Scrote was a member of the Yondu Ravager Clan who sided with Taserface and against Yondu Udonta. He was eventually killed by Yondu during his former captain's escape.



Like the rest of his Ravager Clan, Scrote went to enjoy some pleasure on Contraxia and witnessed the arrival of the Sovereign High Priestess Ayesha, who intended to hire the Ravagers to capture the Guardians of the Galaxy.[2]


The Yondu Ravager Clan tracked down the Guardians of the Galaxy to the planet Berhert. Although they fell in traps set by Rocket Raccoon, the Ravagers ultimately surrounded Rocket. However, when Yondu Udonta suggested to take the Anulax Batteries stolen by the Guardians instead of the Guardians themselves, an argument erupted between the Ravagers, with a faction willing to rebel against Udonta.

The argument was settled by Nebula, who knocked out Udonta. Back to the Eclector, a full mutiny burst out against Udonta and Scrote sided with the mutineers led by Taserface. After joining the murder of the loyalists and the humiliation of Udonta, Rocket and Groot, Scrote went to sleep like the other Ravagers.

Yondu Udonta, Rocket Raccoon and Groot ultimately escaped. On their way, Udonta unleashed the full power of his Yaka Arrow, killing many of his former teammates, including Scrote.[2]






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