"May your neighbours respect you, trouble neglect you, the angels protect you, and heaven accept you."

Seamus was one of the key members of the Kitchen Irish who was brutally murdered by an enraged Finn Cooley during the funeral service for the victims of the Massacre at the Burren Club.


Kitchen Irish

Murdered by Finn Cooley

"He was a good kid."
"And now he's dead."
"You know, maybe you've been out of the game too long to remember, death is part of the deal."
―Seamus and Finn Cooley[src]

Seamus is killed by Finn Cooley

In the wake of the Massacre at the Burren Club, which claimed the lives of Nesbitt and several other members of the Kitchen Irish, Seamus led the remaining members in funeral service for their fallen allies in which he recited a short prayer. Their service was interrupted when Finn Cooley arrived, having traveled from Ireland to pay respect to his son who had been killed by the Punisher. Seamus ordered Rory to bring Cooley a drink as they discussed Cooley's grief. However just as Seamus comforted his ally, Cooley snapped and stabbed Seamus in the eye with an icepick, causing him to scream in agony as Cooley plunged the blade deeper into his skull until it reached his brain, killing him.[1]





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