For the person whose duplicate this individual was possessing, see Phil Coulson
"Every dream is someone else's nightmare."
―Sarge to Melinda May[src]

Pachakutiq was a non-corporeal entity from the Fear Dimension whose memories were disarranged after he possessed a copy of Phil Coulson created by the Di'Allas. The confusion of dealing with multiple memories led him to incorrectly believe that Izel had killed his "family" and erased his memory. Adopting the alias Sarge, he led a squad on a mission to wipe out Izel and her parasitic race, the Shrike.

Sarge and his team soon arrived on Earth, but came into conflict with S.H.I.E.L.D., who recognized him as Coulson. After being captured, S.H.I.E.L.D. was forced to work with Sarge and his crew to stop the Shrike before he betrayed them and Snowflake. Sarge was eventually recaptured where Izel (in Melinda May's body) severely injured him to reveal who he really is. Sarge temporarily adopted some of Coulson's personality traits and helped S.H.I.E.L.D. fight Izel before turning on them and delivering a fatal blow to May. During the final battle against S.H.I.E.L.D., Sarge was killed by Alphonso Mackenzie using his own sword.



"This human body arrived. It had form. You took it over and lost yourself, lost me."
Izel to Sarge[src]

Pachakutiq's true form

Pachakutiq was once a non-corporeal entity who was the lover of Izel. In a completely different time and place, a copy of Phil Coulson was created when the Di'Allas were destroyed while in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ownership and was sent to Pachakutiq's homeworld. Pachakutiq attempted to take over the body by means of spiritual possession.

When this happened, Coulson's memories conflicted with Pachakutiq's and in his confusion, he believed that he had lost his family and memories to Izel. He grew hostile towards Izel and, when she also took a corporeal form, chased her and her parasitic Shrike race, adopting the name, Sarge. When he eventually remembered his name, he came to believe the term was instead an event that signaled the end of everything.[1]

Sarge's Campaign

Seeking Revenge

"She took my family from me. I won't stop until she pays for that."

Sarge started a campaign to hunt down and eliminate Izel and the Shrike and formed a crew of mercenaries from different worlds to help him with his task in traveling across the universe to different planets and kill Izel, the Shrike, and anybody infected by them.[2] He rescued Jaco after the Shrike destroyed his family and planet, creating a strong bond between the two.[3]

Destruction of Chronyca-2

End of the line

Sarge and his crew leave Chronyca-2

"End of the line! Let's get out while we still can!"
―Sarge to his crew[src]

During their crusade, they tracked Izel to Chronyca-2 and took out her crew.[4] Unfortunately, they arrived too late as the Shrike had already began to destroy the planet. Izel managed to escape and Sarge's crew were forced to flee the planet before its ultimate destruction.[5]

Destruction of the Museum of Natural History

"You're... you're from S.H.I.E.L.D."
"Never heard of it."
Fox and Sarge[src]

Their next destination was Earth. Sarge's subordinates: Snowflake, Jaco, and Pax, successfully made it through the portal to Earth and mourned the death of their fellow teammate, Tinker, who died due to crossing an unstable portal through a concrete wall. After finding out that Sarge would be arriving at the same place where the Museum of Natural History was built, they decided to blow it up so that Sarge could easily pass through without any issues.


Sarge calmly orders Fox to release Snowflake

However, as they were about to finish the task, S.H.I.E.L.D. interfered. Snowflake was sent to distract them while the other mercenaries finished the job. When the team successfully blew up the museum, the portal opened. Sarge drove his truck and smashed through several S.H.I.E.L.D. SUVs before exiting out through the back of the truck and confronted Fox, demanding him to release Snowflake. Fox hesitated, believing he was Phil Coulson, and told him he is from S.H.I.E.L.D. Having no qualms, he executed Fox and proclaimed that he never heard of S.H.I.E.L.D., before leaving with Snowflake.[6]

Getting Supplies

Sarge and his crew

Sarge and his crew rob a convenience store

"You can tell a lot about a world by its currency. What have we got?"
"Paper. With faces on it."
"Great. One of those."
―Sarge and Pax[src]

In need of supplies, the four robbed a convenience store in Ohio. While Pax held Amit at gunpoint, Sarge and the others took what they found interesting. After tasting a smoothie, Sarge ordered to know what kind of currency Earth and was unimpressed when Pax revealed it as "paper with faces on it". Noticing the owner eyeing his shot-gun, Sarge advised against it and tested it out. Seeing that the inhabitants still used combustion, Sarge deduced that the world will be "child's play" and ordered his crew to vanish. Before leaving, Sarge took the radio. As they headed to Sarge's Truck, Sarge handed Pax the shot-gun. They then drove off and activated the truck's camouflage.[5]

Tensions in the Squad

Sarge looking at a magazing

Sarge looking at a magazinge

"See? You were right, Pax. This rock has it all. Now, are you good to come with me, secure the exit while these two scout the site? Or should we discuss that, too?"
"No. I'm good. I'm just I'm sorting through it. Tinker died. He was a friend."
"That's what friends are for."
―Sarge and Pax[src]

Arriving at a shipping yard, Sarge told Pax to "cope" with Jaco breathing in his home's atmosphere. Snowflake then showed Sarge a magazine of what the inhabitants wear to blend in. However, to Sarge's dismay, they learned that they had no more PEGs to power an energy cannon because they were on Tinker when he tried crossing over.

Sarge Jaco and Pax

Sarge and his crew discuss their plan

Things started to heat up, as Pax blamed Sarge for Tinker's death, believing they all should've been with Sarge in his truck. Sarge noted if they had done that, they'd all be trapped in the Museum of Natural History. After the disagreement sided, Jaco found a jewelry store in which they could use to find the crystals, pleasing Sarge. Sarge questioned if Pax was up to securing their exit, but his teammate assured he was and explained that his friend's death got to him. Sarge simply told Pax that dying is what friends are for.[5]

Checking the Area

Sarge and Pax securing the area

Sarge and Pax securing the area

"You know, why not take a breath here? This place has sugar water, blue sky. Maybe kick back before it's reduced to ash."
"Sounds like powering down."
"Or charging up, right? I mean, didn't you ever take a load off back in your home turf, your past life or whatever?"
Pax and Sarge[src]

Arriving at the containment unit site, Sarge and Pax check the area to ensure that it was a good stop for the escape route. Sarge noted that it was good to have breathable area once again, while Pax noted that it would be a shame to see Earth be destroyed, as they discussed if there would be any resistances from the area, to which Sarge then confirmed that this would be the ideal area for their mission to go ahead, claiming it would be fun.

Sarge and Pax

Sarge and Pax talk about a life on Earth

Pax commented that each member of their crew had their unique definitions of the word fun, as Sarge had then noted that Pax would undoubtedly bore him with his definition. Pax tried to convince him to settle down on Earth before it's destroyed. Sarge disagreed. Pax started questioning if Sarge had allowed himself to relax back on his home planet in his past life, noting that one day Sarge would have to tell them about his past, although Sarge had made it extremely clear that he was not interested in sharing this information with anybody. The two then ran into a security guard, where Pax tried to talk their way out, to no avail. Sarge then attempts to shoot him just as he and Pax disappeared.

Sarge getting ready for the robbery

Sarge getting ready for the robbery

As they set up their robbery plan, he ordered Jaco to keep an eye on Pax, who told him that eventually everyone cracks. Sarge then noted that it might not be a bad idea for them to begin looking for someone who could replace Pax in their team. Sarge then sprayed a wall with red paint in the shape of a portal. Sarge and Jaco were then joined by Snowflake, who handed Sarge a gun which would only need some PEGs to work correctly, as Sarge gave his crew their orders before they departed to begin the robbery.[5]

Robbery of Charmont Jewelers

Window of Opportunity 8

Sarge talking with Dana

"Right now, you're sizing me up, wondering how much paper money a guy like me has to spend. Could be a big sale. Your heart rate goes up a little. Can you feel it?"
"We always do our best to meet our customers' needs."
"Oh, don't worry about me. I'll be leaving satisfied. Worry about you, your heart rate, because it's about to go nuts when we rob this place."
―Sarge and Dana[src]

While Jaco remained in the truck, Sarge led Pax and Snowflake into robbing Charmont Jewelers. He spoke with the manager Dana about their merchandise and learned about their vault. Sarge then revealed he and his crew were going to rob them and advised Dana to not do anything stupid. Sarge then watched as Snowflake killed two guards, noting that was more violent then he wanted. Noticing Dana triggered the silent alarm, he remarked that she did something heroic and the three led her to the vault.

Robbery of Charmont Jewelers

Sarge and his crew looking for PEGs

Dana got them into the vault as Pax sealed them in. Sarge ordered Snowflake not to kill Dana and sprayed another red portal entrance on the wall. It opened to the truck where Jaco was waiting. The four started looking for PEGs, but couldn't find any. Noticing S.H.I.E.L.D. was trying to get in, Sarge tried to get information out of "Da-Na", who finally revealed that the crystals they were looking for were in the bottom shelf. While the others grabbed the rest, Sarge went back into the truck to examine the crystal.

Coulson Rings a Bell

Sarge troubled by the name "Phil Coulson"

Sarge headed outside to test the cannon with the crystals they had. However, just as he was about too, he noticed the Dana escaping and returned to find Jaco and Snowflake fighting Melinda May, becoming annoyed by their incompetence. When May called him Phil Coulson, it confused Sarge just as Snowflake slides the portal underneath May and he closes it so they can escape. As they drove off, Jaco questioned Sarge about "Coulson," only for him to say that it rings a bell.[5]

Testing the weapon

Sarge and Jaco testing out their weapon

Having used all of the Crystals that they had stolen from Charmont Jewelers, the crew were able to power up their guns, as Jaco joined Sarge in stepping back outside to test whether or not they had been successful. Looking up, Jaco noted that Earth had some nice stars, although Sarge insisted he had seen better throughout the universe. As Sarge fired a blast of energy into the skies, Jaco questioned how many targets there would be, as he looked on his scanner and found multiple targets all across the world before Sarge had then told him to go make a mess as they departed together.[7]

Assassination of Harold Simcoe

Sarge corners Simcoe

Sarge kills Harold Simcoe with a Shrike Blade

"I've been looking all over for you."
―Sarge to Harold Simcoe[src]

Having begun tracking the Shrikes, Sarge and his crew headed to Reno to kill the Shrike inside Harold Simcoe, who was heading to South Sioux City. Sarge and Snowflake waited as Jaco and Pax forced Simcoe into an alleyway. Sarge stepped out and pinned Simcoe against the wall, noting that they had been looking all over for him. Sarge drew a blade and stabbed Simcoe in the chest, killing the Shrike hidden inside his chest and causing crystals to shoot out of Simcoe's body. Once Simcoe was dead, Sarge then turned to Jaco as he questioned who their next target was going to be.[8]

Attack on Deke Shaw

Shaw reunites with Coulson

Sarge meets Deke Shaw

"You're a real talker, but you're not from here and you shouldn't be here, so I got to take you and make you sing."
―Sarge to Deke Shaw[src]

Sarge and his crew went after their next target, Deke Shaw, at Silicon Valley, passing by Sequoia on their way in. Sarge talked with Lindsay and insisted he had an appointment with him and waited in the conference room. When Shaw finally arrived, Sarge greeted him like he did Harold Simcoe before pulling out his knife. After Shaw cheerfully referred to him as Phil Coulson, Sarge halted his attack on Shaw to learn more about Coulson. Sarge agreed with what Shaw was talking about with his company. Shaw started asking questions to Coulson's survival, but Sarge told him he had no idea, but went along with his idea of them wiping his memory. Sarge then requested Shaw tell him what he knows.

Shaw attacked by Sarge

Sarge attacking Deke Shaw

Shaw talked about all his heroism, but Sarge told him he had no memory of it. When Shaw asked how his grandparents were, Sarge talked about them as if they were on their deathbed. Shaw continued to ask questions about Melinda May not leaving his side and how "Agent Doug" was, but eventually Sarge knew the jig was up and grabbed Shaw's arm as he tried to flee. He pointed the knife and Shaw's throat and told him he was coming with him because he was a talker. Shaw acted quickly and stabbed Sarge's left hand and ran off, with Sarge telling him he was already dead.


Sarge with Jaco and Pax

Sarge walked up to Jaco and Pax as the whole building was in a panic after Pax killed Ray, while he bandaged his hand. Jaco informed Sarge that Shaw's signal was different from the others and listened as he contemplated normality and strangeness. Sarge told the duo that Shaw was a talker and split off to find him.

Sarge Hunting Shaw

Sarge hunting Deke Shaw

Sarge followed Shaw to a workstation and told him that there was no use hiding when he's hunted his kind his whole life. When Sarge referred to himself as his "old friend Coulson", Shaw angrily told him he wasn't Coulson. Sarge followed the sound of Shaw's voice as he ranted, only to be fooled by a speaker. Sarge was then temporarily blinded when Trevor Khan arrived to save Shaw and throw flash grenade at him.

Sarge captures May

Sarge captures Melinda May

After Sarge recovered, he regrouped with Snowflake and had May at gunpoint before she could take Snowflake captive. Sarge stopped Snowflake from killing May and told the angry S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that she was coming with them. The duo got their captive to the truck while Jaco and Pax were captured. Snowflake informed Sarge they were in the clear as he sat in the back with the dizzy May.[8]

Capture of Melinda May

Sarge with the captured May

Sarge with the captured Melinda May

"The Shrike are cancer. I'm going to make sure this is the last planet they ever infect."
"How do you plan to do that?"
"To stop the spread, you cut off the limb. When their creator arrives, I'm going to burn it all down."
―Sarge and Melinda May[src]

Feeling as though Melinda May had "violent tendencies", Sarge drugged her to keep her docile. As May woke up from a dream, Sarge greeted her. When Snowflake parked the truck in an abandoned junkyard, Sarge instructed her to "bag and gag" a target that was close. Sarge reminded her that with Jaco and Pax captives of S.H.I.E.L.D., she was all she had left. Snowflake vowed not to let Sarge down and left the truck. After Snowflake was gone, Sarge told May that he was going to sway her to join his crew.

Sarge talks with May

Sarge talking with Melinda May

Sarge started examining his weapons, as May glared at him. Seeing May's fury, Sarge compared her to Snowflake before walking over to her with a case full of his Shrike knives. He talked about all the worlds he had been on but was amazed to find himself on a world where the inhabitants recognized his face. He pulled out one of his knives and detected that May's hatred towards him outweighed everyone else's. He then sat across from her.

Sarge interrogates May

Sarge interrogating Melinda May

Sarge questioned May on Phil Coulson's death and asked if she had killed him. Realizing that May was actually in love with Coulson, Sarge mocked his death. May then promised to make Sarge's death hurt, but the mercenary was unfazed and resumed his questions. Sarge asked if Coulson was a Synth or Shapeshifter, but didn't believe May that Coulson wasn't an impostor. Sarge than listened as May listed everything she knew about Coulson, but was called away as Snowflake reported back with their target. Sarge then bagged May to bring her to Snowflake.

Sarge welcomes May to the team

Sarge welcomes Melinda May to his crew

Arriving at their destination, Sarge took the bag off May and said she was to kill the man restrained in front of her. Sarge pulled a Shrike knife from his pocket and instructed May to aim for his rib cage. May tried to calm the hostage down before Sarge executed him. Insuring May will be fine, Sarge and Snowflake left her in the room with a Shrike knife and the keys to her cuffs. After May had successfully killed the Shrike within the man, Sarge and Snowflake came back in and congratulated her.

Sarge explains his mission

Sarge explains his mission

Bringing May back to his truck, Sarge started to explain what the Shrikes were and what their mission is. Sarge told the agent that the Shrike could make their host go nuclear if left unchecked. At this point, May realized that Sarge was trying to stop the Shrike and the reason they went after Deke Shaw was because he was detected on their scanner as something that was foreign to Earth. Sarge asked what Shaw was, to which May responded as "exhausting".

Sarge talks about the Creator

Sarge talks about the Creator

Sarge then explained Pachakutiq and how it will mean the death of everything. Sarge then went on about Izel and how he's been hunting her for over 100 years because of being to planets that traveled at lightspeed. After May dozed off for a moment, she asked Sarge to repeat the last thing he said. He informed her that he was going to stop the Shrike and their creator by burning the world down when he got here.

Sarge is captured by May

Sarge is captured by Melinda May

Relieving Snowflake of driving duty, Sarge was caught off guard when May tried to strangle him with her cuffs. Sarge tried to loosen May's grip by swerving the truck before hitting the brakes, causing May to let go. Sarge and May got into a fight, of which it looked like May was winning, before Sarge turned the tide and tried to strangle her. As he mocked her lover, May got loose and unleashed all her fury on Sarge, knocking him unconscious. May then cuffed Sarge to the door and took him and Snowflake back to the Lighthouse.[2]

Bargaining with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Sarge and Snow as prisoners

Sarge and Snowflake as prisoners

"I'm prepared to protect my people from whatever's coming."
"Your people? They keep looking at me. Might want to get used to that."
"And why's that?"
"Because by the end of the day, I'll be the one in charge."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Sarge[src]

Arriving at the Lighthouse, Sarge and Snowflake were taken to its lower levels be Melinda May. Stopping on a floor, May took Sarge with her and ordered the "chatterbox" to be taken to the holding cells. Before leaving with May, Sarge told Snowflake no to let the fire go out. On their way to the control room, Sarge noticed all the looks the agents were giving him and smiled.


Sarge meets S.H.I.E.L.D.

When the two reached the control room, Sarge was met with awkward tension from the agents present. Breaking the silence, Sarge mocked May's affection for Phil Coulson and questioned the others' relation to him. Daisy Johnson, feeling overwhelmed by Sarge's appearance, left. Sarge asked if she had "daddy issues" before Deke Shaw called him a "tool" and followed Johnson.


Sarge talks with Alphonso Mackenzie

After Sarge noted the emotion in the room, Alphonso Mackenzie ordered Sarge share what he knows. Sarge had May tell them what he told her about the Shrike and Izel. When they started to discuss the Shrike's hosts, he found out they removed his blade from Harold Simcoe's body too soon and put Damon Keller's death on them. Yo-Yo Rodriguez threatened Sarge in retaliation before Mackenzie calmed her down. Realizing Mackenzie was in charge, Sarge urged him to release him to prevent everyone's deaths. The Director refused and ordered Sarge to be locked up.

Sarge interrogated by Mackenzie

Sarge is interrogated by Alphonso Mackenzie

Mackenzie began to interrogate Sarge, but he refused to give anything up, claiming Mackenzie wasn't ready. Mackenzie demanded Sarge's actual name, but the mercenary didn't care what he called him. Mackenzie brought up Fox and how he murdered him, but Sarge defended his actions. Mackenzie then brought up Chronyca-2's destruction, only for Sarge to again urge him to let him go to stop the Shrike's creator. Mackenzie wasn't buying it and was determined to protect his people from Sarge and the Shrike's creator. Sarge took note of all the agents staring at him and told Mackenzie to get used to it as he believed he'll be in charge by the end of the day.

Sarge meets Coulson

Sarge meets Phil Coulson

Later, Trevor Khan took Sarge to Mackenzie's office, where Sarge met the holographic image of Coulson. Sarge studied the hologram before Mackenzie entered the room. Sarge wasn't phased by his double's hologram and told Mackenzie he was going to enjoy taking him down. Mackenzie started talking about Coulson's morals and compared them to Sarge's. Mackenzie revealed that Jaco was ill and asked Sarge to cooperate with them so Jaco can receive medical treatment. Sarge seemed not to care and simply told Mackenzie that maybe Jaco's time had come.

Sarge smiling

Sarge smiling to himself

Sarge was taken back to his cell, where Mackenzie later visited him again. Sarge continued to believe he will be free soon, only for Mackenzie to reveal that Jaco's was taken out when he tried to escape. Sarge still didn't seem concerned and listened as Mackenzie told him that they had captured two Shrike using his tracker. Sarge sarcastically congratulated Mackenzie and smiled to himself.

Marvels-Agents-of-SHIELD-6x07-Promo- Toldja -HD-Season-6-Episode-7-Promo-0-18-screenshot-600x359

Sarge threatened by Alphonso Mackenzie

When the agents encountered difficulties with the Shrike on Zephyr One, Mackenzie had Sarge brought up to the control room for assistance. He mocked their mission and warned them of the upcoming war. Mackenzie demanded to know what the Shrike were up to, to which Sarge revealed the destruction of the Zephyr. Furious, Mackenzie pushed Sarge up against the wall and demanded to know how to stop them. Sarge deemed he already showed them by stabbing his blade into the host's body but claimed it was far too late because of their desire to save the hosts.

Sarge takes over

Sarge takes over

Hearing from May that they lost an agent and the hosts, Sarge urged them not to jettison the Containment Module containing them or else they will feed off the life of Earth. Mackenzie begged Sarge to tell them what to do, only for Sarge to make demands; his crew and his truck. Giving in, Mackenzie agreed and Sarge told them that could stop them. After they succeeded in destroying the two Shrike, everyone reluctantly turned to Sarge for guidance on what to do next, much to the mercenary's glee.[3]

Unlikely Alliance

Sarge demands his keys

Sarge demands the keys to his truck

"Your world is about to be destroyed. The only two questions that matter are how to stop the monster and how to survive if we fail. She's coming."
―Sarge to Daisy Johnson[src]

After the S.H.I.E.L.D. team returned in Zephyr One, Sarge insisted they stop wasting his time if they want to save Earth, much to Daisy Johnson's weariness of Sarge's intentions. Sarge turned Alphonso Mackenzie and demanded he lives up to their deal and gives him his truck and his crew. Mackenzie assured he'll live up to their deal once Sarge tells them his plan. Sarge simply said he's going to stop the end of the world, much to the disbelief of the others. Melinda May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez questioned how the Shrike could destroy a planet, only for Sarge to tell them that they're preparing the planet for their creator and demanded his truck and crew again. Mackenzie still wouldn't budge.

Sarge confronting Mack

Sarge confronting Alphonso Mackenzie

To ease his mind, Sarge revealed his plan to rendezvous with the Shrike at a certain location so he can kill their creator when it arrives. Hearing part of Sarge's plan, Mackenzie finally gave Sarge his keys to his truck but told him that May and Johnson would be going with him and one of crew members to the location. Sarge denied the arrangement and simply stated he'll watch their world be destroyed instead.

Sarge and Mackenzie at odds

Sarge and Alphonso Mackenzie at odds

Calling Sarge's bluff, Mackenzie was certain that Sarge wouldn't have come all this way to fail again. Seeing Mackenzie at a point, Sarge demanded two members, but the Director wouldn't budge on one. Sarge questioned how long their banter would continue, only for Mackenzie to reveal he want two here as an insurance policy that Sarge will come back. Mackenzie then told Sarge that once their shared mission was complete, they were to have a real conversation on Sarge's origins. Giving in, Sarge picked Snowflake.

Sarge questions their teamwork

Sarge questions their teamwork

Being accompanied to his truck by May, Johnson, and two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Sarge ordered Johnson and May to stay out of his way and ordered the other two agents to leave. Once they left, Sarge questioned their ability to get along, with May assuring he was in charge. Sarge recounted what May could do and asked Johnson what her abilities were. Johnson said she was merely a hacker for computers, much to Sarge's annoyance. He asked her if she was good in a fight, to which she acknowledged.

Sarge explain the Shrike Repelient

Sarge explains the Shrike Repeller

Mackenzie then arrived and asked if Sarge was ready to depart. Sarge claimed he was only after Mackenzie was off his truck. Mackenzie agreed and told Sarge they'll be ready if they need them. Sarge, however, deemed they wouldn't, as his Shrike Repeller started malfunctioning. Furious, Sarge insisted he needed Pax to fix the Shrike Repeller or else the Shrike would be all over them once they arrived at the location. Mackenzie suggested Deke Shaw to join the mission to fix the device and Sarge reluctantly agreed.

Sarge orders Johnson to follow him

Sarge orders Daisy Johnson to follow him

Once Shaw boarded the truck, Sarge had Snowflake get off of him and demanded to know how long it would take to repair the device. Shaw declared he would have it working in a couple of hours. Sarge then ordered Johnson to follow him to the front, but she assured him she was fine in the back. Sarge claimed he needed an extra pair of eyes and since Shaw was busy and he didn't trust May, she was his only option. Johnson tried to get him to take Snowflake, but Sarge declined, wanting her to keep an eye on May and Shaw. Breaking, Johnson agreed and sat next to Sarge as he contacted Mackenzie and informed him that they were heading out.

Sarge and Johnson in the truck

Sarge and Daisy Johnson in the truck

Hours later, Sarge grew tired of Johnson staring at him and joked about his good side. Johnson then asked if Sarge was bothered by him resembling Phil Coulson, but he claimed he wasn't as he felt flattered that Coulson "stole from the best". Johnson revealed that it wasn't just them looking alike, but having the exact same DNA. Sarge wasn't phased, claiming that it was just random, as he's seen a lot of random over the years. Johnson continued to question Sarge, he grew annoyed and told her to focus on stopping "her" from destroying their world. Johnson asked if it happened to his, only for him to state it doesn't matter, as everything he cared about was gone and he was going to kill "her". Noticing Sarge keeps referring to the Shrike's creator as her, she asked for her name. Sarge answered with Izel. Sarge grew tired of Johnson constant questions and told her to go to the back.

Sarge attacking Deke Shaw

Sarge attacking Deke Shaw

As they were reaching the rendezvous point, Sarge noticed the Shrike Repeller wasn't working and slammed on the brakes. He made his way to the back and found that Snowflake and Shaw had sex. Annoyed, Sarge demanded to know why the device wasn't working and threatened Shaw by chocking him. At May's request, Sarge let Shaw go and angrily ordered him to fix the device. He turned around to May and Johnson and asked if they were hungry.

Sarge talks about Izel

Sarge talks about Izel

The three settled down and Sarge talked about his crew's history with Izel. He went on about how they tracked her to Chronyca-2 and killed her crew, but she vanished before they could kill her. When May accused Sarge of destroying the planet, Sarge argued it was Izel and that they arrived too late to stop it. May asked what Izel's motives were and Sarge said it was hatred for all living things. When Johnson wanted to know what his motives where, he revealed them as hatred too; that he will kill Izel for killing his family.

Sarge with a sword

Sarge reveals his sword

Changing the subject, May asked how Sarge planned to kill Izel. He got up and revealed a sword he planned to plunge into Izel. May and Johnson didn't believe him and demanded to know what Sarge wasn't telling them. Feeling as though they were hiding something from too, Sarge tried attacking Johnson with the sword, only for her to use her Inhuman powers to quake it away. Intrigued, Sarge questioned her earlier statement of being a hacker, before Sarge's tablet went off. He told them that the end was coming and they continued to the rendezvous point.

Sarge explains the Shrike tower

Sarge explains the Shrike Tower

Finally arriving, Sarge, May, and Johnson watched as the Shrike's hosts formed a giant tower. Sarge explained its purpose of once Izel arrives, it will grow big enough to spread a swarm all over the planet and destroy everything. They contacted Mackenzie of their current status, who in turn informed them of a ship in Earth's orbit and that it might be Izel.

Sarge sharpens his sword

Sarge sharpens his sword

Sarge began sharpening his sword as Johnson asked how Sarge was to get close enough to kill Izel. Sarge revealed he would plow right through the tower to weaken her. Then, once she gets off her ship, he would stab her through the heart. The two agents were not so confident in Sarge's plan but assured them of an insurance policy. At that moment, Shaw arrived with the repaired Shrike Repeller and Sarge deemed it was time to end Izel once and for all.

Sarge abandons Snowflake

Sarge abandons Snowflake

Unknown to the others, Sarge intended to ram the truck with an Atom Bomb that would destroy everything within 200 miles. After Sarge got the truck in auto drive, he headed to the back to find May and Johnson pointing weapons at him, and Snowflake tied up. They revealed to him that Pax squealed and demanded to know where the bomb was, but Sarge denied the information and told Johnson not to use her quake powers or else she would set it off. He then apologized to Snowflake and fled to the top as she screamed, distracting the others.

Sarge gets aboard the Zephyr

Sarge gets aboard Zephyr One

Sarge made it to the top of the truck and stared at the tower before walking to the middle of the truck where a red portal paint circle was waiting for him. He knelt down and activated the portal which activated the other portal in Jaco's jacket. He arrived on the Zephyr and shot the agent standing guard. He greeted Jaco, who was in a Containment Module. He teammate informed him that they were on Zephyr One, not their base, but Sarge claimed it was better. He then stared at the chained Pax and joked about why they hadn't done that sooner.[4]

Hostile Takeover

Sarge gives his squad Shelter Charges

Sarge gives his squad Shelter Charges

"Jaco and I will take the bridge. Pax, you lock down the engine bays. Then we get this ship out of here before the warhead blows."

Now on Zephyr One without S.H.I.E.L.D. knowing, Sarge started giving orders; he and Jaco would secure the bridge while Pax take the engine bay. He handed them their weapons and was informed that Yo-Yo Rodriguez had enhanced speed. Sarge wasn't concerned and pulled out Shelter Charges that would create a field that would stop Rodriguez from interfering.

Sarge and his squad prepare to take Zephyr One

Sarge's squad prepare to take Zephyr One

Jaco then questioned Sarge on Snowflake's whereabouts, but Sarge lied about abandoning her and instead told him that she didn't make it out in time. He went on to say that they owed it to their teammate to complete the mission and capture the Zephyr, motivating Jaco and Pax. the remaining squad members then separated to their respected assignments to take Zephyr One.

Sarge takes Mackenzie hostage

Sarge takes Alphonso Mackenzie hostage

Sarge and Jaco made it to the bridge where the latter wounded Diaz and Sarge held Alphonso Mackenzie and Davis at gunpoint. Sarge mocked Mackenzie's inability to see this coming and took his weapon. As Jaco activated the Shelter Charge, Sarge went on to tell Mackenzie to be grateful that the threat to their world would soon be destroyed and he and his team would be gone in the Zephyr.

Sarge handcuffs Mackenzie

Sarge handcuffs Alphonso Mackenzie

He then told the Director that the charges were in case his "fast friend" tried anything stupid. He then handcuffed Mackenzie to prevent him from doing the same. Sarge explained the situation; Mackenzie's crew does what he says, or he kills Diaz. He then ordered them to turn the Zephyr around, to which Mackenzie relaid to Davis.

Sarge threatens Davis

Sarge threatens Davis

Sarge's plan took a turn when he realized the Atom Bomb didn't go off when it destroyed the Shrike tower. Jaco questioned if he calibrated the bomb correctly, but Sarge assured he did. Sarge was then enraged when he discovered Izel was fleeing in her ship and ordered Davis to follow her. When he noticed Davis hesitate, he pointed his gun at his neck and reminded him that he was in charge.

Sarge disagrees with Jaco

Sarge disagrees with Jaco

Mackenzie then tried to reason with Sarge to regroup with their people on the ground and brought up Snowflake. Sarge, however, ignored Mackenzie's request and demanded he shut his mouth. Jaco then spoke up and agreed with the Director, thinking Snowflake could be useful. Sarge disagreed and reminded Jaco of their saying of no one slowly them down. Jaco rebutted saying Snowflake wasn't nobody, but Sarge refused to budge.

Sarge kills Pax

Sarge kills Pax

Their disagreement was interrupted when they saw a muffled and restrained Pax begging for help as he squirmed on the Shelter Charge's field. Jaco went to help their teammate, but Sarge ordered him not to, believing it was a trap. Pax however begged Jaco to help him. The muscle soon gave when Rodriquez shoved Pax into the field, scaring him. After Jaco lowered the field, Sarge killed Pax by shooting him in the chest before Jaco could save him. Sarge then reactivated the field and ordered the horrified Jaco to take care of Rodriquez, repeating no one slows them down.

Sarge listens to Simmons

Sarge listens to Jemma Simmons

The Zephyr soon picked up a transmission from S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, the latter being the one who's talking on the comms. Sarge then pointed his gun at Davis's neck again to get him to rap the conversation up. However, after learning that Fitz and Simmons were onboard the same ship Izel is on, Sarge turn on the speaker and demanded to talk with Izel herself. He told her that he destroyed her Shrike tower was coming for her next. Unfazed, Izel was pleased Sarge finally remembered her name and insisted he come for her so could him remember his.

Sarge argues with Izel

Sarge argues with Izel

The two continued their conversation with Sarge telling her he doesn't put infuses on names, and instead prefers actions. They then brought up Chronyca-2's destruction and that Izel had already began its destruction. They then started talking about Sarge's reasoning for wanting to kill Izel and that it was because she took away his loved ones and his memory. Izel, however, stated that he never had any memories and hanged up. After an emotional outburst, Sarge ordered the crew to chase Izel's ship, intending to kill her once and for all.

Sarge fighting Mackenzie

Sarge fighting Alphonso Mackenzie

On the way to the Lazy Comet, Sarge demanded Davis fly faster and suggested dropping the crew to achieve it. Mackenzie started to mock Sarge and how he lost o Izel's words. Having enough of Mackenzie, Sarge suggested throwing him off the ship. Mackenzie then surprised Sarge by throwing his cuffs at him. This distracted him long enough for the Director to attack the mercenary. After a heated battle, with neither one giving up, Mackenzie was able to strike Sarge down. Sarge looked up to see Jaco enter and begged for his help, only for his former teammate to reveal he's joined S.H.I.E.L.D. Mackenzie then knocked Sarge out and restrained him.[9]

Returning to S.H.I.E.L.D. Custody

Sarge trapped in the Containment Module

Sarge trapped in the Containment Module

"It wasn't personal Snow."
―Sarge to Snowflake as he returned to his cell[src]

Waking up in the Containment Module, Sarge watched as Alphonso Mackenzie prepared a team to infiltrate the Lazy Comet to rescue Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons. Sarge begged Mackenzie to let him go with them to finally kill Izel, saying they needed him if they were to understand what they were up against. They refused and revealed Jaco was coming with them. Sarge then angrily punched the module as the team left. The S.H.I.E.L.D. team succeeded in their mission in the Lazy Comet, but Jaco collected the Atom Bomb with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s assistance and returned to Izel's ship on his own, detonating the bomb and seemingly killing himself, Izel and all of the crew.

Sarge is shot by May

Sarge is shot by "Melinda May"

After their victory, Sarge was returned to his cell in the Lighthouse. He passed by Snowflake and Deke Shaw and assured the former that his betrayal wasn't personal. He then listened as Shaw held her back. Sometime later, while in his cell, Sarge was approached by Melinda May who was secretly under the control of Izel. He noted May's lack of words and insisted she got on with whatever she wanted. He was then left in dismay as May shot him three times in the chest and once in the head.[9]

Izel's Campaign

Learning the Truth

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - SDCC 2019 Hall H Extended Season 6 Trailer 1

Sarge on the operating table

"This host silenced most of who you are. But you still remember my name like it's a song in your head. You remember your name, too."
Izel and Sarge[src]

Even after being shot by Melinda May in the chest and head, Sarge was still alive and healing. Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons brought his body to the medbay to see if they could heal him where the latter found out about Sarge's pulse. They then opted to move Sarge's body to the morgue to avoid a panic.

Sarge remembering his family

Sarge "remembers" his "family"

While recovering, Sarge started seeing hallucinations of the "family" he lost. He saw a shadow of the woman he loved and held her hand before she disappeared. He then hallucinated the shadow of the "daughter" he once had and embraced her before she disappeared. He started seeing both of them over and over again before screaming out in pain over their disappearances.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - SDCC 2019 Hall H Extended Season 6 Trailer 4

Sarge finally wakes up

Sarge finally woke up and saw Simmons. He started breathing heavily before asking Simmons where he was. Before she could answer, Sarge recounted May shooting him, only for Simmons to reveal that Izel had possessed her at the time. Sarge realized that was how she always got away from him and his squad and demanded she release him from his restraints. Simmons refused and the agent watching over her walked up to Sarge ready for his tricks.

Sarge overhearing May

Sarge overhearing Melinda May

Sarge then overheard May on the walky-talky talking about Alphonso Mackenzie being possessed by Izel and urged them to stay away. Realizing there was no time to lose, Sarge dislocated his hand to get out of his restraints. Once free, he then knocked out Simmons and the agent, while taking the agent's clothes and gun and went after Izel to finish her once and for all.

Sarge shoots Izel

Sarge shoots Izel

He was able to sense Izel and found her with the Gravity Containment Device holding the energy of all three Monoliths. He listened as she told him she could feel the Monoliths' energy, but he shot her a few times as she approached him, to no avail. Despite not being able to kill her at the moment, he swore to her he would. He was, however, surprised when Izel told him that he was actually here to join her rather than kill her.

Sarge empting his gun on Izel

Sarge emptying his gun on Izel

Not believing her, Sarge aimed the gun at her and told her she was wrong. When she attempted to explain, he shot her again. She started to explain again and urged him to listen what's inside him, until he shot her one last time before running out of ammo. She told him that while he's not physically hurting her, he is emotionally. Izel told Sarge that he didn't want to kill her, but Sarge insisted he did just like she did with him. Izel, however, revealed that if she wanted him dead she would've killed him long before and that she wanted to wake him up.

Sarge realizes the truth

Sarge realizes the truth

Sarge assured her he was enough to remember all the people he loved died because of her. Izel denied killing them as he never had a family to begin with; that the memories weren't his. Sarge believed it to make no sense so Izel asked how she killed them. When Sarge couldn't provide an answer, Izel insisted that was proof and that the memories were Phil Coulson's and they came with the host he inhabited. Sarge started remembering and realized the women he saw were May and Daisy Johnson.

Sarge remembers his name

Sarge remembers his name

Izel explained that the Monoliths created Coulson's body and sent it through time and space back to their world. She reminded him that it was a world where they didn't have form and wished for it. She went on to say that once the body arrived and he took it, his own memories merged with its and he lost who he was. Sarge questioned why he blamed Izel for something she didn't do, and she told him that while he lost most of his memories he still could remember her name as well as his: Pachakutiq.

Sarge vows to stop Izel

Sarge vowing to stop Izel

Sarge still refused to believe it and aimed the empty gun at her. He told her that he was hunting her, but she claimed that he was longing for her. She told him that he inspired her to her own form and leave their world. Sarge started to freak out, so Izel held him. He pushed her back and figured that she was manipulating him, and declared that he would never follow her. However, she believed he did and stated that now that they found the Monoliths, their plan was about to come true. She explained that they would open the door to their world to let their people come and take over the Shrike. She then begged Sarge to finally wake up, but he denied her. While she took the device, he shouted that he would stop her. On her way out, she told him that the only thing that could stop her was inside him.

Sarge broken after talking to Izel

Sarge broken after talking to Izel

Having all of this revealed to him, Sarge collapsed to the ground, unable to process it all. When two agents arrived, Sarge didn't put up a fight as they took him away. They threw him back in his cell, where Sarge started to pace. He kept telling himself that Izel was lying, and that he is who he believes he is. Unknown to him, while he was pacing, his left hand started to morph into something.[1]

Discovering his own Powers

Sarge being questioned by May

Sarge being questioned by Melinda May

"I can feel the rage churning underneath my skin."
"Use it. Let the anger out."
"I don't want to. I want it gone."
―Sarge and Daisy Johnson[src]

Sarge was soon taken out of his cell and brought to a separate room where Melinda May began interrogating him. She questioned if he ever questioned where he came from, to which he figured he didn't need to until he found out he was wearing Phil Coulson's face. May asked about the "echoes" of memories, but Sarge told her he never thought of them as memories but more as a feeling.

Sarge witnesses his new found strength

Sarge witnesses his new found strength

When May questioned them being real, Sarge made it clear how real it was chasing Izel across the galaxy with his squad. After May reminded him that he chased her for nothing, he rebutted with her wanting him to be Coulson. May tried to reason with him, explaining that there might be a part of him that's still Coulson, but Sarge grew annoyed and slammed his hand on the table and insisted that he wasn't hers. Sarge then grew concerned when he saw that his strike dented the table. May then left Sarge to himself.

Sarge is questioned by Johnson

Sarge being questioned by Daisy Johnson

Sarge was then greeted by Daisy Johnson, who asked him how he dented the table. Sarge told her he didn't know how he did it and that it was best to leave it like that. Johnson started to talk about the "other thing" inside of Sarge and questioned if he and Izel were alike. Sarge denied any similarities to her and explained that he's been trying to kill her for decades. When Johnson talked about using his new found powers, Sarge refused, wanting it gone.

Sarge taunts Johnson

Sarge taunts Daisy Johnson

Johnson then started taunting Sarge, believing he was afraid that his powers were exposing who he really was and begged him to show her. Seeing Johnson was enjoying this, he decided to play her game and brought up Coulson being a father-figure to her and that this was her way of resolving her own "daddy issues". Johnson, however, insisted that Sarge was nothing to her before leaving him to himself.

Sarge killed by Johnson

Sarge is "killed" by Daisy Johnson

Johnson soon returned and wanted to know if the memories got stronger once Izel killed him. Sarge answered her question, but said the enhanced strength was new. He went on to say that the memories started clearing up when Izel shot him and confirmed that Johnson was one of them. He then told her that the memories didn't matter and that she was right when she called him nothing. Johnson disagreed and believed he was something before snapping Sarge's neck with her powers.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - SDCC 2019 Hall H Extended Season 6 Trailer 6

Sarge unleashing his powers

While Sarge was "dead" he remembered when Coulson's body was created and woke up. He started to inherit Coulson's personality and believed he had to get to sword and kill himself before he got too powerful. He got up and demanded Johnson to get out of his way. When she denied, he started to remember three hooded figures. Sarge tried leaving, but Johnson was determined to get him to reveal himself. Seeing no other option, Sarge morphed his hand into dust like substance before waking Johnson away. He then used his new strength to break the door down and went to find his sword.

Sarge showing off his power

Sarge showing off his powers

Sarge started destroying the Lighthouse looking for his sword, before Johnson arrived with it. He told her that she had woken him up and started morphing his hands. He walked up to her and demanded she hand over the sword. She refused, so Sarge questioned if she really thought she could beat him. Johnson declared she could and intended to kill him for good with his sword.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - SDCC 2019 Hall H Extended Season 6 Trailer 30

Sarge begging Daisy Johnson to kill him

Seeing Johnson was determined, he told her to do it, believing it would be easier then him killing himself. He saw her confused, but begged her to kill him as his face started to morph. However, when he referred to her as "Skye", she halted. He noticed Johnson was beginning to hesitate, so he begged her to kill him as the memories of pain and Izel's song began to resurface. He reminded her that she was strong and demanded her to kill him as his face started to morph again.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - SDCC 2019 Hall H Extended Season 6 Trailer 22

Sarge examining his sword

When Johnson saw that Sarge was willing to sacrifice himself, she told him that was what Coulson would've done. Sarge still believed he would kill Johnson, but she assured him he wouldn't, before dropping the sword and embracing him. Sarge began to calm down and his face returned to normal. He was brought back to where he was interrogated where he studied the damage he inflicted and his sword.[10]

Joining Izel

"The pain is love."
"And now I know how to end it. Slice it away and be done with it."
―Sarge and Melinda May[src]


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As Sarge

"What's yours?"
"Love. No, it's hate, my thing too. Hate and revenge."
Daisy Johnson and Sarge[src]

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Combined Personalities

"You were gonna sacrifice yourself. That's what Coulson would've done."
"I could kill you."
"You won't."
Daisy Johnson and Sarge[src]

After being killed by Izel and Daisy Johnson, Sarge's personality and Phil Coulson's merged and he was unable to separate the two sets of minds. This caused Sarge to inherit much of Coulson's heroic traits, such as being willing to sacrifice himself when it looked like he was becoming just like Izel.

True Personality

"How does it feel to be your true self once more?"
"Long overdue."
Izel and Sarge[src]

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Powers and Abilities


"I've been alive for 100 of your years, and I'll be alive 100 years after you're gone."
―Sarge to Melinda May[src]
  • Longevity: Sarge's lifespan is significantly longer than a normal human's, as he has been alive for hundreds of Earth years.
"He called me "Skye". How would he have known that?"
"Because that's what they do! I went to enough Sunday School to learn that when the Devil shows up, he'll be wearing the face of someone you trust!"
Daisy Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]
  • Possession: Sarge is able to completely possess the bodies of others. He possessed a duplicate body of Phil Coulson, which he has been inhabiting ever since. Unlike Izel, who cannot access the memories of her hosts, Sarge is able to incorporate his host's memories into his own; however, he clearly does not have control over his host's memories, as evidenced by the fact Coulson's memories clouded his own.
Sarge's shapeshifting powers

Sarge's shapeshifting powers

  • Shapeshifting: Sarge was able to willingly morph between his Coulson Human Form and his original incorporeal Pachakutiq Form. At first he couldn't control it, but when his true nature and potential revealed itself, Sarge was able to rapidly recover from any damages while shapeshifting and strike crippling blows to his adversaries.
"Bullets can't harm me any more than they can harm you."
  • Superhuman Durability: Sarge's body is much more resilient than a normal human's, to the point where he could survive multiple gunshots from the Izel-possessed Melinda May and instantly get back on his feet, showing little to no discomfort from his wounds. Once his true personality and potential awoke, Sarge as his true self Pachakutiq was able to completely withstand Quake’s Vibrational Shockwave with no discomfort.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - SDCC 2019 Hall H Extended Season 6 Trailer 8

Sarge unleashing his strength

  • Superhuman Strength: Sarge has demonstrated feats of exceptional strength, exceeding what a man of his size and stature would normally be capable of. He is roughly as strong as Alphonso Mackenzie and was able to briefly pin down and overpower the S.H.I.E.L.D. Director, despite the fact that Mackenzie is much larger and more muscular than him. Once he was killed and brought back his strength enhanced and was able to wack Daisy Johnson across the room and was even able to send Izel hurling towards a stone column with a single punch.
"He was shot four times. He lost practically all of his blood. Why is he taking so long to die?"
"No, you don't understand. It's getting stronger. He's coming back."
Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Sarge can fully heal from severe injuries, such as gunshot wounds, in a matter of minutes. He quickly recovered after being shot multiple times by May; only minutes later, he appeared to be completely fine, with no visible wounds or scars at all.
    • Power Augmentation: Each time Sarge has come back to life, his powers seem to increase. For example, his first death increased Sarge's strength to the point he was capable of putting a dent in a metal table. After his second, he was able to punch a reinforced door with enough force to tear it, and its mountings right off of the base walls.


"I'll call you a murderer. You shot one of my Agents point blank."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]
  • Expert Marksman: Sarge is highly skilled with laser guns and combustion firearms. He shot and killed Fox with a single blast from his blaster sidearm, and he readily used Amit's shotgun to precisely shoot a convenience store's glass container. After transporting onboard Zephyr One, Sarge killed a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent point-blank.
"Seriously? I leave for three minutes, and the plan goes all to hell."
  • Expert Tactician: Sarge is an efficient tactician and commander of his crew. He coordinated multiple successful robberies, heists, and infiltration missions, and came up with intricate escape plans that allowed him to evade S.H.I.E.L.D.'s grasp several times over. He was also very skilled at outmaneuvering his enemies through secrecy and manipulation, allowing him to continually stay one step ahead of them. Additionally, he was able to put together an elaborate plan to destroy Izel with an Atom Bomb as soon as she arrived on Earth, which would have succeeded if Pax hadn't informed S.H.I.E.L.D. of his intentions.
Sarge's fighting abilities

Sarge fighting Alphonso Mackenzie

  • Expert Combatant: Sarge was able to go toe-to-toe with Melinda May in a confined space before being defeated by the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. When trying to take control of Zephyr One, Sarge battled the much larger Alphonso Mackenzie for an extended period of time before the S.H.I.E.L.D. Director eventually defeated him. He was also able to knock out an armed S.H.I.E.L.D. guard with relative ease. During the Battle at the Temple of the Forgotten, Sarge engaged in a second battle against Mackenzie and very needed succeeded before they used Sarge's Sword to finally finish him off.



"You know who does like toys?"
"I do."
Snowflake and Sarge[src]
Sarge's plasma gun

Sarge aiming his Plasma Gun at Melinda May

  • Plasma Gun: Sarge's main weapon is a plasma gun that he keeps in a holster. He used it to kill Fox after arriving on Earth and another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent on Zephyr One. While trying to take over the Zephyr, Sarge shot and killed Pax when it looked like he was going to be a distraction.
  • Shrike Daggers: Sarge carried a case full of knives that were capable of killing the Shrike. He used against the Shrike in Harold Simcoe and attempted use one on Deke Shaw.
"So where does one get a space-ghost-killing-sword anyway?"
"I don't know. Just always had it."
Daisy Johnson and Sarge[src]
  • Sword: Sarge had this sword during his entire campaign against Izel, trying to kill her with it, but failing every time. During the Battle at the Temple of the Forgotten, Sarge came close to killing Izel with the sword, but found he couldn't. After Sarge allied with Izel, Sarge used the sword to kill Melinda May.
  • Winchester Model 1897: Sarge used Amit's shotgun to see what kind of ammunition Earth had. He soon gave the shotgun to Pax.
  • Makarov PM: Sarge used this gun to threaten May while she was his captive and later killed a Shrike host with it.
The Sign 23

Sarge shooting at all Izel's incoming soldiers

  • Smith & Wesson M&P: After escaping from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, Sarge stole an agent's gun and tried killing Izel with it, to no avail. Sarge later used this gun to kill several Shrike hosts before entering the Temple of the Forgotten.

Other Equipment

"Are we happy?"
"Tinker would know for sure. But I think once we have the PEGs, this will sing its beautiful song."
―Sarge and Snowflake[src]
Firing the weapon

Sarge firing the detector

  • Shrike Detector: Sarge and his teammates used this massive device to map the planet on which they were at the moment and indicate the position of all known Shrike hosts. Sarge was usually the one who operated the device on their missions.
  • Shrike Repeller: Sarge and his crew used a device that was capable of keeping the Shrike away from their truck by emitting a sonic pulse that disrupts their equilibrium.
"Did you remember to calibrate the firing rod to the new telemetry?"
"This is not my first warhead."
Jaco and Sarge[src]
  • Atom Bomb: During their mission to Earth, Sarge utilized an Atom Bomb to destroy Izel once and for all by ramming his truck into a Shrike Tower with the bomb still in it.
"Shelter Charges. I haven't seen these in a while."
"Once the field goes up, nobody gets in or out. Doesn't matter how fast."
Pax and Sarge[src]




Sarge as a prisoner

Sarge held in the Lighthouse

  • Lighthouse: After Sarge and Snowflake were captured by Melinda May they were taken to the Lighthouse where Sarge was interrogated by Alphonso Mackenzie about his identity and the Shrike. However, after it was established that S.H.I.E.L.D. was unequipped to handle the Shrike alone, they were forced to free Sarge and let him take charge in dealing with the parasitic race. Sarge was soon a prisoner in the Lighthouse once again after he was captured while trying to take over Zephyr One. He was shot four times by Izel (in May's body) before he recovered and was returned to his cell.





Appearances for Sarge

In chronological order:


  • Pachakutiq, or Pachakutik, is a concept from the Quechua people meaning "change of the sun" and refers to the "rebirth" of the Earth after the end of an era.
  • In the episode Window of Opportunity, it is implied that Sarge dislikes worlds that use paper bills as currency.
  • Sarge's tenure as a main antagonist is the longest then anyone else on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., having been one for twelve episodes of season six.

Behind the Scenes

  • It has been noted that Pachakutiq's true form bears a strong resemblance to Ord, a villain introduced in Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men. Jed Whedon and Jeffrey Bell have admitted that Pachakutiq's appearance is loosely based on Ord, though they took care to make sure the resemblance was not too strong, as they are legally prohibited from featuring or mentioning anything related to the X-Men in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. .[11]
  • Todd Bloomer and Ross Kohnstam were stunt doubles for Clark Gregg in the role of Sarge.
  • Sarge and Lance Hunter are the only new characters who are credited as main characters in their first appearance.
  • Sarge was the fourth main antagonist to be credited as a main character followed after Grant Ward, Hive, and Holden Radcliffe.
  • In the comics, Sarge was an alias used by many people, namely Nick Fury Jr.


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