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"David died doing something very brave and really stupid. On my good days, you know, I'm proud of him for what he did. And on my bad ones, I just wanna scream in his face for being so selfish. Honestly, if he walked through that door right now, I don't know if I would kiss him or slap him."
―Sarah Lieberman to Frank Castle[src]

Sarah Lieberman is the wife of David Lieberman.


Meeting David Lieberman

"She was just shy. So we're talking, go back to her place, we're both waiting for the other one to make the move, you know? And hours go by, and we're just talking and eating toast, so much toast. And finally at like, 5:00 in the morning, she kisses me. We've been together ever since."
Micro to Frank Castle[src]

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Family Times

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Lieberman's First "Death"

Lieberman took David and the children out one day; with the traffic crowded and unmoved, the family conversed amongst themselves. Soon, however, David left the car, telling the children to stay in the car, while Sarah called out to him and asked for an explanation for why he needed to step out. Eventually, she, too, left the vehicle and chased after the officers. Lieberman watched in horror as agents wielded guns at her husband and fired a shot into his chest, causing her to wail and weep.[1]


Pete Castiglione

"Uh, I didn't mean to ambush you with the whole dead husband thing. It's just, you know, new people, do I lie? But then that feels so disloyal to his memories. You must think I'm crazy."
―Sarah Lieberman to Pete Castiglione[src]

After accidentally hitting Pete Castiglione with her car as he was crossing her driveway, a friendship began to develop. What was originally intended by Pete to be leverage on David, the two found a place to talk about their loss and their family. The friendship developed originally with Pete fixing things around the house; the sink, the garage, the headlight that was "broken on his face."[2]

Suspicious Intruders

"Well, look, thing is, I think it's best you come with me. For your own protection."
"I really appreciate the offer, but I'm sure we'll be fine."
"You're both coming with me."
Jack and Sarah Lieberman[src]

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Lieberman's Second "Death"

"God damn you! You bastard! You bastard, what did you do? What did you do? We saw you die! We saw you die!"
―Sarah Lieberman to David Lieberman[src]

Both Lieberman and Zach Lieberman were released free but were forced to carry leaking containers of gasoline. Her son called to her, as both stared at a living David Lieberman. Astounded yet afraid, both mother and son walked towards him and Frank Castle. Though she tried to talk to him, reaching for his arm, David told Sarah to continue walking. However, Dinah Madani and other agents rushed to the scene, leaving Lieberman and Zach to hurry, while David tried to extinguish the flames. While Sarah took cover behind a van, she witnessed as David is shot again, collapsing to the ground motionless. She shrieked and cried once more.

Later at Homeland Security Headquarters, Lieberman was informed by Madani that David was alive and that the collapse was a ruse. When she met eyes with him again, she approached him and began shoving, frustrated and sorrowful over being alive for the whole year.[3]


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  • In the comics, Jan O'Reilly was David Lieberman's fiancée, who left him when she discovered his criminal ways. Unaware at the time that she was pregnant with Lieberman's son, she married another man and adopted the married name of Jan Frohike, giving her son the name of Louis Frohike.

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