page says that there is no death certificate for this man. Page suggests that looking in to this could help rebuild Nelson and Murdock, but Nelson tells her that there is no more Nelson and Murdock. She tells Nelson that when she went to Murdock's apartment to speak to him about the Castle case, she found a woman in his bed. She tells him that she is tired of being lied to, and suggests that finding out the truth about the Castle case can help her. Nelson tells her to start thinking of a life outside of Nelson and Murdock.

Daredevil threatens Stan Gibson

In the parking lot of the Yakatomi Building, Daredevil easily incapacitates Stan Gibson's bodyguards and confronts Gibson. He tells Gibson that he knows the Hand has infiltrated Roxxon and demands to know what's going on. Frantic, Gibson tells him that the Hand kidnapped his son, Daniel Gibson. All that Gibson knows is that there is a heavily armed location known as the Farm. Daredevil tells him to take him there.

At the New York Bulletin Building, Mitchell Ellison greets Page and wants to know all about the Castle trial, since she was there. She shows him the photos of the Central Park massacre and has to explain about Gregory Tepper's testimony since it was stricken from the record. Ellison suggests that the both of them pay Tepper a visit.

Frank Castle fights against multiple inmates

In Ryker's, a guard tells Castle where to find Dutton and lets him in, warning him that he has only seven minutes to get in and out. Castle easily kills the men protecting Dutton and threatens him, demanding to know what happened to his family. Dutton can only tell him that there was supposed to be a heroin deal, orchestrated by someone known only as the Blacksmith, but he never showed up. Castle stabs Dutton and tries to leave, but the guard who was supposed to let him out doesn't unlock the door. Instead, he opens the cells of the rest of the prisoners in the cell block, who, upon finding Dutton nearly dead, attack Castle. Fisk watches from a floor above and thanks Castle for killing Dutton. After a brutal fight, Castle is able to kill or severely wound all the prisoners who attacked him, and armed guards take him into custody.

Meanwhile, Gibson takes Daredevil to the Farm. Daredevil warns him to stay outside when he goes inside to investigate. He incapacitates several guards and finds Hirochi. With his enhanced senses, he can hear blood dripping in the basement, and orders Hirochi to escort him there.

Page and Ellison visit Tepper, who admits that he made all records of the John Doe from the massacre disappear on orders from men who were threatening him. Because of a series of numbers inside the man's shoe, he recognized him as an undercover cop.

Back at the New York Bulletin, Ellison offers Page Ben Urich's old office, and tells her to start working on the story. On Urich's desk is a file on Page, which includes a newspaper article about a teenager killed in a car accident. Page begins crying when she sees it, but Ellison says Urich didn't care about the file and neither did he.

Frank Castle stands up to Wilson Fisk

Castle, chained, is visited by Fisk in a cell. Fisk admits that he wanted the prisoners to kill Castle, but since Castle survived, he was helping him escape. He explained that if Castle was on the outside killing criminals, it would make it easier for Fisk to take control of the city once he was released. Castle attacks Fisk, but Fisk fights back. Before the guards take Castle away, Castle tells Fisk that the next time they see each other, only one will walk away. Fisk replies that he's counting on that. The guards on Fisk's payroll help Castle escape.

At the Farm, Daredevil is shocked to find cages full of young people who are being drained of their blood. The blood is flowing from tubes into a sarcophagus. While he goes to free them, Hirochi runs off, and Gibson enters, frantic to find Daniel. A ninja arrives and tells Daredevil that the draining wasn't finished yet.

Nobu Yoshioka is revealed to still be alive

In the prison infirmary, Fisk eats dinner while sitting next to Dutton's bed. He tells Dutton that he will be dead soon, and that he was right, that there was only room for one Kingpin.

At the Farm, Daredevil battles the ninja, but the ninja is victorious. The ninja takes the sarcophagus into an elevator. Daredevil senses that the ninja is Nobu Yoshioka, and when he declares that he's supposed to be dead, Yoshioka replies that there is no such thing as death.


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