"I give them up, they will kill me."
"Said the bleeding man tied to a chair."
―Sergei Konchevsky and John Pilgrim[src]

Sergei Konchevsky was the Russian Mafia member hired by Nikolai Poloznev in order to make a comprometive photographs of David Schultz. Kidnapped by John Pilgrim, Konchevsky was used to track down Amy Bendix before Pilgrim killed him.


Russian Mafia

Hired by Nikolay Poloznev

"It all goes back to Konchevsky, right? The guy who hired us."
Amy Bendix[src]

Working with the Russian Mafia, Konchevsky was contacted by Nikolai Poloznev who wanted to blackmail Anderson and Eliza Schultz. Konchevsky arrived to Chicago from New York City and hired Fiona and her crew who made several photographs of Senator David Schultz kissing another man. However, before they could sell the photographs to Konchevsky, they were killed by John Pilgrim.[1]

Captured and Assassinated

"Do you believe in Providence, Sergei?"
"I don't even know what that is."
"I didn't know about this girl. I had missed her. But then she's brought back to me. And that is providence."
John Pilgrim and Sergei Konchevsky[src]
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"This is not okay!"
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Before Konchevsky could leave Chicago, he was tracked down and apprehended by John Pilgrim. Under tortures, Pilgrim tried to force Konchevsky to give up his employers, however, he refused, knowing that they will kill him for betrayal. While Pilgrim interrogated Konchevsky, his phone suddenly rang and Pilgrim forced him to answer. Konchevsky was informed by Amy Bendix said that Fiona was killed and she had pictures of David Schultz he paid for. Konchevsky said that he will keep her Bendix safe is she brings the pictures to him.


Konchevsky is killed by John Pilgrim

While Pilgrim was listening, Bendix told Konchevsky that she was hiding in Michigan, noting that this is the last place where anyone would look for her. She then said that he needs to come alone to Lola's Roadhouse and pay for pictures or she will escape. When Bendix hung up, Pilgrim asked Konchevsky if he believed in divine providence, only for Konchevsky to reply that he was unaware of what Providence meant. Pilgrim then explained that he did not know about Bendix but then she was brought back to him what was a providence.

Konchevsky said that he did what Pilgrim wanted and reminded that he promised to let him go. However, Pilgrim stated that he actually promised Konchevsky to give him peace and before Konchevsky could answer, he choked Konchevsky to death.[2] Later, Konchevsky's body was found by his uncle Kazan and the rest of Russian Mafia members.[1]


"Konchevsky and his crew work out of Kazan's Gym in Brooklyn."
Turk Barrett to Punisher[src]







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