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"What you're doing is a flagrant violation of every natural law. If you take that child's power, she won't survive."
"I don't relish hurting anyone, Stephen. But she's not a child. She's a supernatural being. Such raw power could wreak havoc on this, and other worlds. Her sacrifice, would be for the greater good."
Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch[src]

Scarlet Witch's War was a crusade orchestrated by Wanda Maximoff after becoming the Scarlet Witch, in an attempt to live her ideal life in an alternate universe where she could be with her children.


"I'm going to leave this reality, and go to one where I can be with my children."
Scarlet Witch[src]

Following the Westview Anomaly, Wanda Maximoff began studying the Darkhold in isolation. She learned about the Multiverse and America Chavez; a teenager who had the ability to travel between universes at will. Maximoff formulated a plan to kidnap Chavez, take her power and travel to a universe where her children, Tommy and Billy, actually existed. Maximoff initially sent inter-dimensional creatures to capture Chavez, but after this failed and Maximoff had gained the attention of Doctor Strange, she decided to personally capture Chavez.[1]


Chase of America Chavez

"Sending those creatures after her instead of myself was mercy."
Scarlet Witch to Doctor Strange[src]

Initially, Maximoff sent, at least, two demons to apprehend Chavez. Allying with a version of Doctor Strange, Chavez and the sorcerer tried to obtain the the Book of Vishanti, to end the fight. They were pursued by a Ribboned Creature, capable of extracting magic. When obtaining the book seemed hopeless, the variant tried extracting Chavez's powers to prevent the creature from obtaining them but he was fatally injured by the creature. Caught by the monster, Chavez used her powers to open a portal to another universe, and Strange used the last of his power to free her, and escape through the portal.

In the new universe, Maximoff sent another creature, Gargantos, to capture Chavez. In this new universe, she was rescued by Doctor Strange, and the Sorcerer Supreme, Wong. The sorcerers fought the creature around New York before finally killing it. Chavez told them of her problem, and as proof of her powers, she showed them the dead variant, whom Strange buried. Seeing runes on the creature, they concluded the culprit must be using witchcraft. They took Chavez to Kamar-Taj to keep her safe, and Strange decided to go to Maximoff to ask for her help, not knowing she was the one behind the attacks.

Visit by Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange went to Wanda Maximoff's Hideout, finding a beautiful orchid, where Maximoff appeared to be gardening. He told her about Chavez, and that they were protecting her at Kamar-Taj, and asked for her help. Maximoff pretended not to know much about Chavez or the multiverse, to gain information from Strange, but then she mentioned Chavez by name, realizing her mistake seconds later that he never said it. Seeing no more reason to lie, Maximoff removed the illusion over her hideout, to reveal a barren, twisted landscape, caused by her magic and reading the Darkhold. Upon revealing the Darkhold to Strange, her warned her about its corrupting nature, but Maximoff claimed it showed her the truth of her children existing in the multiverse, and her desire to use Chavez to find them, which was why she was sending the demons. She gave him an ultimatum, give her Chavez, or next time they meet, it will not be Wanda Maximoff, but the Scarlet Witch coming for the girl.

Attack on Kamar-Taj

"The full might of Kamar-Taj stands against you."
Doctor Strange to Scarlet Witch[src]

Wanda Maximoff arrived at the Kamar-Taj after learning America Chavez was being kept there by Doctor Strange. Once Strange accidentally revealed Chavez' location to Maximoff, the latter gave him until sundown to willingly give up Chavez. Otherwise, as warned by Maximoff, it would not be Maximoff who comes for Chavez, but the Scarlet Witch.

Strange refused to give up Chavez, leading to him, Wong and the other Masters of the Mystic Arts to prepare for battle, turning the Kamar-Taj into a fortress. Maximoff arrived and Strange attempted to reason with her to no avail. Maximoff began attacking, only to find the complex surrounded by a shield. However, she used her mind manipulation powers to scare off a single sorcerer, triggering the downfall of the shield. This allowed Maximoff to enter the grounds of the Kamar-Taj and begin laying waste to its defenders. Despite their best efforts, the Masters of the Mystic Arts were no match for the Scarlet Witch and were either killed, wounded, or forced to retreat.

Strange, Chavez, and Wong attempted to make a final stand within the Kamar-Taj after Strange trapped Maximoff in the Mirror Dimension. This too would prove to be useless, as she broke out using the reflections present in the room. Maximoff quickly incapacitated Strange and Wong and began taking Chavez' power. This triggered Chavez' powers and opened up a portal to the Multiverse behind her, which Strange tackled her through in order to escape, saving them both but leaving Wong behind.[1]

Destruction of the Darkhold

Once Doctor Strange and America Chavez escaped to another universe, Scarlet Witch restrained Wong and began using the Darkhold to Dreamwalk; a spell that allowed Scarlet Witch to posses the body of her multiversal counterparts. Scarlet Witch was successful in possessing the Wanda Maximoff who resided in the universe where Strange and Chavez had travelled to. As she was casting the spell, Maximoff's original body was left in deep meditation.

As Wong watched helplessly, he was approached by Sara Wolfe, who had survived the attack after all. She decided to destroy the Darkhold, which would sever Scarlet Witch's connection to her alternate self, ending the possession. Sara stabbed the Darkhold, destroying it and herself in the process. Scarlet Witch broke from her trance and realized what had happened. After desperately scrambling to salvage the destroyed Darkhold to no avail, Scarlet Witch turned to Wong for information. She first tried torturing him for information, but when this did not work, she instead began torturing several survivors of her attack with her Chaos Magic. The sight of his fellow sorcerers in agony caused Wong to break and admit the Darkhold was merely a copy and he could take Scarlet Witch to the original source. This appeased her and the two departed to the Darkhold Castle.[1]

Battle at the Illuminati Headquarters

"We can handle your little witch if she decides to dreamwalk."
"No, no you cannot, not unless you give me the Book of Vishanti."
Captain Marvel and Stephen Strange[src]

Now that Maximoff had regained the power of the Darkhold, she once again began Dreamwalking and possessed her alternate self. In this body, she immediately travelled to the Illuminati Headquarters. Upon arriving, Maximoff began attacking the facility, destroying all of the Ultron Sentries guarding it with ease. At one point, Maximoff almost caught Chavez, who was trapped in a holding cell, before the Illuminati came to confront her. Reed Richards stepped forward and attempted to reason with her, even using his own children to empathize with Maximoff. Maximoff asked if the mother of Richards' children was still alive and after he confirmed she was, Maximoff coldly told him that at least his children will still have someone to raise them.

Seeing that Maximoff was willing to kill them all, Richards warned that Black Bolt could destroy the body she was possessing with a slight whisper. However, Maximoff used her magic to remove Black Bolt's mouth. The horror of his missing mouth caused Black Bolt to scream. Without a mouth to release his Sonic Scream, though, this ended up destroying Black Bolt's brain, killing him instantly. Richards then tried to stop Maximoff with his stretching abilities, but he too was killed when Maximoff tore his body apart and destroyed his head. Captain Carter and Captain Marvel moved to engage Maximoff, resulting in Captain Carter quickly being bisected by her own shield. Captain Marvel was successful in holding her own against Maximoff, but even her vast power wasn't enough and Maximoff ended her life after dropping a large statue on her.

With most of the Illuminati now beat, Maximoff was able to finally claim Chavez. Before she could, however, Professor Charles Xavier used his powers to enter her mind, temporarily incapacitating the two of them, allowing Chavez and that universe's version of Christine Palmer to escape. Once he was inside Maximoff's mind, Xavier attempted to break the Dreamwalking spell. He was almost successful, but then the Scarlet Witch emerged from a red mist and decapitated his Astral Form, killing Xavier in the real world. With no-one else left to stop her, Maximoff resumed her relentless pursuit of Chavez, who had now re-united with Doctor Strange.

Duel at the New York Sanctum

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Battle on Wundagore Mountain

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"I open the Darkhold, I have to close it. No one will ever be tempted by the Darkhold again."
Scarlet Witch[src]
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