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"My world doesn't matter to America, so why should I care about its mascot?"
―Sarah Wilson to Karli Morgenthau[src]

Sarah Wilson is the younger sister of Sam Wilson.


Early Life

Wilson Family Seafood

Sarah Wilson was born and raised in Delacroix, Louisiana alongside her older brother, Sam. From an early age, the siblings were involved in their family's fishing business, spending a lot of time out at sea with their parents, Paul and Darlene Wilson, in their boat.

While Sam left Louisiana to enlist in the United States Air Force and later become the Avenger known as Falcon, Wilson remained at home and continued working at Wilson Family Seafood. After her parents passed away, she took over the family business. Wilson later married and had two sons with her husband, AJ and Cass. Sometime after their children were born, Wilson's husband died, leaving her a widow.[1]

Money Troubles

The Snap

In 2018, Wilson survived the Snap, along with both AJ and Cass, who were toddlers at the time. Over the next five years, she was the sole provider of her family and it was hard for her to maintain Wilson Family Seafood while raising her sons. After the Blip, Wilson was reunited with Sam.[1]

Visit from Sam Wilson

Wilson smiles upon seeing her brother arrive

One day in 2024, Wilson was working on her family’s boat when Sam drove up to the dock in his truck. After giving him a greeting, she told him that while he was busy being an Avenger, she was busy trying to keep their family's business operational. She also told him that they may have to let go of their house due to finances, but Sam was against that.

Wilson at the bank

Instead, Sam told Wilson that he would fix it and took her to the local bank, where the employee didn't recognize Sam at first, to Wilson's amusement. However, their appointment didn't go as well when the employee told them he couldn't give them the loan. Wilson told Sam that she had to give up the house, but he refused saying he owned half of it also. After this, they returned to the house.

Wilson watches the news

Back at her house, Wilson told Sam to watch the WHiH World News report of a new Captain America with the shield being introduced to the world.[1]

Calling Sam Wilson

Wilson calls her brother

While working in her house, Wilson called Sam about the bank loan, not knowing that he was in Madripoor and asked why he was talking strange. She then told him she had to go after one of her sons made a mess.[2]

Flag Smasher's Threat

Wilson speaks to Karli Morgenthau on the phone

One night on the docks, Wilson was called by Karli Morgenthau who asked her if she needed to kill her brother and asked Wilson to ask him to meet with her alone, and if she didn't, she threatened to meet Wilson and her children on the docks. This frightened Wilson and she called her brother.[3]

Meeting Bucky Barnes

Wilson with her brother

Later, her brother returned to Wilson's house. Upon arriving, he called their community to help fix their family boat, telling Wilson that she and their mother had given to the community for years, so it would be fine for them to give back.

Sarah meets Bucky Barnes

The next day, their community came out and helped, much to Wilson's delight. Also appearing was Bucky Barnes who came with a gift for Sam from the Wakandans. When Barnes met Wilson, he introduced himself and she was pleased to meet him. For the next few days, Wilson worked with her neighbors on the docks, while Sam and Barnes finished with the main repairs of the boat.[4]

Talk with Sam Wilson

Wilson talks with her brother

After Bucky Barnes had left them, Wilson decided not to sell their family's boat much to Sam's delight. She and Sam then sat down on the docks and talked. Sam told her that he couldn't win every battle, but that preserving everything of their parents and family history was something they could not lose.

Wilson listens to her brother

Sam then told Wilson that in the past he could tell that the more he was off away from home, the more he knew Wilson believed he was running away from their family. However, Wilson told him that was untrue and that she never believed that he was running away from them and assured him that she has always been proud of him. Wilson then told Sam that he should not let what Isaiah Bradley told him deter him from making his own decisions on what to do with becoming Captain America.[4]


Wilson sees her brother on the news

A few nights later, Sarah watched the WHiH World News and saw her brother, in his new Captain America suit, giving his first speech to the world as Captain America.

Wilson prepares for the cookout

The next day, Wilson hosted a community cookout to celebrate serving shrimp, corn, pecan pie, and other foods in which her brother and Bucky Barnes came too. She laughed as Barnes showed off his vibranium arm to the children, and smiled as Sam, being the new Captain America, took pictures with the community.[5]


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"I don't come up to the sky to tell you how to barrel roll, so don't come down here and mess around with things you don't understand."
―Sarah Wilson to Sam Wilson[src]

Wilson repairs a component

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  • In the comics, Sarah Wilson Casper is Sam Wilson's younger sister.


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