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"Señor Scratchy's got real star quality, don't you think?"
Agatha Harkness[src]

Señor Scratchy is the pet rabbit of Agatha Harkness.


Magic Act[]

"Maybe we leave the poor bunny about of this one, shall we?"
Wanda Maximoff to Vision[src]
Agnes Rabbit WV EP2

Senor Scratchy is given to Wanda Maximoff

He was given to Wanda Maximoff by Agatha Harkness for use in her magic act at Westview's talent show to raise money for Westview Elementary School. Maximoff thanked Harkness and brought him inside her house before leaving again to go to a planning meeting for the talent show. She brought the rabbit to the talent show, where her husband and performance partner, Vision, arrived and was malfunctioning due to a piece of chewing gum in his gears. Señor Scratchy was placed inside Vision's hat in preparation for Vision to pull him out of it later as a trick. However, the show began to go wrong due to Vision's malfunction. The hat fell off and Scratchy hopped across the stage before Maximoff picked him up.[1]

Agatha Harkness Revealed[]

Billy & Senor Scratchy

Senor Scratchy is petted by Billy Maximoff

While under the guise of "Agnes," Agatha Harkness offered to babysit Tommy and Billy Maximoff while Wanda Maximoff took some time to herself. Billy pet Señor Scratchy while the two talked to Harkness about their mother's wellbeing. Harkness then took the boys, while Señor Scratchy was put back in his cage, which Wanda later noticed while looking for sons.

Agatha Harkness introduces herself

Senor Scratchy with Agatha Harkness

While Wanda wandered into the basement of Harkness' house, Harkness retrieved Señor Scratchy and took him downstairs to formerly introduce herself as Agatha Harkness.[2] She set him down on a table, and demonstrated to Maximoff that her abilities to cast illusions are limited by making an illusion of a bug, which she then threw into Señor Scratchy's mouth, and Señor Scratchy then ate the bug.[3]





  • In the comics, Agatha Harkness' pet is the magical cat-like entity Ebony.
  • "Señor Scratchy" is reference in Spanish for "Mr. Scratch", a common Old English nickname for the Devil. In the comics, "Nick Scratch" and "Jack Scratch" were both pseudonyms for Mephisto. Nicholas Scratch is also the name of Agatha Harkness's son.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In an interview, Matt Shakman said that a scene was filmed in which Señor Scratchy would have turned into a demonic figure. The scene was not used in The Series Finale because it was considered "a huge detour in the middle of everything" that was happening in the episode, and the VFX was never finished for the scene.[4]