"I just, I need your help."
"Oh, I don't know about that. I really like my job, Mr. Rand. I need this job."
Danny Rand and Sandi Ann[src]

Sandi Ann is an employee of the Rand Enterprises chemical division asked by Danny Rand to help him.


Analyze of the Steel Serpent

"Whoever the Einstein is behind this made sure there'd be no limit to how much one can make. A drug like this could mean a major epidemic in this city."
―Sandi Ann to Danny Rand[src]

Sandi Ann was asked by Danny Rand to analyze the package of the Steel Serpent that he received from Yangsi Gonshi. Ann ran several tests on the drug, discovering that it was a chemical without any impurity of opium. Meeting in the office at the Rand Enterprises Building, Ann informed Rand about the results of her analyze, noting that every component of the drug was technically legal and anyone could produce it with the right supplies and the access to the laboratory.

Rand Thanking Sandi Ann

Danny Rand thanking Ann for her help

Ann admitted that whoever designed the Steel Serpent made sure to remove all limitations of the production. While Rand was frustrated, thinking about the drug, Ann expressed that it possibly could cause an epidemy in New York City. Rand then assured her that he would take care of it before heartfully thanking Ann for her help, much to her embarrassment. Ann quickly nodded to Rand and left his office.[1]

Assisting Danny Rand

Ann and Rand at the Vault

Ann finding Danny Rand at the Rand Enterprises Building

"I'm sorry to put you in this position, but it's really important. There's no one else I can turn to."
"If you get caught, you never saw me."
Danny Rand and Sandi Ann[src]

Close to the end of her shift, Ann suddenly found Danny Rand in the chemical vault of the Rand Enterprises Building. As Rand greeted her, Ann noted that he was fired from the Rand Enterprises and had not permission to be there. Rand asked Ann to help him one more time, while she hesitated, fearing that she could be fired too. However, she agreed, as Rand promised to keep Ann's involvement in secret.

Rand then gave her a list of chemicals he needed, much to Ann's surprise, as she asked Rand what was that for. Before he could answer, Ann quickly changed her mind and did not allow Rand to answer, knowing that she would not want to know and helped him to find necessary chemical without any questions.[2]


"You're not allowed here anymore."
―Sandi Ann to Danny Rand[src]


"And it isn't opium-based?"
"Every test I ran on that sample proves it's chemical. No need to harvest opium from foreign countries."
Danny Rand and Sandi Ann[src]
  • Expert Scientist: Being a skilled scientist, Ann worked for the Rand Enterprises chemical division. Due to her chemistry skills, Ann was able to analyze the Steel Serpent and find the necessary chemical samples upon Danny Rand's requests.




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