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"I'm, like, seriously freaked out right now. It turns out the office is under attack and, like, nobody told me. You know, it's, like, my life is on the line, you know, and I just it really puts things into perspective. Like I'm, like, seriously, like, realizing stuff right now."

Sequoia is a social media influencer and the ex-girlfriend of Deke Shaw. She helped Shaw gain fame, until one day when he was attacked by Sarge's Squad. Fortunately, S.H.I.E.L.D. came to their rescue, and Sequoia was saved by Trevor Khan. She then broke up with Shaw and started a relationship with Khan.


Meeting Deke Shaw

"I'm not supposed to exist in this reality. Do you remember I explained this to you on the Playa?"
Deke Shaw to Sequoia[src]
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Attack on Deke Shaw

"The office was attacked."
"Stop messing with me."
"I'm not! You have to go and find a place to hide."
Deke Shaw and Sequoia[src]
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"You know, as an influencer, I always avoid front doors."
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