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"She's weighing our hearts on the Scales of Justice and the Feather of Truth."
Steven Grant to Marc Spector[src]

The Scales of Justice are mystical ancient Egyptian scales that judge a soul's heart against the Feather of Truth to determine if they are worthy to reach Aaru.


Marc Spector's Judgement

Once Marc Spector and Steven Grant had been found by Taweret in the Duat, the Scales of Justice were used to judge whether they were worthy to reach Aaru. The scales did not balance for them, causing Spector and Grant to go through their traumatic past that Grant was unaware of in hope of balancing the scales. When the scales would still not balance, the lost souls attacked the ship and tried to bring Spector and Grant with them. But after Grant sacrificed himself for Spector, the Scales finally balanced and he was allowed into the Field of Reeds.[1]


  • Judgement: The Scales of Justice had the ability to judge a soul's heart against the Feather of Truth to determine their worthiness to enter the Field of Reeds.


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