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"Elite soldiers tasked with the elimination of everyone the Magistrate's family has come into contact with."

The Scrub Squad is a group of Gibborim responsible for ensuring nobody from certain planets, including Earth know about the Gibborim's existence.


"What will you do here? It's so primitive."
"I'll lead the kill team."
"Something his talents are uniquely suited for."
―The Magistrate's Wife, the Magistrate's Son and the Magistrate[src]

The Scrub Squad's role, as well as how to contact them from another planet, was noted in the Abstract.

In 2018, the Gibborim Magistrate and his family attempted to return to their home planet, which would have resulted in the Scrub Squad arriving on Earth and ensuring that everybody who knew about their existence would be killed.[1] The Magistrate's Son planned on joining the Scrub Squad and staying on Earth, sending Elle Dean with his family in his stead. However, the Runaways interrupted the process, and Nico Minoru defeated the Magistrate and his family, so the Scrub Squad did not arrive on Earth.[2]