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The Scythe Daggers are the weapons of choice of Kaecilius before giving himself to the Dark Dimension.


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Retrieving the Dark Scepter

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Training with Daniel Drumm

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Theft of the Book of Cagliostro

They were used by Kaecilius to behead the librarian when he decided to steal a page from the Book of Cagliostro in the library of Kamar-Taj.[1]


The Scythe Daggers are heavy blade balanced by large pommel.[2]


  • The Scythe Daggers is designed after the trumbash or trombash, a Mangbetu throwing knife from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Kaecilius carries a pair of gruesome daggers behind his back, in the folds of his cloak. Their grisly form is emblematic of his disregard for human life.[2]


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