Seth Honicky's Dentistry Office was private clinic maintained in New York City by Doctor Seth Honicky.


Last Applicant

Dottie Underwood arrived to the street where the New York Bell Company Office was located, and infiltrated the building located just in front of it, choosing the office of Doctor Seth Honicky to watch the Strategic Scientific Reserve facility across the street.

Underwood entered the office, and Honicky mistook her for one of the applicants he had been interviewing to be his assistant. Underwood seized the opportunity, and let him believe she was one of those girls. Honicky explained that he almost gave up on seeing more girls, and she asked her if he was already closed.

Honicky explained that he gave his staff a long weekend to spend "extra time" with the applicants, and told Underwood to come so they could get started. Underwood locked the door and went to the room where Honicky was waiting for her.

Honicky interviewed Underwood complaining about other applicants, saying that most of them were only waiting that their future husbands appeared as a patient. Underwood smiled to gain Honicky's trust, and he continued saying that he was looking for someone with ambition, inappropriately touching Underwood's leg.

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Honicky asked her if she was going the one he was looking for, but Underwood wickly grabbed his hand, breaking it, and punched him, placing him in his patients' chair. Underwood taunted him, saying she had never used one of the machines from the dentistry before, and killed Honicky using it.[1]

Coded Messages

Dottie Underwood assembled a sniper rifle inside the dentistry office, preparing to point at the New York Bell Company Office, finding that Doctor Ivchenko had opened the window.

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Underwood pointed at Ivchenko, who was taking to Roger Dooley about the buildings and New York City's landscape, and Ivchenko continued to look through the window, this time directly looking at Underwood, who started to communicate with him in Morse code with a flashlight attached to the rifle.

Ivchenko then sent back a message to Underwood, explaining that he needed more time to retrieve the weapon he was looking for, and ordering her to kill Peggy Carter. Underwood abandoned the office and returned to the Griffith Hotel, leaving Seth Honicky's corpse behind.[1]

Russian Assassin

Agents Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa lead a team to investigate Doctor Ivchenko's possible contact inside the building across the street from the New York Bell Company Office. Agent Corcoran checked the stairwell and saw nothing suspicious, so Thompson ordered him to cover the exits and call them in case he saw anything suspicious.

Thompson asked Sousa if he believed Carter, with each of them confessing they actually believed her. Thompson prompted Sousa to shot Dottie Underwood upon sight, as Carter believed she was had been trained at the Red Room Academy in the Soviet Union. Sousa thought Thompson warned him due to his disability, and told him he could handle himself. However, Thompson warned him out of true concern, having witnessed what one of the girls trained at the Academy did to them, and believing a grown-up woman would be extremely dangerous.

Sousa realized one of the doors had been suddenly closed while he was in the hallway, the room to Seth Honicky's Dentistry Office, as Underwood realized Sousa was looking for her, and Sousa grabbed his gun to investigate. Sousa hid behind a corner and patiently waited until Underwood left the dentistry office, but she managed to see his shadow, and walked knowing Sousa would ambush her from behind.

Underwood hiding behind door

Sousa pointed his gun at Underwood, who left her briefcase on the ground, but Underwood quickly disarmed Sousa with a kick. Sousa used his crutch as an improvised weapon to attack Underwood, managing to hold his own against her. Underwood threw Sousa to the floor, but he quickly retrieved his gun before she could attack him.

Underwood ran to avoid Sousa's shots, but she was surrounded in the stairs. Seeing no other exit, Underwood began to quickly descend the stairs by jumping and ricocheting through the handrails until reaching the ground floor. Agent Corcoran hesitated to shoot Underwood, being surprised to see her falling from above, and she seized the opportunity to kill him.

Thompson joined the pursuit, descending the stairs to find that Underwood was gone and Corcoran's body was lying on the floor. Thompson informed the rest through their radios that they had an agent down, but they were too late to prevent Underwood from escaping.[2]

Search for Evidence

Daniel Sousa entered Seth Honicky's Dentistry Office, the place where Dottie Underwood had been communicating with Doctor Ivchenko, hoping to find some evidence that would help them know their next step, and he came across Seth Honicky's corpse covered with a sheet.


Sousa examined the briefcase that Underwood was carrying, with the sniper rifle that she used to watch Ivchenko as he communicated with her, and two of the messages that he sent, including an order to kill Peggy Carter. He witnessed Roger Dooley jump through one of the windows of the New York Bell Company Office and explode in the air.[2]



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