"Her name's Serena. Serena gave money to Antoine to pay off a loan shark. I had a little conversation with the shark's boys. Seems Antoine hasn't made any payments in weeks."
"You said you only protect yourself and what's yours."
"I promised his sister."
"Is she yours?"
"You really want to know? Help me find him, Jones."
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones[src]

Serena Grier hired Luke Cage to help her find her missing brother Antoine, in exchange for information about Cage's late wife.


Early Life

Serena Grier was raised in a household, with her younger brother Antoine, where her father believed that without risk, there was little reward. While Antoine embraced the philosophy, Serena disliked it and distanced herself from it. Eventually, she got her own place, but stayed in contact with her brother.

Grier got a job working for the bus company of New York City and learned that Charles Wallace was the bus driver the night that he had an accident and was accused of killing Reva Connors.[1]

Missing Brother

Serena learned that her brother Antoine was in debt to the loan shark Len Sirkes and gave him money to repay the man; however, soon afterwards, Serena lost contact with Antoine. Fearing for his life, Serena contacted Luke Cage to find Antoine, but she proposed a deal where, upon delivery of her brother, she would provide for him the name of the bus driver who was accused of killing Cage's wife Reva Connors. Cage agreed to the deal and began his search.[1]

Brother's Return

Serena answered the door to her apartment and a woman brought Antoine to her; though Serena did not know the woman, she demanded that she get the name of the accused killer of Reva Connors. Antoine explained to Serena that he took the money to start a marijuana business; she was disappointed in him and told him, as she sent him to her bedroom, how he reminded her of their father. Meanwhile, the woman was growing impatient and wanted the paper with the driver's name. Just as Grier was handing over the paper, Luke Cage entered, angered that the woman left him behind to deal with Len Sirkes alone. Serena listened as the woman explained that safe delivery of Antoine was of a greater importance than assisting him. Grier, knowing Cage, handed the paper to him. She then explained that Charles Wallace was drunk the night that he had his accident when the bus flipped onto Reva Connors; she further explained that Wallace was not fired from the bus company, but still drove that same route. After Cage left her apartment, the woman told Grier that she did a horrible thing in revealing that information because Cage planned to kill Wallace.[1]






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