"Admittedly it's not quite as precise as my original nano mask, but regardless, I think you're going to find it extremely useful for any on the go S.H.I.E.L.D.... or HYDRA... operations?"
―Selwyn to Grant Ward[src]

Selwyn is the scientist that created the Photostatic Veil. He was kidnapped by Grant Ward and Agent 33 in order to remove her Photostatic Veil that was stuck on her face.



Building a Mask

Selwyn created the Photostatic Veil that was used by both S.H.I.E.L.D. agents[1] and HYDRA operatives.[2]


Found by Grant Ward

"You're coming with us."
"You're going to fix my face."
Agent 33 and Selwyn[src]

Selwyn being kidnapped by Agent 33

Selwyn went to a restaurant to have dinner. When Rhonda brought him his check, he prepared to leave. The moment he stood up from his table, a couple then jumped up with handguns and told no one to move. The man shot the security camera as the woman held Selwyn at gunpoint. Selwyn offered her his wallet with $200 inside but she refused. Removing her sunglasses, the woman told Selwyn that she wanted him to fix her scarred face.[3]

Fixing the Mask

Nanomask HUD

Agent 33 tests the Photostatic Veil on Selwyn

"Please. I know this is difficult, but look on the bright side; you can be anyone you want."
―Selwyn to Agent 33[src]

At the hotel room where Agent 33 and Grant Ward were staying, Selwyn implanted a contact lense in her eye and a microchip on the skin of Agent 33. The lens was a facial scanning program. He stabilized the sound of the Photostatic Veil so it no longer sounded computerized. Selwyn had Agent 33 test his repairs, but when Ward asked him about its removal, he said that he could not remove the nano-mask from her face. Selwyn told Agent 33 that now she could be anyone was wanted to be for S.H.I.E.L.D. or HYDRA.[3]

Kept Silent

"It was important he not talk."
Grant Ward to Agent 33[src]

After Selwyn repaired the Photostatic Veil for Agent 33, he was killed by Grant Ward, who explained to Agent 33 that it was important to silence Selwyn.[3]





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