"I'm told your donation to the Philharmonic should just about cover the remodelling."
"A small price to pay in the larger scheme of things."
"You know, with the kind of support you've provided, we would love to host you at our next gala."
―Sandra and Alexandra Reid[src]

Sandra is a vendor of an musicial theatre.


Private Concert

Appeasing Alexandra Reid

"The piece you've requested is a curious one. Brahms didn't often write in C minor. Matter of fact, that was Beethoven's key of choice. But here, Beethoven's influence is quite pronounced."
"It's not influence. It was a direct response. All Brahms wanted was to prove that he could do it, too. He was petty like that."
"Your insight on music history, it never ceases to amaze me."
―Sandra and Alexandra Reid[src]

Upon the visit of Alexandra Reid, Sandra spoke with her about the performance of the violinists and the generous donation. She offered a public orchestra for Reid but was told that she preferred a more private setting. They went to to discuss Johannes Brahms' influences for this piece of music, with Sandra claiming he was inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven, although Reid claimed the music was a direct response to Beethoven's own music. When Reid noticed that Madame Gao had arrived, she asked Sandra and the orchestra to excuse them.[1]




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