Seattle is a city located in the state of Washington.


Arrival of Marcus Daniels

Marcus Daniels traveled to Seattle in a ship, having escaped from the Fridge when HYDRA operatives led by John Garrett raided the facility. Daniels descended from the ship, and unconsciously darkened the lights he encountered in his path.

Daniels approached a fisherman, who was listening to news about the political consequences of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s collapse and dissolution, and told him he needed to travel to the city of Portland, but he refused, as it was about 200 miles of their current location.

Daniels shut down the fisherman's car with a gesture; he began to be scared of Daniels and asked him how he did that. Daniels touched the man, absorbing the electrical energy of his body and killing him, in order to steal his vehicle. As he entered the vehicle, it began to work again, and Daniels tuned on the radio, listening to classical music as he left the city and traveled to Portland.[1]

Rescue of Joey Gutierrez


Aerial view of Seattle

Joey Gutierrez took a pill of Nature Max Supplements Fish Oil, as part of a plan to get in shape started by his ex-boyfriend. However, due to his Inhuman heritage, the fish oil pills, that were contaminated with Terrigen Mist, made Gutierrez undergo Terrigenesis.

He emerged from his chrysalis with the power of liquefying metal, and started to unintentionally melt items and furniture in his apartment. Gutierrez left and tried to get to a hospital, wreaking havoc in the streets as his powers melted every metal near to him, including vehicles, and causing multiple explosions.

People fled from Gutierrez as he tried to apologize and obtain help to get to a hospital, but he destroyed a scaffolding near to him, crushing a vehicle and almost killing its driver.

Gutierrez then got surrounded by a squad of soldiers of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit led by Luther Banks. The soldiers ordered Gutierrez to raise his hands in the air while Banks contacted his superior, who ordered to contain Gutierrez using lethal force if necessary.

Gutierrez got scared when he heard about the use of lethal force, explaining that he was not doing anything on purpose and that he needed help. However, the soldiers only ordered to place his hands on the hood of a nearby car. Gutierrez then explained that he would cooperate and asked not to be hurt, as he did not know what was happening to him.

As soon as he touched the car, all metal around him started to liquefy, including the weapons used by the ATCU soldiers, and the car soon exploded. Gutierrez was knocked down by the blast and he quickly got up and escaped, as the soldiers shot at him. He tried to hide in an alley, but the soldiers soon located him.

Before they could reach him, the soldiers and one of their vehicles were reached by a shockwave caused by Daisy Johnson, who made the ATCU agents fly back. Johnson asked a confused Gutierrez what his name was, and she introduced herself as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and announced they were there for Gutierrez's protection.

Johnson's partner, Alphonso Mackenzie set up a smoke screen at the entrance of the alley to cover their escape, while Lance Hunter set up a beacon for their Containment Module. Mackenzie warned that there were more soldiers coming, but their first unit was either down or affected by Johnson's powers.

Johnson, noticing that Gutierrez was confused and scared, asked him to focus and told him that she knew how he was feeling and what just happened to him. Johnson also told him that she had been through the same event, so she could help him, but they needed to get him out of there.

Gutierrez mumbled as he realized that it was Johnson who made the car and the soldiers to fly across the street, but he was stopped by Hunter from approaching the end of the alley, just as the Escape Module landed there.

Johnson asked Gutierrez to enter, knowing that he surely a lot of things to consider, but there were very few options for him. Hunter promised that they would be there with him, as things could not get crazier. Gutierrez agreed to that as the door of the module closed. The Escape Module then took off and started to fly over Seattle, and Gutierrez took his last quote back.

Soldiers of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit outfitted themselves with gas masks in case the smoke screen was a chemical hazardous component, and went to the alley only to find it empty, without any clue of how Gutierrez had left, so they retreated to evaluate how to proceed.

Mackenzie contacted Gutierrez from a Quinjet that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were using to escape, in order to check how Gutierrez was doing. Gutierrez answered that he hoped that the Escape Module had a destination other than going higher, and Mackenzie promised they were almost there, as both the Quinjet and the Escape Module boarded into the Zephyr One to leave Seattle.[2]


Rosalind Price went to Seattle to be informed about Joey Gutierrez. Luther Banks approached her car and explained that his squad had Gutierrez cornered, but he managed to escape. Price pointed that Gutierrez did not escape alone, he was extracted by someone else.

Banks then stated that they would secure the area, clean up and contain the situation. Price ordered him to do it as quietly as discreetly as possible, as there were even helicopters covering the area. Price even thought out loud that it was increasingly harder to act unnoticed.

Phil Coulson, posing as one of the passersby that gathered to check what happened, took an image of Price, hoping to use it to identify her and to know more about the agency that was opposing his.[2]


By 2017, an unidentified flying object was spotted over Seattle.[3]


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