"Así que si tú conocías a esos chamacos, tu pleito no es conmigo."
"¿Quién lo ordenó? ¿Quién?"
"Mis carnales nunca me lo dijeron, y nunca me lo dirán, porque después de ese día todos terminaron muertos. Cada miembro de Calle Cinco, quemados."
"No, todavía queda uno.[1]"
―Santino Noguera and Ghost Rider[src]

Santino Noguera was a leader of the Fifth Street Locos who was arrested and served his time in South Ridge Penitentiary. While in prison, Noguera learned that all his former gang members were being horrifically killed and burned, so he chose to reform his ways and soon became a model inmate. However before he could be released, Noguera witnessed a prison riot, during which he was confronted and murdered by the Ghost Rider.


Fifth Street Locos

Attack on Robbie and Gabe Reyes

"Casi nadie se acuerda de Locos de la Quinta Calle.[2]"
―Santino Noguera[src]

Living in Los Angeles, Noguera was a key leader of the Fifth Street Locos, until he was arrested and sent to South Ridge Penitentiary. During his sentence, Noguera learned that his gang was ordered to kill Eli Morrow, however they instead targeted Robbie Reyes and his brother Gabe Reyes by their mistake, although neither of the brothers were killed during the shooting.[3]

Confronted by Ghost Rider

"Hombre fácil. Usted no quiere hacer esto."
"Sí, lo hago."
"¡Oh Dios mío! ¡No![4]"
―Santino Noguera and Ghost Rider[src]

Noguera getting confronted by Robbie Reyes

While serving his jail sentence, Noguera read quietly in his cell until he was confronted by Robbie Reyes, who was exploring South Ridge Penitentiary with some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Reyes then stepped up to Noguera's cell and noted that he was a member of the Fifth Street Locos, which led Noguera to work out that Reyes was clearly from Los Angeles due to his knowledge of the Locos. Just as Reyes was losing his temper at Noguera, he was pulled away by agent Alphonso Mackenzie who led him away while Noguera blew him a mocking kiss before sitting back down and reading his book.


Noguera discusses their Fifth Street Locos

As the prison erupted into a violent riot, Noguera was confronted again by Reyes while he was simply reading a Stephen King book in his cell rather than rioting like the other inmates. Reyes asked Noguera if he knew about a drive-by shooting the Fifth Street Locos conducted on a pair of kids that ended with the gang lighting their car on fire and leaving them for dead. Noguera revealed the drive-by was actually a hit which he was not involved with, but was unable to reveal who ordered the hit as everyone who would have known were already dead having been burned alive.


Noguera gets murdered by the Ghost Rider

Reyes however noted that there was still one member of Fifth Street still alive as he stared at Noguera with eyes that burned with fire. Horrified at what he was witnessing, Noguera begged Reyes to stop, trying to convince him that he did not want to kill him while Reyes insisted that he did. His pleas for mercy being ignored, Noguera witnessed Reyes transforming into the Ghost Rider, who proceeded to engulf Noguera's cell in fire, incinerating the gang leader and finishing off the Locos once and for all, leaving Noguera's body to continue burning in his prison cell.[3]


Footage Released

"We're not sure what the hell he is, but we do know he's a cold-blooded killer. Santino Noguera, a model prisoner looking at early release. That is, until he ran into whatever that thing is. We know he came in with S.H.I.E.L.D., and he left with S.H.I.E.L.D. So tell me, are your people aware they're harboring a murderer, or do they just not care?"
Ellen Nadeer to Jeffrey Mace[src]

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"Brawling para los cachorros jóvenes, soy hombre reformado.[5]"
―Santino Noguera[src]

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  1. Translates to: "If you knew those kids, your quarrel ain't with me."
    "Who ordered it? Who?"
    "My boys never told me, and never will, because after that day everyone of them ended up dead. Every single member of Fifth Street, burned."
    "No, there's still one left."
  2. Translates to:"Hardly anyone remembers Fifth Street Locos."
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  4. Translates to:"Easy, man. You don't want to do this."
    "Yes, I do."
    "Oh my God! No!"
  5. Translates to:"Brawling's for young pups, I'm reformed man."
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