"It's gonna be an hour before they can scramble the National Guard!"
"National Guard?! Does the army know what's happening here?!"
"Do we?"
―Saunders and Silva[src]

Officer Saunders was a the New York City Police Department officer who was ordered by Captain America along with Silva to keep everyone who was still in New York City to evacuate during the Battle of New York.


Battle of New York

During the Battle of New York, Saunders called for assistance and was told that it would be an hour before the National Guard could be sent to the city. He ran to Silva who replied that the United States Army should be sent instead. Saunders pointed out that they did not even know what was happening as Captain America arrived and instructed them to use the surrounding buildings to keep innocent civilians out of the line of fire and create a perimeter as far back as 39th Street.

Silva was reluctant to take orders from Rogers until he saved them from attacking Chitauri, at which point, they followed Rogers' orders.[1] Unfortunately, Saunders was heavily wounded by a Chitauri soldier, and his colleagues were unable to save him from death.[2]







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