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"Now he's frozen, out in deep space somewhere, no idea he's already solved it."
"He'll be a little disoriented. But he'll be so happy to know that time is not fixed. It's a fluid, ever-changing, beautiful thing. And he didn't miss much, did he?"
"I have not a single doubt you will find him."
Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons[src]

The Search for Leo Fitz was a rescue mission undertaken by S.H.I.E.L.D. to locate the Leo Fitz who was cryogenically-frozen and located in Enoch's vessel, following the death of an alternate Leo Fitz.


"He's out there, isn't he?"
"Yes, sir."
"Then get to work."
Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons[src]

Due to a prediction made by the Inhuman Robin Hinton, Leo Fitz was left behind when Enoch kidnapped the rest of his S.H.I.E.L.D. team to send them into year 2091 with the Time Di'Alla. Fitz, having been imprisoned for six months in Blue Raven Ridge until he was released by Lance Hunter, managed to track down Enoch, who informed him that his teammates had been sent into the future to prevent a mass destruction event. Once Hinton drew a prophecy involving Fitz himself, Enoch agreed to help him travel into the future. To that end, Fitz and Hunter stole a Cryo-Freeze Chamber from Blue Raven Ridge, so that Fitz could remain in suspended animation for 74 years, waiting to be awakened in 2091 to rescue his friends.[1]

Leo Fitz dies during the Battle of Chicago

The Leo Fitz native to that alternate future, and his teammates were eventually able to return into their time[2], and their efforts to avert the destruction of Earth at the hands of an insane Glenn Talbot turned out to be successful. However, victory came at the price of Fitz's death during the Battle of Chicago. Nevertheless, Fitz's wife Jemma Simmons figured out that, since they had returned from the future, there was a version of Fitz who was still sleeping in the Cryo-Freeze Chamber in space. Simmons and her teammates then embarked on a quest to find this version of Fitz and bring him back home.[3]


Months in Space

"The ship should have been off radar, undetectable. The half we did find had a manifest."
"We've met with every supplier on that manifest."
"We've been to the O2 oceans of Trinawa, rusted moons of Pyree, knowing someone must have tracked the ship and given that information to whomever attacked it."
Jemma Simmons and Quake to Trok[src]

Focused on finding Leo Fitz, a S.H.I.E.L.D. team consisting of Quake, Jemma Simmons, Piper, James Davis and other agents took Zephyr One and began their journey through space to locate the Chronicom Vessel that was storing a frozen Fitz. This mission would go on for many months, causing many of the agents on the mission to leave. However, despite all that they went through, Simmons never once doubted that they would find Fitz. Eventually, all that would be left of the team was Simmons, Johnson, Piper, and Davis.

Eventually, they would come across the vessel, only to find it destroyed, having been cut in half. Still holding out hope, they continued their search, tracking down as many leads as they could come across to find the other half of the vessel. Using a manifest found on the vessel, they tracked down every supplier on it, going to Trinawa and Pyree, where they came to the conclusion that someone must have given out information of the whereabouts of the supposedly undetectable vessel.[4]

Interrogating Trok

Quake defeats Trok

"We're looking for someone."
"Someone else to shake down? Or someone you want to eliminate?"
"We just want to bring him home."
Jemma Simmons and Trok[src]

Their search led them to Trok, someone known for selling traceable fuel. After escaping from the Confederacy, the team made a forced landing on D'Rill, where they were intercepted by Trok, who boarded them. Johnson faced the D'Rillians alone, pretending that she was in need of fuel. However, once the uncovered her identity, they fled, leaving Trok behind, who was quickly defeated by Johnson. Simmons then came out and demanded him to give her information about the location of Fitz.

Jemma Simmons interrogates Trok

Refusing to comply, the two hung Trok upside down and continued to question him, Simmons knowing that him being upside down for too long would result in his death. Trok refused to say anything, but would eventually reveal to them that he never sold any fuel to the vessel, but he did purchase one of the halves. He then told them where it was being stored and the team made their way to the location.[4]

A Dead End

Quake and Jemma Simmons search the Chronicom Vessel

"Well, at least it's not a dead body."
"Yeah, but it's a dead end."
Piper and James Davis[src]

The team boarded the broken vessel and began to search for the Cryo-Freeze Chamber. Piper and James Davis soon came across it, and Jemma Simmons joined them, opening the chamber, only to be upset that Leo Fitz was not in there. Piper provided comfort in the fact that it wasn't a dead body, but the team knew that it was just another dead end. They then returned to the Zephyr where Simmons laid in the chamber, while the rest discussed their next action. Johnson decided that they should postpone their search so they could return home and restock.[4]

Heading to Naro-Atzia

The team argue about their next action

"A planet. Here. It must be where the Chamber was made, and that's where Fitz would go. And he was staring at it, he would've read it and headed there to... to find a way to freeze himself again."
"That's deep, deep space."
"No, I know how he thinks. That's where he'd go, and we have to follow."
Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson[src]

However, they were interrupted by Jemma Simmons who rushed to the navigation system and looked up Naro-Atzia, a planet listed on the transcript inside the chamber. She believed that Leo Fitz would be there, and asked for James Davis to set the coordinates. However, he refused, believing that they should return to Earth first. They then continued to argue over what they should do, when they were suddenly alerted by the Confederacy's presence. They then shut off the Zephyr and watched as the Confederate Destroyer Ship fly over them.

Zephyr One teleports to Naro-Atzia

They believed that they were undetected, however, this was disproved when they found themselves under attack. They then evaded the attacks and Johnson instructed them to activate the Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device and head for Earth. However, she would discover that Simmons had secretly already set the coordinates for Naro-Atzia and the team were forced to continue the search.[4]

They then arrived at the planet, where Johnson questioned Simmons' actions, only for her to reassure her that Fitz was there, unaware of that Fitz had actually just left.[5] Outraged by her reckless behavior, Piper and Davis believed that they should lock Simmons up for putting them at risk, but she reminded them that their mission was to find Fitz. Quake confirmed that Fitz was the mission, but she addressed how she made the calls and her actions were too risky. She ordered that they attempt to head back home, but Simmons refused, threatening to stay behind to continue looking.

Jemma Simmons asks Pretorious Pryce about Leo Fitz

However, they were interrupted when they received a greeting from Pretorious Pryce, who informed them that as custom, they would be boarded for inspection. Quake tried to refuse the action, trying to head back to Earth, but they were forced to be boarded as they were written into the system, which could not be reversed. Simmons saw this as a chance to ask about Fitz' whereabouts, and they waited for the inspection of their ship to occur. Simmons, Quake and Piper met with Pryce, who instructed them to hand over their weapons. When he asked about their reason for visiting Naro-Atzia, Simmons told him they were looking for Fitz.

When Simmons revealed this information, Pryce then got mad at her for saying that name, as it then alerted a Chronicom Hunter, Malachi who was hunting Fitz. He came out from hiding and stunned Quake and Piper, but Simmons was able to evade the attack. When Pryce tried to stop the conflict, Simmons used him as a shield to maneuver to her gun, successfully reaching it. However, the fight was ended when Davis knocked out Malachi from behind. They then handcuffed him to the ship as Quake and Piper regained consciousness.

They then started to question Malachi as to what he wanted with Fitz. He revealed that Fitz was wanted for tampering with the universe. They then discovered that Fitz was initially intended to arrive at Naro-Atzia, learning that he truly was alive and that they were close to finding him. Quake then went to ask Pryce if he knew anything about the vessel Fitz was on, as Malachi told Simmons that Fitz should not be alive, which Simmons explained that he should be with them, but Malachi revealed that he should be dead due to him dying a year ago.[6]

Search on Kitson

Jemma Simmons and Quake arrive on Kitson

"We made it."
"Yes, we did. Why are we here?"
"Because... we're on a mission."
"Right. What is the mission?"
"The mission is... Ladies' Night!"
Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons[src]

Jemma Simmons returned to the team, where they informed her that the ship Leo Fitz was on did arrive but turned around and headed to Kitson. Pretorious Pryce then told the team about Kitson, describing the grotesque nature of the planet, believing that Fitz must be of perverted desire to visit there. However, despite Pryce's description of the planet, the team headed their in hopes to be reunited with Fitz. They arrived on the planet, where they came across Boyle and Toad, who Quake forced to reveal that they had encountered Fitz, stealing his ship from him, as well as revealing that he was with Enoch as well. As Davis handed them some hallucinogens, mistaking them for food, Simmons asked about Fitz' whereabouts, which they revealed either the casino or the brothels.

Quake and Jemma Simmons are affected by hallucinogens

Simmons and Quake then proceeded to the casinos, as the effects of the hallucinogens started to kick in. Simmons joked that Fitz better be dead then in the brothels, and the two went to the counter and handed in their weapons. They then realized that they were both feeling odd, which Simmons believed to just be the different atmosphere. However, when they proceeded to enter, they started having the vision altered, causing them to not be able to walk properly. They made their way down some stairs, where they realized that it was the things they ate that were causing to feel strange.

They eventually arrived at the bar, celebrating their achievement, but completely forgetting what they were doing, thinking that it was "Ladies' Night." As the two continued to be affected by the hallucinogens, Simmons suddenly then hallucinated a tiny Fitz in a monkey onesie dancing, which then triggered her memory as to why they were on Kitson. Remembering Fitz, Simmons then left Quake to go find him.

Quake was then left alone at the bar where she accidentally talked to a random patron who she mistook for Simmons. Realizing that Simmons was gone, Quake left the bar and search for her, having trouble doing so due the hallucinogens. She eventually found Simmons, spotting her feet sticking out under a table. She then joined her, where Simmons apologized to Quake for dragging them out through space in a so far unsuccessful attempt to find Fitz, saying that she just misses him so much. The two then got really emotional and expressed love for one another, when suddenly they heard a sound that sounded like a dolphin.[6]

Attack on the House of Games

Quake prepares to fight off the Chronicom Hunters

"I see them, too, which means they're very real and here for Fitz."
"They'll have to get by me first."
Jemma Simmons and Quake[src]

Shortly after, they then began to hear a piercing noise, which Jemma Simmons realized isn't from the hallucinogens, and must be coming from something. When they figured out that the noise was only perceptible to humans, and could be a signal, they believed that it must be to do with Leo Fitz, meaning he was at the casino. They then went to find him, when they noticed some armed people enter that look similar to Malachi. Quake went to defeat them with her powers, but was too disoriented to control them. Simmons then guided her arm for her and successfully knocked down one of the hunters. Quake then told Simmons to go find Fitz while she dealt with the enemies. Quake, still disoriented, then went to fight off the Hunters hand-to-hand, managing to defeat them all. When Simmons finally reunited with Fitz, they were interrupted when Malachi appeared and grabbed Fitz, taking him with him.[6]

Captured by the Chronicoms

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Parting Ways

"This is the end of the road. You followed me for a year across the galaxy, I never would have made it here without you. But I won't keep putting you in danger. Thank you. Now go home."
"No, Simmons, I... I can't leave you."
"You have to. Whatever happens, at least I'll be with Fitz. We'll have each other."
Jemma Simmons and Quake[src]

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Reunited and Engaged

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Escape from the Chronicoms

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