Scott Lang's House is the home of Scott Lang.


After helping Captain America during a clash between the Avengers in violation of the Sokovia AccordsScott Lang took a plea bargain and was allowed to return to San Francisco to serve a two year house arrest sentence.[1]

Visits by Cassie

On occasion during his house arrest, Scott would be visited by his daughter Cassie Lang. During one of these visits, they played together as Scott tried to keep her entertained without having to leave the house. He built a tunnel out of cardboard boxes for them to crawl through as they go in search of treasure, which turned out to be Scott's "World's Greatest Grandma" trophy that Cassie gave to him as a birthday gift. They "escaped" down stairs that had been converted into a slide and ran into the fence. Scott accidentally put his foot through the perimeter, alerting the FBI that he'd left his house. They arrived to search the place just as Cassie's mom and Jim Paxton came to pick her up. Cassie left with her Mom but promised to come back. Unbeknownst to Scott, Cassie had secretly taken the "World's Greatest Grandma" trophy with her.[1]


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