Santino is a young man and the upstairs neighbor of Claire Temple.


In the Dumpster

Santino was removing the trash to place in the dumpster outside his apartment building when he discovered a bleeding masked man inside. He quickly retrieved Claire Temple and the two took the man to her apartment. There, Temple told him to tell no one about this, not even his mother.

Later, Santino saw the masked man and Temple together after the man dropped a fire extinguisher on the head of a thug who was running down the staircase. Temple asked Santino to help them carry the thug up to the building's roof.[1]


File 05-DDRedthread -Matt Murdock -Clair Temple -The Russians -Veles Taxi

Matt Murdock talking to Santino

Santino saw two men enter Claire Temple's Apartment and greeted them when they turned and saw him staring. The men took him to the roof of the building and tortured him to find out where Claire Temple was staying. Although Santino did not say anything at first, he eventually broke and revealed the location. The men threatened with coming after his mother if Santino told anyone what happened and left, capturing Temple afterwards.

Knowing that Temple had been taken, the masked man found Santino, who was injured and frightened. Santino told him about what happened and blamed himself, though the masked man said it was not his fault. Santino had no idea where they had taken Temple but he saw them getting into the front seat of a taxi that belonged to Veles Taxi. [2]



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