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"Do you know who I am?"
"Doesn't matter."
Wilson Fisk and Schwab[src]

Nurse Schwab works in Metro-General Hospital. She assisted Doctor Murray when Wilson Fisk brought in Vanessa Marianna.


"I'll call ICU for a bed."
― Schwab[src]

Nurse Schwab was working in Metro-General Hospital when Wilson Fisk entered carrying Vanessa Marianna in his arms, screaming that she needed medical attention. Schwab, bringing a gurney, and Doctor Murray received the poisoned woman; as Murray barked instructions, Schwab constantly responded and wrote his directions so that Marianna could be saved.

When Doctor Murray attempted to take Marianna to an operating room, Fisk attempted to follow. Schwab blocked his way, angering the much bigger man. Schwab held her position, not caring who Fisk was, not allowing him into the sterile chambers.[1]