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"You were right, Doctor Zola is on the train. HYDRA dispatcher gave him permission to open up the throttle. Wherever he's going, they must need him bad."
Gabe Jones[src]

The Schnellzug EB912 was the advanced train used by HYDRA during World War II.


Capture of Arnim Zola

Arnim Zola used a train for transporting equipment to and from HYDRA bases. He had special access to communications in the locomotive. The train was mainly used to transport him and the super HYDRA soldiers to various HYDRA bases around Europe. The locomotive was powered by the Tesseract, like Zola's other inventions. Due to its power source and advanced design, it was able to reach far greater speeds than any other locomotive of that era. In early 1945, Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Gabe Jones conducted a raid on the train. During the attack Bucky fell from the train into an icy ravine. However, Zola was still captured soon after.[1]

Alternate Universe Versions

"If our intel is correct and the Red Skull, the very head of HYDRA, is on that train..."
"We can end the war?"
Captain Carter and Bucky Barnes[src]

In the alternate 1945, HYDRA used the train to set up a trap on the Howling Commandos and eliminate them. HYDRA had sent the train, rigged with the explosives, on the rails, while spreading rumors that the Red Skull will be present on the train. Led by Captain Carter, the Howling Commandos boarded the train to take the Red Skull down, however, when HYDRA Stomper went to check the locomotive, he discovered the bombs. As the Commandos managed to escape, Rogers failed to avoid getting caught in the explosion and disappeared together with a falling train, being captured by HYDRA.[2]