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"Where you from, Luke?"
"You ain't from no Chicago. Where are you from, really?"
"Savannah, Georgia."
Pop and Luke Cage[src]

Savannah is a city in the state of Georgia.


Savannah, Georgia is the birthplace of James Lucas who later become a pastor of the Mount Olivet Baptist Church. Later, he become a father of Willis Stryker and Carl Lucas.[1]

During their childhood, Lucas was beaten up in front of a bowling alley, Stryker helped train Lucas how to box by taking him to a gym. Stryker basically taught Lucas how to fight and later watched Lucas in a boxing match.[2]

Months later, Lucas and Stryker stole a red Chevrolet Corvette for a joyride. While driving they were caught by police and arrested. James Lucas persuaded the judge to allow Lucas to join the United States Marine Corps instead of going to jail. Stryker did not get the same treatment and he was sent to jail.[3] After finishing his tour of duty as a Force Reconnaissance Marine, Lucas became a police officer in the Savannah Police Department.[2]

Benjamin Pollack and his girlfriend Claire Wise planned a series of thefts using a Chitauri Gun that fell from the sky inside their laboratory in New York City and that Pollack managed to repair.

One of those thefts took place in the city of Savannah, Georgia, where they managed to steal the money and access the vault of the bank blasting the door with the weapon. As with the other thefts, Pollack and Wise abandoned the town after the successful theft.[4]

In 2015, Luke Cage and Claire Temple decided to go to Savannah to learn why Willis Stryker hated him. They stopped at church which had belonged to his father. As he overlooked the damaged church, Cage recalled his childhood memories and finally admitted that it was true that Diamondback was his own brother.[1]


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