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"The Führer feels... How does he put it? The Red Skull has been indulged long enough!"
―Schneider to Johann Schmidt[src]

Schneider was a high ranking officer of the Nazi Schutzstaffel during World War II who had been instructed by Adolf Hitler to personally examine all of Johann Schmidt's HYDRA facilities. However, as Schneider had insulted Schmidt and threatened to shut down his work with HYDRA, they were then betrayed and vaporized by the enraged Schmidt.


Serving Adolf Hitler

Johann Schmidt's Betrayal

"Thank you, Schmidt."
"For what?"
"For making it clear how obviously mad you are."
―Schneider and Johann Schmidt[src]

Schneider and Roeder meet Johann Schmidt

Scheneider joined Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party following the end of World War I, being among the first 100,000 Nazis in service with an uninterrupted service record, and became an officer of the Schutzstaffel. Achieving rank of Obergruppenführer (Major General), Schneider participated in multiple battles, earning several medals. In 1943, Schneider and his two colleagues were sent by Adolf Hitler to Johann Schmidt's base to question him about the progress in developing advanced weapons for the Third Reich. During the tour over the base, Schneider expressed Hitler's loss of faith in Schmidt, saying that "the Red Skull" had been indulged long enough.


Schneider is vaporized by Johann Schmidt

Provoked, Schmidt showed Schneider and his coleagues his Tesseract powered cannon. However, they weren't impressed, and Schneider himself said that Schmidt was mad for claiming that he harnessed the power of the gods. When Schneider's subordinate officer Hutter saw Berlin marked as one of Schmidt's targets on a map, Schmidt used the cannon to vaporize his three visitors.[1]



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