"I'm looking for someone with ambition, someone who's, um, willing to go the extra mile. Tell me, Dottie. Are you that someone?"
―Seth Honicky to Dottie Underwood[src]

Doctor Seth Honicky was a dentist interviewing for a new secretary.



Seth Honicky was a dentist whose practice was across the street from the New York Bell Company. He gave his employees a long weekend off so that he could interview for a new secretary; he actually wanted time alone with each interviewee so that he could have sex with her.

Dottie Underwood came into his empty office carrying a briefcase. Honicky greeted her, asking if she was there for the interview. She noticed that the office was empty; he told her that he wanted time alone with each interviewee.

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Inside his medical room, Honicky sat across from Underwood and explained that he was looking for a secretary who was willing to do what she must for the job. He put his hand on her knee, hoping she understood what he meant. Underwood grabbed his hand strongly, then twisted his arm violently. She then slugged him, temporarily knocking him unconscious. After stuffing his mouth with a towel, Underwood activated a dentist drill. Honicky awakened as Underwood approached his eye with the drill.

Underwood used his office to set up her rifle from her briefcase; Honicky's office had a view of the office of Roger Dooley. When Underwood was finished, she left Honicky's body in his office.[1]


Daniel Sousa found the body of Honicky covered with a sheet when he entered the office after a fight with Dottie Underwood. Flies buzzed around the room as Sousa looked under the cloth. While reading the death order Underwood had written pertaining to Peggy Carter, Sousa saw the explosive death of Roger Dooley from Honicky's window.[2]



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