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"Ray, you make every single person in this room so proud. Proud of the man you are and who you strive to be. For the example you set for our son. For the husband and friend we adore. And for being the man who hogs more blankets at night than is humanly possible. But even with that, you've always been the person to warm my heart."
―Seema Nadeem to Ray Nadeem[src]

Seema Nadeem is the wife of Ray Nadeem.


Marrying Ray Nadeem

"Do you know why I married you, Ray? It wasn't your good looks or my father's blessing. It was because I believed in my soul that I had found a good man who would love me. And who would be completely honest with me."
―Seema Nadeem to Ray Nadeem[src]
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"I can't let what you say matter to me anymore, Rahul. Sami deserves at least one person in his life he can trust. And that's never going to be you."
―Seema Nadeem to Ray Nadeem[src]
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Seeking Foggy Nelson

"I asked them to call you because you were Ray's lawyer. And I want to fully cooperate with the investigation of my husband."
―Seema Nadeem to Foggy Nelson[src]
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"I will always have your back. To them. To everyone. But I'm not an idiot."
―Seema Nadeem to Ray Nadeem[src]
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