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For other uses, see Wanda Maximoff (disambiguation)
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"Know that they'll be loved."
―Wanda Maximoff to Scarlet Witch[src]

Wanda Maximoff is a former member of the Avengers who wields chaos magic as Scarlet Witch. Upon leaving the Avengers, she relocated to the town of Westview in New Jersey and became the mother of two sons named Tommy and Billy. In 2021, her body was hijacked by an alternate universe version of herself who had used the Darkhold to transfer her consciousness across realities. Trapped within her own mind, Maximoff's body was used by her alternate self to massacre the Illuminati. However, Maximoff was freed when the Darkhold was destroyed, breaking the spell. Returning home, she encountered her alternate self, who had been physically transported to her universe by America Chavez. After a brief fight, Maximoff empathized with her counterpart's grief and gave her solace that Billy and Tommy were loved.


Member of the Avengers

Wanda Maximoff, at some point in her life, met the Avengers and became a member of their team. When Tony Stark created a peacekeeping program, she was free to retire and live a life away from superheroics.[2]

Family Life

Maximoff baking with her children

"Hey, what did I say?”
“We couldn’t wait.”
“Go wash your hands."
―Wanda Maximoff and Billy Maximoff[src]

Maximoff moved to Westview, New Jersey in a single family house with her two sons, Tommy and Billy. She also had a pet hamster, Max. One day in 2021, she was making a chocolate dessert in the kitchen and they came in to see what she was doing. They put their hands in the bowl with the batter inside and Maximoff told them that she had told them earlier not to do so and then playfully told them to go wash their hands.[1]

Darkhold Campaign

Attacked by her Alternate Self

"Wanda Maximoff, your mind is being held hostage by your alternate self!"
Professor X to Wanda Maximoff[src]

One evening, Maximoff told her children to get ready for bed and took their ice cream bowls. As she walked towards the sink, she saw the overhead light above the kitchen table flicker and sway, a picture of her move, and then felt a gust of wind that caused her to drop the bowls. As she made it to the window, she saw food in used plates move and water in a cup move like waves. She then looked up and saw a reflection of her alternate self in the window. Alarmed, she tried to not let her alternate self entrap her, but was not strong enough and became enthralled by her alternate self.

Later, Maximoff was sleeping on the couch with her children, and became enthralled again by her alternate self. At the Illuminati Headquarters, her alternate self, using her body, was eventually confronted by Professor X, who reached into their mind in order to pull out Maximoff, thus breaking her alternate self's control. Unfortunately, her alternate self intervened and killed Professor X, sending Maximoff down into her subconscious once more. When finally awoke, she found herself in oil-stained wet clothing in the Gap Junction. Immediately thinking about her children, she flew out of the dimension and back into hers in order to return home.[1]

Meeting her Alternate Self

The next day, she came running down the stairs to comfort her children after they called out to her. She saw that her alternate self was in the living room, having been transported there by America Chavez through a portal from Dimension 616. Her alternate self used her powers to move the couch and throw her flying across the room into the wall to the ground. Maximoff struggled to get back up, having not endured such physical trauma for so long. Her children ran to her to comfort her and as she tried to stand up, they told her not to. She walked over where her alternate self was kneeling on the floor, weeping. She caressed her alternate self's face sympathetically and told her that her children would be loved.[1]


Unlike her main counterpart, Maximoff is much more well-adjusted and cheerful. Despite wielding immense power, Maximoff shows no aggressive or selfish nature. This stems mainly from the love and comfort of her children, which she has shown an unwavering love and devotion to as she provides them just as much stability and love. Even when awakening in a surreal situation like being in the Gap Junction, her first instinct was to return to her children and to protect them. She is also very empathetic. Despite the horrible things her counterpart did to and through her, Maximoff was quick to be forgiving, realizing her counterpart's actions stemmed from a crippling loneliness.


  • Psionics:

    Maximoff using her powers

    As a result of exposure to the cosmic energies from the Scepter, which contained the Mind Stone, Maximoff gained an array of psionic powers. These powers manifest as a luminescent mist or vapour of red hue emanating from her hands and body.
    • Psychic Energy Manipulation: Maximoff has the ability to create and manipulate psionic energy.
      • Telekinesis: Maximoff has the ability to move, levitate and otherwise manipulate objects using her psionic energy in a remote manner without the need for her energy to first be projected from her hands. Maximoff uses this energy to affect and control molecules and particles, allowing her to fully control matter and energy.
      • Levitation: Maximoff is able to use this power to move through the air and simulate flight. The use of this power manifests as a small blast of psionic energy expelled from her hands to propel herself up in the air.
  • Magic: Maximoff was born with the latent magical ability to harness Chaos Magic that were later amplified through her exposure to the Mind Stone. However, due to her lack of knowledge, she can't harness this power at this time.


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Behind the Scenes

  • In an interview with Collider, Elizabeth Olsen expressed her personal opinion that this Scarlet Witch doesn't have Vision as a husband because they divorced and separated as she lacks a wedding ring, being this a more "domestic Wanda [Maximoff]".[3]


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