Schultz Mansion is the private residence owned by Anderson and Eliza Schultz.


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Upon the death of Rebecca Pilgrim, Anderson and Eliza Schultz housed her sons, Michael and Lemuel, in their mansion where tailor prepared them to Rebecca's funeral. They usually asked Anderson whey their father is not there and he answered that he is on a very important and sacred mission and will be home soon. Eliza assured Anderson that he can not protect John any longer because he can bring trouble to them.


The Schultzes negotiating with Frank Castle

Later, Anderson received a video-call from David but instead of him, he saw Frank Castle. Anderson asked where their son is and Castle showed him kidnapped David. He then informed them both that John kidnapped Amy Bendix and Castle took David in exchange. Castle informed that he knows everything about their blood trail and Anderson threatened him that he will kill everyone who Castle cared about if David will be hurt.

However, Castle just punched David much to Anderson's horror. Eliza took the phone from Anderson and asked Castle what he needs. He answered that he will return David in exchange for unharmed Bendix. She asked why they should believe him and Castle told that if they track the call, David will die.


Eliza Schultz gives John Pilgrim his orders

Eliza then said Lemuel to call his father and he asked him why he is not with them. John answered that he is busy right now but will return as soon as he can and asked him to take care of Michael. Anderson said Lemuel to go to sleep and he gave the phone to Eliza who informed John about the situation with David. She also hinted that now the lives of his sons depend on David's safety.

Later, Anderson and Eliza learned that their son is not in danger and discussed the situation in the dining room. Eliza said that she is going to New York City while Anderson should deal with John. However, Bendix appeared in the room and threaten both of them with a gun. Eliza attempted to bargain with her while Anderson insisted her to move the gun away from his wife.

Assassination of Eliza Schultz

Eliza Schultz is shot and killed by Frank Castle

Anderson distracted her and Eliza attempted to reach to knife only to be shot in the head by Castle. He then showed Anderson the footage of their talk with his threats what could expose him. Castle gave him a gun with one bullet and gave him a choice: live with truth exposed to everyone or kill himself. Castle and Bendix left the mansion and heard a single shot, figuring out that Anderson choose the second. Meanwhile, John took his sons away from the house and drove them away while Castle and Bendix did the same.[1]


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