"I know in the past few months I may have seemed like I was leading you on some fool's errand. Chasing after strange carvings and artifacts. At times, I questioned it myself, wondering if I was chasing windmills, trying to solve some unsolvable puzzle. But the pieces are coming together. The puzzle's taking shape. The bad news, HYDRA's trying to solve the same puzzle, and they have more resources. The good news, we now have a piece they don't have. Everything we've been doing, it all... leads here. Our job: find it before anyone else."
Phil Coulson[src]

The Search for the Kree City was an organized search issued by S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA to discover the Kree City and an attempt by Grant Ward, Raina and Calvin Zabo to achieve their own ends through alliances with each side.


"Whatever's in our blood, it was driving us to go to that city, like homing pigeons. Only we couldn't figure out what home was, so it was just driving us mad. Once I had all the pieces... Now we just need to figure out why this alien was so hell bent on getting there."
Phil Coulson to Skye[src]

Grant Ward promised to take Skye to meet her father. Ward joined Daniel Whitehall's HYDRA faction following the assassination of his brother Christian Ward.

Project T.A.H.I.T.I. patient Sebastian Derik attacked fellow patient Hank Thompson to learn more about the alien writing. Phil Coulson arrived, saved Thompson, and discovered that the alien writing was actually a 3D map of a city.[2] Phil Coulson concoted a plan to disable the Kaena Point Air Force Base and later infiltrate the Laura Creek Station. Despite being ambushed by HYDRA forces, who had been alerted by Calvin Zabo of the true nature of the Obelisk, Coulson and his agents managed to hack the satellite network, and it found a match for the Kree City underneath Puerto Rico.[3]


Phil Coulson and Bobbi Morse in San Juan

"Won't be easy to get equipment down there. Get a hold of Diego, see if he can help us out. We need to stay ahead of HYDRA."
"Even if HYDRA locates the city, how do you think they plan on unlocking the Obelisk? I mean, nobody can even touch the damn thing."
"That we know of."
Bobbi Morse and Phil Coulson[src]

Phil Coulson and Bobbi Morse entered San Juan, and met up with Morse's tour guide contact Diego, who gave them plans to the Castillo San Cristóbal. When they entered the garrison, they called in Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons and Alphonso Mackenzie to come to the site as they realized the city was underground. Mackenzie used the Mouse Hole to cut a hole in the floor and Fitz sent his D.W.A.R.F.s down a tunnel to find out what was down there, but the controls failed. Since technological methods did not seem to work, Mackenzie volunteered to descend into the city to see it for himself, but when he touched a Kree symbol on the floor, he lost control of his body.

Alphonso Mackenzie warns Phil Coulson

When the team brought him back up, he attacked them all ruthlessly with no sign of his normal personality inside as an end result of the painful transformation he went through mentally and physiologically. Coulson tried to shoot him, but he seemed to be immune to I.C.E.R. bullets, and was only defeated when Morse electrocuted him with her staves and he fell down the tunnel. It was unclear to the team whether or not he survived the drop.[4]


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 1.49.10 PM.png

"HYDRA knows the alien city's here and they're coming our way."
Phil Coulson[src]

Melinda May, though regretful that she had allowed Grant Ward to take Skye and Raina, coordinated with Phil Coulson in San Juan and told him about what happened. Coulson assured her that she did the right thing.

Coulson prepared his agents for the Battle for the Kree City. Meanwhile, he gave the Koenig brothers orders to have Theta Protocol ready if HYDRA won. Daniel Whitehall was killed by Coulson. Raina took the Diviner into the Kree City and Skye and Antoine Triplett followed her to the temple. In the temple, the Diviner opened to reveal the Terrigen Crystals as a mist filled the room. Raina and Skye were transformed into Inhumans and Triplett was killed.[5]

While retrieving the body of Triplett from the Kree City, Jemma Simmons encountered Raina who, in her new form, killed many agents; Simmons was unsuccessful in capturing her, though she shot Raina multiple times. Simmons then had her team destroy the city without harming San Juan above.[6]


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