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"This planet's my home, but I can't pretend to be human anymore."
―Sersi to Dane Whitman[src]

Sersi is a member of the community of genetically-engineered Eternals who came to Earth. She was created alongside the other Eternals by the Celestials, and sent by Arishem the Judge to Earth in 5000 BC to protect the humans from the Deviants. While on her mission, she grew a close relationship with fellow Eternal Ikaris and eventually married him. In the 16th century, the Eternals finally wiped out the final Deviants but disbanded after when they realized their mission was over. Within the next few years Ikaris would go on to abandon Sersi and she moved to London with Sprite. As she waited for her next instructions from Arishem, Sersi grew to relish living amongst humans. By 2023, Sersi worked as a history professor at London's Natural History Museum and was in a relationship with her colleague Dane Whitman. However, she, Dane and Sprite were ambushed by the Deviant Kro who had the ability to heal.

After reuniting with Ikaris, they discover their former leader Ajak dead and reassemble the Eternals to put an end to the new Deviant threat. They discover that Ajak had the ability to contact Arishem, and that he had sent them to Earth not just to stop the Deviants, but prepare for the arrival of the Celestial Tiamut, a process known as the Emergence. However, the Emergence would also result to wipe out mankind, so the Eternals decide to prevent it. They are then ambushed by the Deviants and the Eternal Gilgamesh is killed. They also learn that Ikaris betrayed Ajak to the Deviants and allowed them to kill her in order to stop her from preventing the Emergence. The Eternals battle Ikaris, who is joined by Sprite, and eventually she uses the Uni-Mind to destroy Tiamut. Guilty, Ikaris commits suicide while Sersi uses her powers to turn Sprite into a human, as she wished.

Days later, she is abducted alongside Kingo and Phastos by Arishem, who seeks to review their memories in order to determine if Earth is worth sparing or not.


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Protecting Humans

Arriving on Earth

"It's beautiful, isn't it?"
―Sersi to Ikaris[src]

The Eternals arrive on Earth in 5,000 BC

After being built and programmed by Arishem the Judge, Sersi and the rest of the Eternals were sent to Earth on the Domo. Once awoken, the Eternals were provided with suits to wear before arriving at the planet. Sersi admired the beauty of Earth, and then introduced herself to Ikaris. Not being one of the Eternal's main fighters, Sersi waited as the others fought the Deviants. When the Deviants attacking the humans were defeated, Sersi came down, and the Eternals presented themselves to the race they were assigned to protect.[1]

Marrying Ikaris

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Defeating the Deviants

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Life on Earth

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Return of the Deviants

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Chosen by Ajak

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Reuniting the Eternals

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Learning the Truth

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Ambush at Druig's Compound

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Returning to the Domo

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Ikaris' Betrayal

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Stopping Tiamut

"Tiamut joined our Uni-Mind. We became one, even with Ikaris and Sprite, and that's all because of Tiamut."
Makkari to Phastos[src]

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Taken by Arishem the Judge

"You have chosen to sacrifice a Celestial for the people of this planet. I will spare them, but your memories will show me if they are worthy to live. And I will return, for judgment."
Arishem to Sersi[src]

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Sersi has an affinity for humanity and had been in love with Ikaris for about 2,500 years before their relationship ended when the Eternals developed conflicting ideals and went their separate ways, but nevertheless helped him recruit the group for one last mission. Sersi has also a great love for humans so she uses her transmutation powers to protect humankind and help to advance.

Powers and Abilities


  • Eternal Physiology: By design from the Celestials, Sersi is an Eternal possessing superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, and healing, numerous times superior than any normal human being, as well as immortality and being able to manipulate cosmic energy to a certain degree.
    • Superhuman Strength: Like all Eternals, Sersi possesses great superhuman strength, numerous times stronger than any normal human being.
    • Superhuman Durability: Sersi's body is numerous times more resistant to physical and energy damage than any normal human being. During the battle in the Amazon Rainforest, Sersi was unharmed and experiences no injuries after being knocked aside by the tail of a large Deviant, which sends her flying into a wooden building which is destroyed in the process. She was also stabbed through the stomach with a knife by Sprite in an attempt to stop Sersi from ending the Emergence. Whilst this does initially disable Sersi, she appears to have suffered no repercussions from this injure and she soon joined the Uni-Mind.
    • Superhuman Speed: Sersi can run and move at great superhuman speed, much faster than any normal human being.
    • Superhuman Agility: Sersi naturally possesses far greater agility, equilibrium, flexibility, dexterity, balance, and body coordination than any normal human being. In an attempt to lure a Deviant away from Sprite and Dane Whitman, she jumped over a fence and scaled a wall with relative ease.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Sersi's advanced musculature is considerably more efficient than any normal human being. As a result, her muscles virtually do not produce fatigue toxins during physical activity. Her endurance allows her to exercise her maximum capacity for an extremely long period of time without tiring at all.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Sersi can react and dodge objects traveling at high speeds, much quicker than any normal human being.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Sersi's metabolism enables her to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than any normal human being.
    • Immortality: As an Eternal, Sersi is genetically able to live forever, without dying due to old age or illnesses.
    • Cosmic Energy Manipulation: By design of the Celestials, all Eternals are genetically capable of using cosmic energy. Each Eternal possesses a unique ability, all derived from the same cosmic power source. The Eternals can also harness their comic powers together to create the Uni-Mind, which amplifies their powers. Sersi is able to use her cosmic energy to transmute matter, changing objects into different materials.
      • Matter Transmutation: Sersi wields the power of matter transmutation, changing the makeup of any non-sentient material she touches. Upon her arrival on Earth, Sersi transformed a rustic knife into a more ornamented one and turned the earth into water to irrigate the plantations in the mountains. Sersi transformed a shield-like artifact into sand to save one of her students. During the fight against Kro in London, Sersi transformed the ground into sand and then returned it to its original form to trap the Deviant and later transformed a bus into rose petals. In the ambush in the Amazon Rainforest, to help Druig fight a Deviant, Sersi transformed first a tree into water and then into ice, making it heavier and dropping it on top of the Deviant. In the same battle, Sersi also transformed a wooden cabin into steel to protect the civilians inside and even a Deviant into a tree, a feat that surprised all of her fellow Eternals, as Sersi was only supposed to be able to transmute non-sentient materials. During Tiamut the Communicator's Emergence, Sersi transformed a volcanic rock into several birds.

Former Powers

  • Celestial Communication: After becoming the new Prime Eternal, Sersi received the Celestial Communication Sphere from Ajak, allowing her to telepathically communicate directly with the Celestials, the architects of existence itself. However, she lost this power after Phastos extract the sphere from her to use it in the Uni-Mind's bracelets.
  • Uni-Mind Energy Manipulation: After connecting with the cosmic energy and mind of the other Eternals, Sersi's powers was increased to the point she was able to transform Tiamut the Communicator, an all-powerful Celestial, into ice. Later, she also transformed Sprite into a normal human with the remaining Uni-Mind energy.
    • Levitation: While created the Uni-Mind, Sersi was levitate into the conjuntion sphere of all cosmic energy of her fellows Eternals and later landed into Tiamut the Communicator.
    • Cosmic Healing: With the Uni-Mind energy, Sersi was able to heal herself from the injury of the Sprite's knife.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: To be added
  • Expert Combatant: To be added
  • Multilingualism: To be added



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Other Equipment



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  • In the comics, Sersi is a member of the Eternals who became a member of the Avengers after Gilgamesh was wounded in battle. In her free time, she usually hangs out with New York's high society.
  • Phastos refers to Sersi as "Sylvia" with his husband Ben: this is a reference to her human alias in the comics, "Sylvia Sersi" that she used while residing in New York.

Behind the Scenes


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