"Kill me, somebody takes my place. Long as people are buying, we'll be selling. Nothing you do tonight will change that. But go ahead. Keep hitting me. Let's see who drops first."
―Semyon to Daredevil[src]

Semyon was a member of the Russian Mafia tasked by Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov to trace a Masked Man.


Russian Mafia

Search for a Masked Man

"Some dickhead in a black mask shot up a bodega on 38th. Owner put up a fight. Perp fled on foot, leaving a trail of blood in this direction."
"Oh, my God."
"Probably long gone by now, but just in case, you know. You see anything, hear anything tonight?"
"No, sorry."
"Just being thorough.You have a good night, ma'am."
―Semyon and Claire Temple[src]

Semyon disguised as a policeman

Working for Russian Mafia, Semyon was tasked by Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov to find the man in the black mask. Arriving at the building where Claire Temple lived, Semyon disguised himself as Detective Foster of the New York City Police Department, asking the tenants if they had any information about a masked man.

Semyon then knocked on the door of Claire Temple's Apartment and showed her his badge. When Temple opened the door, Semyon asked her if she had seen a masked man. She asked him what masked man did and Semyon told her about the theft at the bodega. Temple said she knew or heard nothing and Semyon left. However, Semyon did not believe her and ran downstairs to inform the Ranskahovs that their target was located inside the building. Before he could leave the building, he was hit by a fire extinguisher that was dropped by Daredevil.[1]

Rooftop Interrogation

Daredevil threatens to push Semyon from the roof

"Here's how this is gonna work. I'm gonna ask you some questions. You're gonna answer them. If you're lying to me, trust that I will know... and I will be unhappy."
Daredevil to Semyon[src]

Unconscious Semyon was taken to the roof of the building by Daredevil who tied him up. Semyon awakened and noticed Daredevil with Temple wearing a white mask standing in front of him. He was told that he had to answer some questions and that every lie he gave would be noticed. Even though Semyon was warned he still answered the first question with a lie, for which he received a punch by Daredevil. He then answered the next few questions with the truth, for which he still received a punch. After finishing his story, he pushed Daredevil to keep on hitting him, saying that he would just be replaced if he dies.

Before Daredevil could continue beating him, Temple gave him the advice to stab him in the trigeminal nerve. After stabbing Semyon, Daredevil placed Semyon on the edge of the roof. This scared him enough to finally reveal the location of the boy they had kidnapped. He then started to laugh, taunting Daredevil by telling him that the Russian Mafia would be waiting for him and kill both him and the kid. Angered Daredevil then pushed Semyon from the roof and he landed in the dumpster below, severely injured, but not dead.[1]

Coma and Death

The Ranskahovs visit Semyon in hospital

"Дыши... Скажи мне, кто это сделал тебе."[2]
Vladimir Ranskahov and Semyon[src]

Laid in a coma, Semyon was taken to the hospital where he was visited by Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov. Using a shot of epinephrine, they forced him to wake up. Upon awakening, Semyon was asked what he knew about the masked man; he revealed the location of Claire Temple's Apartment to which Sergei was sent. He then breathed his last after giving that information.[4]






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