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"When I first met Scotty, he was in a bad place. And I’m not talking about cell block D."
Luis to Sonny Burch[src]

San Quentin State Prison is a state prison located in California, north of San Francisco.


Scott Lang's Imprisonment

Scott Lang was imprisoned inside San Quentin State Prison for breaking into Vistacorp Headquarters and its CEO Geoff Zorick's Mansion.[1]

Lang being shocked by M. Allen

Having been imprisoned for three years[2], Lang was spent some time with a cellmate named Luis, becoming friends.[3] Lang was interviewed by a WHiH World News reporter, Christine Everhart, virtually, about his crime. Lang attempted to defend himself, and when Everhart expressed her disbelief, Lang got upset and accused Everhart of bias, since WHiH was owned by Vistacorp. As he started to get angry and beat his desk with his hand, M. Allen struck him with an electroshock stick.[4] Eventually, Lang was released, and had to endure a ritual for the prisoners that ended their stints, a fight against fellow inmate Peachy.[3]




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