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"What face do you want the world to see?"
Krista Dumont to Billy Russo

Scar Tissue is the fourth episode of the second season of the television series The Punisher.


Rachel recalls the night everything changed and lets Frank in on the truth about her name. Russo sits down with a face from his childhood.


Successfully escaping the Sacred Saints Hospital, Billy Russo takes the bus to go New York City. There, Russo is confronted by Rick who mocks him, much to Russo's annoyance. Having another breakdown, Russo follows Rick to the alleyway, killing him and taking his clothes.

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Dinah Madani, Frank Castle and Amy Bendix returns to New York, and Madani hides them at her apartment, keeping their presence a secret from Rafael Hernandez. Hernandez worries about the whole situation with Castle and Russo, as well as about Madani's mental health, although she assures him that everything is fine.

Bendix questions Castle what they are doing in New York, however, he ignores her questions. While Castle is watching a news report about Russo's escape, Bendix goes to the bedroom to take a nap. Feeling insecure, Bendix lies under the bed and crying. She then has a dream about Fiona and her friends, brutally massacred, as she was the only one who survived.


Russo drinks at the local bar where he recalling his therapy session with Krista Dumont, in order to keep his mental breakdowns. He also watches a news report about him and his escape.

Returning to her apartment, Madani and Castle discuss Russo's escape and his current mental state. Castle understands that Madani is officially banned from Russo's case and she brought Castle back to New York to deal with him off the book. Telling Castle that Russo is not going to stop from hurting innocent people, Madani shows him his skull vest and notes that Castle was unable to kill Russo. Castle argues with Madani and tells her that the chaos will never end.

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Leaving Bendix locked at the bedroom, Castle reunites with Curtis Hoyle who was coerced about Russo. Hoyle states that Madani is wrong and Russo is not simulating his memory loss and notes that Castle should kill him. Discussing Russo, Hoyle asks Castle where is he going without any memories about the last years. Castle remembers his talk with Russo, as he told him about Arthur Walsh from Ray of Hope group home who attempted to molest Russo.

Back at Madani's apartment, Bendix gets angry on Castle for locking her. She tells her about her job in Chicago what costs her the life of her friends who were killed by mysterious man. Bendix proposes to separate and run away but Castle refuses and says to her that she need to stop running and fight. Madani returns to apartment and Castle informs her about Walsh and his connection with Russo. Before Madani could go for Russo, she is visited by Brett Mahoney who suspects Madani for interference in Russo's case.


Meanwhile, Russo visits Walsh at his house, drinking coffee with him. Russo says to him that he did not know where else to go, as the Ray of Hope was shut down. However, Walsh furiously blames him for his imprisonment in Sing Sing and his attempt to assault him, back in the day. Walsh's mocks provoke Russo's mental breakdown and he brutally murders Walsh.

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Using Castle's lead, Madani breaks into Walsh's house, only to find his body. Hearing a noise, Madani suddenly shoots Mahoney at his Bulletproof Vest. Mahoney asks Madani to tell him what is going on, accusing her of obstruction. Madani, however, dismisses all Mahoney's statements and leave the house.

Bendix finds information about Castle and learns about his past as the Punisher, as he was responsible for the death of multiple criminals. Returning to the apartment, Bendix asks Castle about his violent crusade and reveals her real name to Castle.

Frustrated and covered in blood, Russo walks to Dumont's apartment, asking her for help. Scared of his appearance, Dumont, however, agrees to help Russo and allows him to stay at her apartment.


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