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The San Francisco Police Department, often shortened as SFPD, is the primary organization responsible for law enforcement and investigation in the city of San Francisco.


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Robbery of the Pym Residence

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Scott Lang's Escape

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Infiltration into Pym Technologies Headquarters

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Duel at Maggie Lang's House

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Arrest of Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne

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Arrest of Sonny Burch and his Goon

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Edward Tate's Body

Edward Tate apparently committed suicide at Ana Helstrom's Auction House. The police investigated the suicide and found a note during an investigative inquiry, which mentioned the names of three women who had been murdered within the previous eight months, all cases which remained open. The Police Chief held a press conference, in which they officially ruled Tate's death as a suicide. Information about the women in the note were later leaked by various sources. E. Brooks interviewed the lead detective on Tate's case as well as the three women, and the detective said that while they had previously considered that all three women were killed by the same person, he was unwilling to discuss specific suspects.[1]


Name Position Badge number Status
Jim Paxton Officer Active
Gale Officer Active
Derrick Jackson Officer Active



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