"I serve the one who called me here. Without question. Without doubt. With a desire to serve until death."
―Scythe to Iron Fist[src]

Scythe is a master martial artist loyal to the Hand, and one of the warriors the Iron Fist faced at the Madame Gao's Da Jue Zhan. In their battle, Scythe was eventually bested by the Iron Fist, only for Gao to force Iron Fist to spare Scythe's life.


Da Jue Zhan

Invitation to Fight

"Oh, talking away... And I don't know what to say... Say it anyway... All the times that I got to remember... Keep shying away I'll be coming for your love okay... Take on me... Take me on... I'll be..."

Scythe mocks a room full of his victims

While he was still serving as an assassin for the Hand, Scythe had massacred an entire room filled with men. Having killed everyone there, Scythe had entertained himself by performing a karaoke version of A-ha's "Take On Me" while surrounded by the corpses of the men he had killed. Seeing that one of the men was still alive and was now desperately attempting to get away from his attacker, Scythe had then continued singing his song while he proceeded to strangle the last victim with the microphone cord, before he reclaimed his sword, which had been imbedded inside the chest of one of Scythe's many victims.


Scythe is called to fight in their Da Jue Zhan

With everybody lying dead around him, Scythe's attention was then turned towards a woman who had just entered, as she looked around the room in complete horror. Scythe then walked over to the woman and saw that she was carrying a note from Madame Gao, instructing Scythe to be a part of the Da Jue Zhan where he would be fighting against the Iron Fist who wanted to save the life of Sabina Bernivig. Seeing this, Scythe smiled and noted that his time had come for him to prove his loyalty to the Hand, while the woman continued looking at both him and the bloody scene around them in complete horror.[1]

Showdown with Iron Fist


Scythe preparing to challenge Danny Rand

"Would you like to choose a weapon?"
"I am the weapon."
"Really? Because weapons don't feel pain. They are meant for one thing and one thing only. To be used by their master."
―Scythe and Iron Fist[src]

As instructed, Scythe awaited the arrival of Danny Rand as the Third Challenger from the Da Jue Zhan. Eventually, Rand had successfully managed to defeat the Bride of Nine Spiders, having already bested the combined might of Andrei and Grigori Veznikov, as he entered their final room to find Scythe waiting for him. Upon seeing Rand, Scythe immediately began mocking him, questioning when the real warrior would arrive, only for Rand to note that all these childish insults were beginning to get tiring, which Scythe had merely scoffed at.


Scythe chooses a weapon to fight Iron Fist

Scythe then invited Rand to choice his weapon for him to use during their duel, only for Rand to insist that he was the weapon, as he was the Iron Fist from K'un-Lun. Commenting on how weapons only had one purpose, to be used by their true master, Scythe chose his first weapon with his Naginata, as he questioned who Iron Fist's master was, to which Iron Fist simply claimed that he only served himself, as Scythe claimed that he should be prepared to disappoint his master. Their fight then begun as Scythe began swinging his Naginata at the Iron Fist, who had avoided the blows with his remarkable speed.


Scythe slashing his blade towards the Iron Fist

While the fight continued, Scythe continued furiously slashing at Iron Fist, striking down a wooden pillar, but was unable to land his deadly blow against the warrior, who was still able to counter almost all of Scythe's strikes before knocking him backwards, much to Scythe's frustration. Once Scythe's blows became more aggressive, Iron Fist had used this to his advantage, knocking him back and managing to break his Naginata in half. Iron Fist then questioned what master he served, to which Scythe answered that he served the Hand, who had called him there, insisting that he served them without question.


Scythe furiously throws his blades at Iron Fist

As Scythe told Iron Fist that he had a desire to serve the Hand until his death, he threw the broken Naginata at him, before grabbing his signature Scythe weapon to continue their duel. Once Iron Fisk then attempted to get away from Scythe and his new weapon, they made their way through the Warehouse, putting their fight in a much more claustrophobic environment, as Iron Fist was able to use the amount of scaffolding around them to his advantage as Scythe struggled to use his weapon within this environment, as it continued to get stuck between the steel pipes, despite all of Scythe's best efforts.


Scythe chases Iron Fist around the warehouse

Once Iron Fist managed to break this weapon in half as well, Scythe became annoyed, furiously throwing one half of the weapon at his enemy as they continued to fight. Iron Fist still managed to knock the other half of the blade out from Scythe's hands, as they chased each other through the room until Scythe managed to reclaim the weapon and their fight continued into a hallway where Madame Gao watched them closely. As Scythe continued striking at Iron Fist, he was able to avoid his every blow before channelling his Chi energy to use his Iron Fist to shatter Scythe's current weapon, much to Scythe's shock.


Scythe is eventually defeated by the Iron Fist

Despite no longer having any weapon to defend himself, Scythe had continued fighting Iron Fist, although he was unable to land a single blow against the warrior, who had finally used the Iron Fist to strike Scythe in the chest, knocking him backwards with considerable force and ending their duel. However, just as Iron Fist prepared to finish off Scythe with a final blow with the Iron Fist, Gao then returned as she threatened to murder Sabina Bernivig if he did not surrender. Despite great reluctance, Iron Fist then agreed and had allowed Scythe to live in exchange for Gao sparing Barnivig's life, surrendering the duel.[1]


"Who the hell are you? When does the real warrior get here?"
"These childish insults are getting tiring. It's like you all trained on the same playground."
―Scythe and Iron Fist[src]
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  • Master Martial Artist: Scythe is highly skilled, and employs his mixed martial arts style that had derives elements of Muay ThaiCapoeira and Okinawan martial arts, such as Naginata fighting. He is a formidable combatant even without his weapons.
  • Naginata Mastery: Scythe showed great skill with a naginata wielding it with great effect during his duel with Iron Fist though he was bested in the fight and his weapon was destroyed.

Scythe attempting to slash at the Iron Fist

  • Scythe Mastery: Scythe is quite skilled in using a scythe as he duel wielded two during his fight with Iron Fist and used them with great effect though he was disarmed of them and defeated in the fight.
  • Master Assassin: Scythe is very skilled assassin as he was shown to have slaughtered an entire room of the Yakuza all by himself without injury, and was one of the four Hand warriors selected to try and kill the Iron Fist in the Da Jue Zhan.
  • Bilingualism: He speaks his native Japanese, and English fluently.



  • Naginata: Scythe chose a naginata to fight Iron Fist in their duel, but his weapon was destroyed by his opponent.
  • Scythe: As his name suggests, he uses a double bladed scythe as his weapon of choice during the Da Jue Zhan and wields it with much proficiency.

Other Equipment

  • Armored Suit: Scythe wears a motorcycle jacket with embedded protectors during his fight against Iron Fist. He was able to withstand multiple kicks and punches from Rand, thanks to the protectors.






  • In the comics, Scythe was a bounty hunter who sought to collect a bounty placed on Iron Fist's head by Harold Meachum. His signature weapon was a chained scythe that was able to harness the Iron Fist's Chi.

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