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"I'm, like, seriously freaked out right now. It turns out the office is under attack and, like, nobody told me. You know, it's, like, my life is on the line, you know, and I just- it really puts things into perspective. Like I'm, like, seriously, like, realizing stuff right now."

Sequoia is a social media influencer and the ex-girlfriend of Deke Shaw. She helped Shaw gain fame, until one day when he was attacked by Sarge's Squad. Fortunately, S.H.I.E.L.D. came to their rescue, and Sequoia was saved by Trevor Khan. She then broke up with Shaw and started a relationship with Khan.


Meeting Deke Shaw

"I'm not supposed to exist in this reality. Do you remember I explained this to you on the Playa?"
Deke Shaw to Sequoia[src]

Sequoia met Deke Shaw, a young businessman who had quickly gained fame through his tech company which actually sold devices based on stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. technology. The two of them began dating, and Sequoia was told the story of Shaw actually coming from another timeline, although she barely listened as she thought of it as a part of Shaw's self-centered fantasies.

Sequoia records Deke Shaw

During one of her visit to Shaw at work, she found him and Trevor Khan playing in a Framework simulation. Sequoia urged Shaw to end the simulation as she wanted to drink boba tea with him, and then followed him and recorded him on social media as he exposed his views on the world and how he wanted to change it, especially by ending starvation. Sequoia still wanted her boba tea with Shaw, but since he had to meet with an unexpected visitor, she went to fetch it by herself, waiting for Shaw to finish his meeting.

On her way out of the building, Sequoia actually encountered Sarge's Squad, although she mistook them for a group of motion capture actors.[1]

Attack on Deke Shaw

"The office was attacked."
"Stop messing with me."
"I'm not! You have to go and find a place to hide."
Deke Shaw and Sequoia[src]

Upon returning to the building of Deke Shaw's Company with four cups of boba tea, Sequoia was surprised to find out that everybody had gone. She called Deke Shaw to inquire about what was happening, and was told that the building was under attack. Initially, Sequoia did not believe it, but was initially convinced by Shaw to hide somewhere, waiting for someone to rescue her. Sequoia insisted that Shaw came to save her himself instead of waiting for the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. who had arrived to the office.

Sequoia is found by Deke Shaw

Waiting for Shaw, Sequoia made another post on social media, explaining that the fear of imminent death made her put things into perspective. She was eventually found by Shaw, and slapped him for taking too much time to come to her rescue. Sequoia was then told by Shaw to leave her boba tea and follow him, denying that she was posting the whole episode online, but they were eventually found by Pax, who wounded Shaw before being attacked by Alphonso Mackenzie. As Jaco attacked them, Sequoia was instructed to follow Trevor Khan, who actually was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent all along.

Thanks to Khan, Sequoia was able to get to safety. Due to her newfound admiration for him as he had saved her, Sequoia broke up with Shaw to start a relationship with Khan.[1]


"You know, as an influencer, I always avoid front doors."

Sequoia was a classic social media influencer, regularly posting bits of her life online for her followers to share her experiences, and she notably enjoyed posting things about her boyfriend Deke Shaw, a famous young business man in high-tech industry. She often appeared as somewhat nonchalant and sophisticated towards people around her as part of her influencer persona, and fully embraced the codes of social media. Even when her life could be at risk when Shaw's office was attacked, Sequoia kept posting online while hiding, and although she claimed that this helped her put things into perspective, she constantly attempted to fix her hair to make her appearance look acceptable despite this being quite irrelevant at the moment.





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