"America... Ready for another lesson?
In 1864 in Sand Creek, Colorado, the U.S. military waited until the friendly Cheyenne braves had all gone hunting, waited to attack and slaughter the families left behind and claim their land."

Sand Creek was the location of a Cheyenne village in the 19th Century.


Sand Creek Massacre

On 1864, seven hundred men of one of the militias of the United States Military slaughtered a peaceful village of Cheyenne in Colorado, killing and mutilating around one hundred Indians, mostly women and children. The militiamen waited for the men of the tribe to leave the village, and they attacked the families left behind to claim their land.

This event, later known as the Sand Creek massacre, was chosen by the Mandarin as a parallelism while taking authority of the bombing in the Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait, as one of his lessons to the United States of America.[1]


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