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"Take off your clothes."
― Seamstress to Peter Parker[src]

The Seamstress is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was tasked by Talos, under the impersonation of Nick Fury, to create a stealth suit for Peter Parker to use while operating in Europe.


Nick Fury's Crew

Meeting Peter Parker

"You told Fury Spider-Man cannot be seen in Europe. So I made you this: another suit."
― Seamstress to Peter Parker[src]

The Seamstress meets Peter Parker in Austria

Peter Parker informed "Nick Fury" that he could not operate as Spider-Man while in Europe because his identity needed to remain a secret. As a response to this, Talos tasked the Seamstress to create a more stealth-focused Spider-Man Suit, based on S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform designs to protect his identity. The Seamstress created a new black suit for Parker, and arrived in Austria to give it to him, as his vacation was hijacked by Talos.

The Seamstress gives Peter Parker his suit

When Parker was brought to Austria by Dimitri Smerdyakov, he was directed to a room where the Seamstress was waiting for him. Once Parker arrived inside the room, the Seamstress told him to take off his clothes. Parker was confused, so the Seamstress explained that Fury considered his worries and handed him the suit. The Seamstress then hurried Parker up, so he started taking off his clothes, feeling quite embarrassed.

The Seamstress attempts to kill Brad Davis

However, they were spotted by Brad Davis who walked in on a half-naked Parker with the Seamstress and assumed that they were having an affair. Although, despite Parker telling Davis that this was not true, he photographed them and quickly and left, intending to use the photo to bring Parker into disrepute. The Seamstress pulled out her gun, preparing to eliminate Davis, only to be stopped by Parker, who followed Davis.[1]



"Don't shoot anybody."
Peter Parker to the Seamstress[src]

The Seamstress aiming her gun at Brad Davis

  • Glock 17: The Seamstress carried this handgun when delivering a new suit to Peter Parker. She drew the gun when Brad Davis inadvertently found them, but Parker stopped her from shooting him.





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