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"The Shrike are a cancer. I'm going to make sure this is the last planet they ever infect."
"How do you plan to do that?"
"To stop the spread, you cut off the limb. When their creator arrives, I'm going to burn it all down."
Sarge and Melinda May[src]

Sarge’s Campaign was a crusade conducted by Sarge and his crew in an attempt to rid the universe of the Shrike and kill their creator, Izel. During his campaign, Sarge encountered S.H.I.E.L.D. on Earth and engaged in hostilities with them because they wanted to stop him from causing problems on Earth.



"This human body arrived. It had form. You took it over and lost yourself, lost me."
Izel to Sarge[src]

After escaping from his kingdom, but mostly because of Phil Coulson's memories, Sarge recruited a team of mercenaries to hunt Izel across the Galaxy, exterminating all the Shrikes before they infected all their hosts and killing the Shrikes already. inside such, but the latter was able to guess their moves and managed to escape every time they descended on each planet, so as to never be found by them.[1]

Destruction of Chronyca-2

"End of the line! Let's get out while we still can!"

Sarge and his squad leave Chronyca-2

On one of their trips in search of Izel, they managed to reach Chronyca-2 to stop her, but she had already started destroying the Planet, but they managed to stop and kill the crew members and destroying her spaceship, but Izel succeeded, no one knows how, to escape;[2] then, to avoid falling apart with the planet that was destroying itself, Sarge told his team to leave immediately, while they have time.[3]

Destruction of the Museum of Natural History

"Is his crossing clear?"
"Nope. It’s a museum."
"Okay. A museum. All right, well, let’s get there. And blow it straight to hell."
Snowflake, Jaco, and Pax[src]

As soon as Jaco arrived on Earth, he searched for the place where Sarge would come through and discovered a Museum of Natural History built there. Jaco waited for his teammates to arrive and informed them about the situation. Pax suggested they blow up the museum and the three mercenaries traveled to the location.[4]

Robbery of Bob's Market

Sarge's Squad after robbing the store

After raiding supplies in a supermarket, Amit told them to leave, but Sarge said that you understand a lot about a Planet from his Currency, that is, according to Pax, they use paper with faces on it, not knowing that they are called banknotes, which at least they are lighter than money; While Sarge was speaking, the latter saw that Amit was staring at the rifle, saying that people dream of doing heroic deeds in difficult times like that, despite seeing that he doesn't look like a hero in his eyes. After shooting, for a test shot, much to Snowflake's delight, Sarge saw that they still use combustion and that it could be a walk, then asked the others to get into the truck and disappear.[3]

Robbery of Charmont Jewelers

Pax noting their lack of working PEGS

"People fantasize about doing something heroic in times like these, but I’d save your own skin. My crew is about to incapacitate these guys."
Sarge to Dana[src]

Sarge's Squad used piezoelectric gems to power their equipment, notably a piece of weaponry used to detect Shrike on a planet and the cloaking of their truck. However, upon arriving on Earth, they were deprived of such gems due to Tinker, who carried them in his pocket, being killed during his transfer to Earth, with the lower half of his body being trapped and turned into a concrete wall. In an attempt to locate more gems, the squad saw an ad for Charmont Jewelers in a newspaper and decided to head there to see if they could steal piezoelectric crystals from them.

Sarge taking Dana as their hostage

Sarge and his teammates entered Charmont Jewelers, pretending to be regular customers, and while Pax and Snowflake feigned to review the exposed pieces of jewelry, Sarge approached the store manager, Dana. Initially, Sarge claimed to be a rich customer looking for something special, but he quickly announced his intention to rob the place, which caused Dana to worry. Before she could further react, Pax and Snowflake killed two security guards, and although Sarge had advised her not to do something heroic, Dana was able to alert the authorities.

Jaco joining the robbery through a gateway

Still, Dana's life was spared as Sarge's squad needed her to access the vault. They entered it, damaging the door behind it so that no one could follow them. While Snow kept Dana under the threat of her knife, being ordered by Sarge not to kill her, Sarge used the Spray Paint Transporter to connect his truck to the vault, enabling Jaco to join them looking for piezoelectric gems. In the meantime, a S.H.I.E.L.D. team notably counting Melinda May, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, and Damon Keller arrived in the jewelry store, finding the deceased guards and the locked vault.

Sarge's Squad searching for their PEGS

Despite not being able to access the vault, S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to have thermal imaging of the inside of the vault, which confused May as she saw five people in there when only four had been spotted entering the vault on the security feed. As Sarge's squad was aware of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s presence, Sarge asked Dana where they could find piezoelectric gems. Dana, who did not understand why the robbers were not interested in the valuable pieces of jewelry they had already found, was able to indicate a drawer containing several crystals, which seemed to satisfy Sarge.

Sarge testing out their Shrike Detector

Sarge returned into his truck along with Pax, leaving Snowflake and Jaco into the vault. Sarge then left to test his Shrike Detector, but in his absence, the truck was assaulted by May, who had figured out that Sarge's squad could be acting from a place where they had already been and had located the truck. Using her fighting skills, May promptly knocked Pax unconscious before being confronted by Jaco. Although his brute force was superior to May's, she was able to overpower him as well using her speed.

Melinda May fighting against Jaco

Noticing the portal created by the spray paint transporter, May accessed the vault, confronting Snowflake who still held Dana hostage. May attacked Snowflake, throwing her on the ground long enough to rescue Dana, bringing her into the truck and disabling the portal, thus trapping Snowflake inside the vault. May then instructed Dana to flee from the truck, but this in turn alerted Sarge. In the truck, May was attacked by Jaco, who violently hit her and put the portal back in its place, enabling Snowflake to join the fight as well.

Sarge making his escape

Despite being outnumbered, May was able to hold her own against both Jaco and Snowflake, cutting Jaco in the thigh and projecting Snowflake back into the store's vault. As she was on the verge of knocking out Jaco, however, Sarge returned, and May was astonished upon noticing that he looked exactly like Phil Coulson, calling him with Coulson's name. This distracted her long enough for Snowflake to make her trip on the portal. May thus fell back into the vault before Sarge disabled the portal. Rodriguez and Keller finally accessed the vault second later, only finding May, who admitted that she had lost the fight in the end.[3]

Assassination of Harold Simcoe

Harold Simcoe's Shrike turns him to crystal

"I’ve been looking all over for you."
Sarge to Harold Simcoe[src]

After tracing a kind of planetary map in the sky to find the Shrikes, Sarge and his team, now that they know where they are, or will be, begin to assassinate the Shrikes inside the hosts, starting with Harold Simcoe, that the latter managed to escape from Jaco and Pax, but was intercepted by Snowflake and then by Sarge himself, who stabbed him in the heart before he had a chance to defend himself, starting to release a strange parasitic substance, then they leave him dead.[5]

Attack on Deke Shaw

"You’re a real talker, but you’re not from here and you shouldn’t be here, so I got to take you and make you sing."
Sarge to Deke Shaw[src]

Their scans accidentally locked onto Deke Shaw, who they mistook for a Shrike host due to the fact he read as an off-worlder; this reading was actually due to Deke being from an alternate future.

After finding the place where he worked, the team went to get him and kill him immediately, being glimpsed by Sequoia, who filmed them, believing they were going to a fashion show.

When Sarge arrived at Deke Shaw’s office, he pretended to be here for a professional rendezvous with Shaw. Trevor Khan warned Shaw that he was waited in the conference room, even if the rendezvous was in advance and that Shaw isn’t ready. So Shaw came into the conference room and was surprised to see Phil Coulson standing in front of him with a darker style. Shaw asked some news about how he was still alive and saw that Sarge didn’t know. Shaw thought that Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons wiped out his memories but when he asked about how is agent Doug, who doesn’t exist, and that Sarge answered positively, he understood that he wasn’t talking to Coulson. He tried to run away naturally but Sarge grabbed his arm and threatened him by telling him he should not be here. Shaw took a piece of glass on the conference table and pierced his left hand with it, that confirmed he was not Coulson.

When Shaw left the conference room, he ran into Jaco and fell on the ground. Impressed and afraid, Shaw ordered Ray, the security guard, to eliminate Jaco. However, Pax kills Ray before he shoots, creating a complete panic among Shaw’s employees. After he saw Ray being killed by Pax, Shaw got up and continue to ran away but faced Snowflake in a corridor, who threatened him with her knifes. Shaw turned around and tried to block the way to Snowflake by making some boxes fall on the ground, which had no effect. Sarge left the conference and put a bandage around his hand to protect the injury Shaw made to it. He joined Pax and Jaco, the latter saying that Shaw come from another world but that his signature is different from the others. Sarge said that it is strange and Jaco replied that maybe strange is the norm considering the infinite complexity of nature. After that, Pax said that Shaw is still a target and Sarge added that it is a talker too, asking his crew members to kill him slowly to make him talk.

Shaw, now hiding in a computer room, listened to Sarge speech saying that it is useless to hide because he will always find him. He also asked him to make things easier to his old friend Coulson, with Shaw replying that he is not Coulson and that he doesn’t know how he stole Coulson’s face, but that is not chill. He also said that if he’s upset that he stole things from S.H.I.E.L.D., they stole them from aliens in the first place. Shaw communicates his reply from his smart watch to a connected speaker to trick Sarge. Then, Trevor Khan arrived discreetly behind Shaw and put his hand over his mouth so he would not make any noise to make them busted. Khan said to Shaw that at his signal, he must go to the northwest exit and not look back, with an extraction team coming for him. Surprised of his friend’s behavior, he asked him who is he, with Khan saying that he is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., triggering the signal by throwing a blinding grenade to Sarge.

Sarge's Squad was so stormed by the S.H.I.E.L.D. that they tried to capture them, but they are so adept at escaping that they couldn't stop them, but luckily Pax and Jaco were defeated thanks to Shaw's intelligence and the director's large stature Alphonso Mackenzie: The former was defeated by Mack and put to bed by Shaw with an entire supply of I.C.E.R., while the latter was trapped in the Framework in the Remorath Rumble video game, where he was greeted by a sexually exaggerated creation of Daisy Johnson, disgusting Mack, to the point that Deke bribes him with 2% of his company, as long as he keeps his mouth shut on the real Daisy.[5]

Capture of Sarge

"He was your dream. I'm your nightmare."
Sarge to Melinda May[src]

Following the Attack on Deke Shaw, Melinda May, who was captured by Sarge, was kept prisoner on his truck. He questioned May about Phil Coulson, a man who had the same appearance as Sarge. Then, he had Snowflake capture a Human infected by a Shrike, which he let May fight alone. Afterwards, he explained that he came to Earth to fight the Shrikes and their creator. Sarge left Snowflake to take care of the prisoner, while he was driving the truck.

Melinda May began mocking Snowflake by telling her that she's insane, and the latter tried to convince her to be reincarnated. However, it was all a mere distraction and May easily knocked down Snowflake. May freed herself and grabbed a rope, which she used in an attempt to strangle Sarge. Despite the element of surprise, Sarge was able to break free and overpowered May. He taunted her by mentioning Phil Coulson, but this only made her more determined to kill Sarge. As May remembered her time on Tahiti with Coulson, May was able to knock out Sarge and tie him to the truck with a handcuff. May then took control of the truck and drove it to the Lighthouse.

Just as S.H.I.E.L.D. was welcoming Daisy Johnson's return from space, Trevor Khan received a call from Melinda May, announcing him of Sarge's capture. He then proceeded to tell the news to Alphonso Mackenzie and other agents.[6]

Search for the Shrike

The occurrence of the Shrike also caught the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D., who had crossed the path of Sarge and his teammates on several occasions. Thanks to the efforts of Melinda May, Sarge's squad were captured and brought into custody in the Lighthouse. Reclaiming their effects, Alphonso Mackenzie tasked Deke Shaw, another of Sarge's targets, with hacking into the detection device Sarge used to track down the Shrike. Shaw was successful in this endeavor, enabling S.H.I.E.L.D. to pinpoint the location of two Shrike hosts in Iowa.

Having been informed that the two Shrike hosts were apparently trying to get close to each other, S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Alphonso Mackenzie sent a STRIKE team to intercept them, notably including Agents Melinda May, Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Diaz. May headed to Fort Dodge, where she captured one of the host in his car and returned it to the Zephyr One, while Rodriguez took a Quinjet to Des Moines and captured a host as well in a building.

However, S.H.I.E.L.D. made the mistake of putting the two Shrike hosts into the same Containment Module. As soon as they were in contact, the two host violently reacted, screaming and their body heavily shaking. Asking for advice from the Lighthouse, Melinda May instructed Yo-Yo Rodriguez to try and sedate the hosts with an I.C.E.R.. Nevertheless, as one agent tried that, large mineral spikes burst out of the hosts' bodies, and one of the protrusions violently stabbed the agent to death, prompting Rodriguez to shut down the module.

Rodriguez and Diaz knew that the Containment Module would not be able to hold the spikes for long. Figuring out that Sarge might have a solution, Alphonso Mackenzie had him taken out of his cell and brought to the command center of the Lighthouse. When May asked whether they should drop the module, Sarge advised against it, but refused to say anything further as long as he could not reclaim his crew and his truck.

Left with no other option to preserve the lives of his friends, Mackenzie agreed to Sarge's demands. Sarge then told S.H.I.E.L.D. that the Shrike and their mineral creations did not stand cold. May asked Rodriguez and Diaz to leave the cargo bay, but since it was too late as the spikes had broken out of the module, Rodriguez opened the ramp herself to cause a massive depressurizing, holding on to cargo along with Diaz.

The attempt proved to be successful, despite one of the spike nearly killing Diaz before being broken by Rodriguez thanks to the cold which had rendered it more fragile. With the Zephyr One now safe, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents then returned to the Lighthouse.[7]

Destruction of the Shrike Tower

After convincing director Alphonso Mackenzie to partner with him to kill the Shrike, the latter, predicting that he would sacrifice his team, once he had the purpose of killing Izel, decided that he would bring a teammate of his and the rest. it would be his men, much to Sarge's anger. Eventually he agreed and they set out in search of the Shrike, doing research that they should meet at the Ley lines to await the arrival of their creator and then, to protect themselves, they must activate an anti-Shrike shield, to avoid being taken as guests, that Deke Shaw would fix it for him instead of Pax, since he was more experienced at fixing it.

Upon arriving at the Ley lines, they saw a tower made of crystals from afar, which is why Sarge killed them to prevent them from building it. The latter explains that the Shrikes feed on life, drawing their power from the Earth and when they are done they burst into huge swarms of Shrike, spreading across the Globe and the planet will die. After listening, May and Daisy notify Mack of what they have seen and the latter asks how he can stop and if he can see; May told him that the tower is growing and that until Izel arrives they are safe and Mack said that the information Benson had sent can help them, then asked how Sarge can kill Izel and Daisy said it has something to do with a magic sword.

Daisy asked him how he would kill the being and Sarge replied that they would break through the tower, to weaken it and when he came down to Earth he would aim at her heart, to which May said that this was too simple a plan and that it seemed strange to her that would always win, but Sarge assured her that he would have an ace up his sleeve and Deke, after fixing the anti-Shrike shield, assured him that he would save the universe again, despite Daisy saying that she does not know what the latter is talking about and Sarge said to take action.

Sarge, however, perhaps following Daisy's advice, decides to activate an Atomic Bomb bomb to detonate Izel and her Shrikes, as her sword may not hurt her, despite being aware that this bomb would kill thousands of innocent people.

Unfortunately for him, Pax confessed Sarge's plan to Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who informed Mackenzie, who in turn alerted Daisy and May, who pointed their guns at him, asking where the bomb was. Sarge asked how they knew and Daisy threw the satellite phone at Sarge, saying that Mack wants to talk to him, as Pax confessed, but instead Sarge simply said he must learn to keep his mouth shut, before returning to the subject of the bomb. , asking them what bomb it was and Daisy replied that it was a bomb that would leave a 300km crater, to which Sarge agreed and said she had an ace up her sleeve.

Despite Daisy's threats that she would not use her, Sarge said she will, as Daisy herself was right about her sword not hurting Izel and has sworn that when she lands, she will detonate the bomb, killing her and her. his Shrikes in one fell swoop, but May replied that they were also close to a city and that he would kill thousands of innocents in the process and Sarge said that he knew this would be the price to pay to save this planet and countless other worlds. The latter said they had to cooperate before joining the victims, but Daisy said they won't leave unless she defuses her, and Sarge replied if she was sure of what she does, as it is a very risky choice.

May asked for the second time where the bomb was, but Sarge said it was made to explode on impact and asked Daisy not to use her powers, as she was sensitive and, to Snowflake's horror, abandoned her and the others to their fate, closing the door of the truck and climbing to the roof, where he had built a portal to get on the Zephyr One and take control of the latter, along with Pax and Jaco and take the plane away from the explosion.

Meanwhile, Deke, after untying Snowflake, asked the latter where the bomb was, to which she said she did not know, but replied to Daisy that while Sarge was talking to them, the latter had engaged the automatic pilot. headed for the Shrike Tower and that it can't shut down or slow down and Daisy replied that if she used her powers it would make things worse, much to Deke's dismay and anger, but May calmed her complaints and asked Deke to start looking for the bomb.

While they were looking for the bomb, May asked how it is and how big it is, but Snowflake stated that she had never seen it and Deke asked to stop addressing her like a bad one, as she was on their side and Daisy swore that they would jump in the process and so he opened the door, but he saw that Sarge was gone. Fortunately, Deke managed to find the bomb and get it out.

As they approach the collision, Deke said that despite being good with alien technology, he is unable to defuse a bomb and that he needs more time if he can. At that moment, May came in and it was three minutes until the collision and Daisy said they would die within that. Snowflake complains that she must die, but Deke calmed her, asking her what she knows about that bomb, but Snowflake said she knows nothing about it, but knows that even a slight impact causes the smallest particles of matter to split in two. a big noise and Daisy sensed that it is an atomic bomb, from how he described it, despite Snowflake saying it is beautiful and Daisy answered to Deke if he knows what it means and the latter said it is too much for him.

Despite his complaints, May managed to calm him down, telling him that since he's been converting alien technology all his life, he shouldn't be wrong right now for an atomic bomb, even though Deke said a bomb like that could wipe out whole city, and Daisy said that although it is very difficult for him, only Deke himself can manage to save countless lives, so he finally got to work.

Meanwhile, Sarge, Pax and Jaco managed to take control of the Zephyr and the former asked Mackenzie if he wasn't expecting it, but the latter said he knew he had an emergency escape plan and Sarge said to relax, as the Shrikes will be destroyed by that Atomic Bomb and they will fly away happily ever after.

Jaco then put in an enhanced force field, so that Rodriguez wouldn't intervene and Sarge handcuffed Mack, to keep him from doing stupid things and also said that his crew will follow his orders otherwise he would have given Diaz the coup de grace and asked him to reverse the course. Mackenzie asked Davis to get them out of there.

Meanwhile, Deke tries hard to defuse the bomb, but he couldn't, saying it was the end for them, although Daisy reminded him of the words he himself said, that it was time to shine, but Deke said that the her star had already gone out after this failure, causing Snowflake to moan, causing Deke to calm her down and make her face the end calmly.

Eventually the truck crashed into the Shrike Tower, but on impact the bomb did not explode, as Daisy used her powers to contain the explosion, thus preventing thousands of lives from being exterminated, much to Deke's delight to be alive, to which he will offer a day at the S.P.A. for everyone and Snowflake, glad to be alive jumped on Deke and kissed him, but May cut them off, saying they weren't safe yet, as they are stuck with a bomb and Shrikes out there and most importantly, fear anger of Sarge, when he notices that the bomb did not go off and Sarge, in fact, got angry, and Jaco asked if he had calibrated the telemetry trigger point and Sarge said it was not the first warhead he made.[8]

Infiltration into the Lazy Comet

Leaving a captured Sarge in the Zephyr One's Containment Module, a S.H.I.E.L.D. team comprised of Alphonso Mackenzie, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, James Davis, and Jaco took a Quinjet into space and approached the Lazy Comet. They then broke into the spaceship, with Davis offering to take point since he had seen some of the spaceship during the Search for Leo Fitz in space. As they progressed, they heard the voice of Izel singing, but Mackenzie refrained Jaco from going too fast, insisting that they had to check on the crew first.

The team quickly found a crew member, who was immediately shot down by Jaco but then stood back up due to being infected by a Shrike. Mackenzie punched the host, but more arrived, and Jaco offered to stay behind and hold them off. Davis was thus instructed to remain with Jaco while Mackenzie and Rodriguez would try and find Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons. As it happened, Fitz and Simmons heard the gunfire due to Davis and Jaco, and surmised that S.H.I.E.L.D. had arrived. They were then found by Boyle and Toad, who attempted to capture them, but Rodriguez intervened, cuffing the Shrike hosts to a pipe. Joined by Mackenzie, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents briefly cheered upon being reunited.

Having taken down the Shrike hosts, Davis and Jaco made their way through the ship's corridors, arriving near the bridge where they spotted Izel. Although reluctant to attack her as Mackenzie had ordered them not to, Davis eventually went along with Jaco's plan as he claimed that it was too great of an opportunity to pass. They decided to split up to take Izel on two fronts, but Izel actually saw Davis coming and possessed him before Jaco arrived. She then pretended to be Davis, claiming that Izel had disappeared and was nowhere to be found.

Jaco took down another host before he and Izel found the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. While Jaco insisted that they should try and find Izel, Mackenzie and Rodriguez decided that they should retreat since they had found Fitz and Simmons. As their escape route had been cut off due to the crew having taken over the Quinjet, Jaco led the team into the spaceship's airlock. He then pinned his jacket onto the wall, opening a portal thanks to the Spray Paint Transporter. This enabled the group to safely leave the Lazy Comet, arriving on Earth on top of Sarge's Truck.

The team entered the truck, where they were reunited with Daisy Johnson, Melinda May, Deke Shaw and Snowflake. Jaco then grabbed the Atom Bomb Sarge had kept to destroy the Shrike Tower, and drew another portal leading back into the Lazy Comet. Telling the team that they should tell Sarge that he had completed the mission, Jaco bid farewell to Snowflake and returned inside the spacecraft. As the Shrike hosts moved towards him, Jaco breathed fired at them. In the ensuing fight, the bomb detonated, killing Jaco and obliterating the Lazy Comet and its crew.[8]


After blowing up the Lazy Comet, it was found that Jaco's sacrifice was in vain, as it turns out that Izel escaped through Davis's body to go to the Lighthouse to look for the Di'Allas, which she did and kidnapped Mackenzie. and Rodriguez to have those alien stones created, but instead created Flint, during which Izel took possession of his body and rebuilt them with his powers, then went on to infect the entire human race with his Shrikes and use the hostages he has kidnapped as guests for his people, the latter managed to escape from Izel with the help of Deke and his Sonic Barrier Cuffs, to prevent Izel from possessing them.

May and Sarge then prepared to kill Izel, after arriving at the Temple of the Forgotten, but the latter failed and Izel took advantage of this to awaken his dark personality and true self, which worked when he pierced the stomach of May and threw her into the Fear Dimension, but May, surviving in that dimension, killed the three and threw the fragments on Earth, forcing Izel to intervene, even if it proved futile, as she closed the portal to prevent the incorporeal beings from pass it and then kill Izel.

Sarge, meanwhile, having regained her full powers, faced Daisy, Mackenzie and Rodriguez, challenging the latter to a fierce fight, which Sarge won and Yo-Yo transformed into a Shrike, welcoming her into his team, but, when arrived on the verge of victory, was killed by Mackenzie himself, when he wanted to avenge Izel from being killed by S.H.I.E.L.D..[9]


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